Short Anecdotes of God Intervention in Our Lives - Share!

I think it would be great if we share with our fellows events in which we think God has intervened in our lives. I would appreciate if we keep it short so we don`t get bored.

Here is one mine:

I think this was in 1996. The sister of one of my brothers in law, Gladys, had 3 sons. I met them years before. One day I was in my sister’s house and she came to visit with his younger son (23 or 24 years by that time). He was sick and she said he was diagnosed with pancreas cancer. I never knew anything of them again for years but one Saturday I told my wife I felt the need to see them. I didnt know why. So we went to visit my sister and her husband and asked them if we could go to Gladys house and see his son. They accepted and we went to visit her. We were told it was not cancer but AIDS and that he had got very badly sick and all they started to cry. I asked to talk to him after briefly preaching Gladys and the others about Jesus and about eternal life. I met him at his room. All he had was the skin . He couldnt move, I was shocked. I started to preach Jesus to him and told him Jesus loves each one of us NO MATTER WHAT, and that He needed to get saved that same second in order to be received in Heaven and given eternal life.

The day after my sister called us at 11 am. He passed away. We went there to comfort the family. Gladys younger daughter took me apart and told me: "Gustavo -and started to cry- you wont believe this, He died in my arms. He suddenly told me: Come, come quickly Ale, please help me to stand I have to get dressed. I asked him: why? where do you think you are going? and he answered, He is come, Ale, He is come looking for me!!! See him, See Him!! pointing to the door, Its him, Jesus!!!
She lifted his upper body from the bed and hugged him, and in that same instant he passed.

After many years of recalling that event, I am now convinced that The Holy Spirit led me to save José that Saturday because He knew he will die that Sunday and José was not saved.

God Bless