Sick still trouble tasting

Hello, I’m stil pretty sick what do ppl recommend to eat? I can’t taste a whole lot and Gatorade pedialyyte and body armor drinks js I mostly drink or eat I have had a can of soup too does anyone have any ideas?

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Is this from Covid or another issue?

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All jokes here, you could try my cooking; it’s so bland you don’t need taste buds to eat it. You’ll feel pretty normal then.

Just out in left field question here, have you used antiseptic listerine after brushing? I know that sounds childish to ask but, if it’s said to combat Covid in the mouth, then why couldn’t it hurt to try and see if it takes something off your taste buds? If you’re using it and obviously not working…we could try that awful Wild Turkey. shutter, bad memories of that stuff. Don’t ever let it come out your nose. You’ll be smelling that for a good week or two…um, I mean um…that’s what I’ve heard…yeah.

Yeah…that’s what I’ve heard.


if you have the means to make this soup… I really want to try it. it’s from an adorable children’s book, The Bunnies Get Well Soup. I haven’t tried the recipe yet but I imagine it will really help your health.

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are you able to go into a health food store and purchase Elderberry juice?

This is my go to every time when i first notice early signs of a cold and POOF it’s gone the next day. This stuff WORKS!



Warm is even better!


I’m still waiting on results

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Three words.

Jewish Chicken Soup - a panacea.

Ok, five words, plus a hyphen.

Let me know if you’d like a recipe.

In Christ


Sure I’ll try anything, I’m really only eating when my stomach growls otherwise it’s Gatorade or things similar I’ve not felt this bad before

Fresh ginger in a green smoothie with pineapple. I would also recommend using vicks nasal stick for nasal help. Spicy foods help with getting back taste buds but do this moderately. My brother and daughter both did this and it took time but worked. I hope this helps. GOD BLESS !!!


I had COVID a year ago May. Horrible smell and taste. It lasted 3 weeks after my other symptoms were gone. I couldn’t stand eating anything acid, spicy or sour because it just combined with other taste. Nothing tasted good but bland was best though I am not a bland food fan. I lost weight but gained it back fairly quickly and my energy, once the smell taste thing resolved.

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This is going to seem I don’t know trite but I’m not trying to be trite.

As others have pointed out sometimes spicy food has been said to kick the taste and smell back into action but you don’t wanna give yourself heartburn so go easy on it.

Continue with the recommended protocols from FLCCC….

you want to maintain your normal caloric intake. Eat as healthy as possible try to avoid pre-processed foods cook from scratch.

That’s the best advice I got for you just treat your body best you can. I like to take baths in Dr. teals epson salt. Hottest water I can stand soak for 20 to 30 minutes. I like the clay and ginger formula. (The first time you open them the smell is strong and will knock you over but it does not last beyond that- and I am very sensitive to smells and cannot tolerate most commercial smells or perfume products at all)

By the way Jon is right with respect to the Listerine gargles. (that is also part of the FLCCC protocol)

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thank you for this idea. I know at least one person still struggling and I can recommend this to them. thanks



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Covid has been a long journey for me, but now I have rest in my soul.

I have a neurological and immune disorder. Covid 19 hit hard, but God delivered.

Today is day 43 for me without taste or smell. My family whom I live with recovered quickly; theirs returned in a couple of weeks.
I drank lots of hot tea, broth, crackers, and water. Texture helps me a lot.

I got really sick and had a hard time staying awake and really had no appetite.

Next to prayer I can tell you that Hydration is key…

I used Vic’s Vapor Rub at night and took a hot shower the next day when I had the strength to do it, to loosen up the phlegm and open up my bronchial tubes. I did this as often as I could.

I spoke with the Lord daily and laid my trust in Him. He quieted my spirit and gave me rest, literally I slept around 14 hours day naps included, and on the 17th day I woke up and I praised God.

Praying for you and all who get it a speedy full recovery.


Thank you I just ate saltines,chicken broth and hot


When I completely lost my taste and smell
( 2cd Covid infection) I took 4-5 items that had a strong scent like Vick’s vapor rub, perfume, etc and sniffed each one about 4 times each and repeated 3-4 x a day. I got my taste and smell back within 14 days.
This was the recommendation on many google searches I read to help them return. Not sure it’d work for everyone but it’s worth a try.

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Yes vicks is a must for sure, the spicy food is a added bonus :blush: