Sick cat of hospitalised elderly relative

Cat being cared for by 95 year old neighbour who reports just now that cat has not been eating and maybe not drinking for past 2 days. Normally active but now remains mostly curled in one position outdoors even on cold nights. Has some skin cancer type marks on ears (white cat).Vet not able to do house calls.

We are at home over one hour away, cat’s owner in hospital, my husband not very well and currently asleep. (reversed sleep pattern). Also, cat is very timid and likely to resist my husband’s attempts to put him in a cat basket.

Please pray for

  • blessings on elderly neighbour (she’s over 90) and her salvation!

  • healing of cat - that he will start to eat and drink

  • wisdom for me

  • strength for my husband and ability to get cat to vet , if necessary

3 of people concerned will suffer a lot of grief if cat does not recover.

Thank you for your prayers.


Praying as you have requested, Pax


Praying Pax for all things cats.


Thank you so much, also to Susan @Susan & all others who have prayed . Turns out it was not such a CATastrophe as I first thought.

A friend told me that his dog behaves in the same way whenever they have to put it into a kennel - kind of pining for the owner.
After all, this is the 3rd time since end of July that the cat’s owner has suddenly ‘disappeared’ to hospital.

By late Thursday afternoon, the cat was again taking some food and had moved to a more sheltered location during a thunderstorm. And I was able to tell the neighbour that a number of people had been praying for the cat’s recovery.


Thank You Lord!