Sick with COVID

Please pray for my husband and I. We just found out we both have COVID. We’ve been sick with fevers, body aches, loss of taste and smell, debilitating headaches, a strong smell of chemicals in our nostrils, severe burning in our nose like it’s on fire and now we are having trouble walking. We are both young and in good health. This has been rough! Please pray that we have a speedy recovery without any lasting damage. :pray: Also concerned because we’ve taken a few of the Covid tests and I’m worried there might be something on those swabs…. Please pray for us. We need peace and rest. I haven’t been able to get a good nights sleep in three days. :cry:


Molly, Praying for you and your husband now! :pray:


Praying for both of you. Take your Vitamin C & D along with zinc. Drink plenty of water too.


Prayers for you all :white_heart:


I had the same when I got the virus - drink plenty of water. Rest and watch some movies, or something, to take your mind off things. In a couple of days you’ll be feeling better.

This too shall pass!


Prayers our heavenly father hold both of you close and gets you through this quickly. I know you feel awful but keep trying to move around even just a little body circulation is good you. I agree to watch a funny movie get plenty of tea maybe a detox tea. Take your vitamin C D and Zinc. Praying for you keep us posted on your recovery!!! Love you :pray::pray::pray::heart:


Perhaps you could contact American front line doctors and find out how to get this ordered. They have a lot of resources. Prayed for you both.


Welcome to the prayer forum, Stephanie. :handshake:


Does anyone think that the swab testing is causing covid? I know you mentioned taking several test. I have never taken one but work will require the Abbott binaxnow test kit. I have sent my consent yet and I may be required to wear the M95 mask.


I had to get tested a few weeks ago and I still don’t have covid, so I’m going to say no about the testing causing covid.


Hi Stephanie and welcome to this wonderful forum. It is populated with God’s wonderful children.
My husband and I had it a year ago. Rest is very important, if possible. Lots of fluids. I never lost taste or smell, just wasn’t hungry at all. Takes about 10 days to feel better.

Father God, I lift Stephanie and her husband, and pray for healing from this evil Covid. Father, please touch them with healing and give them strength as they heal. I pray they have n after effects with their health from the Covid and am thankful for them in that they will have antibodies giving them immunity. Touch them with love and comfort as they heal. Asking in the Name of Jesus. amen.


Just wanted to provide a quick update- It is day 8 for me and day 10 for my husband. We are still both very sick. Severe leg pain and chest pain. Is there something you guys did that helped this go away quicker? I’m still getting fevers. 8 days with a fever is too much!. We are taking all the vitamins, drinking plenty of fluids and resting. I’m tempted to call a doctor now to be seen. I have really bad chest pain when I take a breath. Difficulty breathing. The only way I can function right now is by sitting down or laying down. I still cannot stand up. I feel like I’m going to faint and having issues with my vision. Absolutely no taste or smell. Again please continue to pray for us. I do not want any lasting issues as a result of this. I keep reading about people having Long term effects from COVId. Please take this seriously. COVID is not like the regular flu or cold. I’ve had plenty of flus and colds and this is way worse. :cry: Please keep us in prayer. :pray: Pray for those who contract this awful virus in the coming months. I am so scared that many won’t survive. I can’t imagine being elderly and having to fight this…especially alone…this Is very bad… :pray:


So sorry for your suffering - will continue to pray…

I am editing this post to say that I had suggested you look at answers to this prayer topic - Struggling with worry and so sick

But , your cases sound serious, Molly, and I agree with @NamDoc and @Dano on the need to seek the Lord for wisdom as to what you should do next, which may include seeking urgent medical care. And pray without ceasing…



Thank you I just dont want to take it.


You need to call your doctor sweetie.
An inhaler could be prescribed ( which helped me )
Please call your physician or go to the Urgent Care - it takes time to recover from this bizarre illness.


Have faith. Prayer is your most powerful defense. It worked for us.

My wife and I (late 40’s/early 50’s) had covid in the beginning of August. Our son brought it home from his restaurant job.

I’m reasonably healthy but in my 50’s with long-standing heart issues in my family, but my wife was born with a heart valve condition and holes in her heart and has been a moderate asthmatic for decades, so - we would be considered in a higher than average risk category.

Pray without ceasing.

Other than that, treat it like you would treat a strong flu.

For me, it was more like a bad cold. My wife had it pretty strongly. She says close to being if not the worst flu in her life.

Ours was presumed delta (I’m not even sure what’s true anymore) and we had most of the symptoms that you’re describing.

Don’t get me wrong. Do not ignore anything that feels severe or dangerous in your mind. It’s difficult to trust dr’s and hospitals these days, but I still think seeking medical help is better than doing nothing.

That being said - we got plenty of rest. I’m normally a 6 to 7hr sleeper. During covid, it was 12-14hr sleeps overnight combined with multiple short naps during the day.

Plenty of vitamins. C and D3 forsure. And zinc. Even the jamieson zinc lozenges will do. I found them one of the few things I could sort of taste.

Tylenol cold and flu tabs helped forsure.

Cough medicine.

The real deal homemade chicken soup.

Lots of fluids.

Gingerale. Not that we had any nausea or sour stomachs, but the ginger and the bubbles helped with the mouth sensation and I think the sugars gave us little bursts of energy.

Aspirin. Don’t listen to all the nay sayers.
Aspirin is used and has been for decades as a blood thinner and a clot fighter for heart and post surgery patients. My dad is 90 this year, had 6 heart attacks starting in his 50’s. Had 2 angioplasties and has 4 or 5 stints now.
Adjusted his diet and began taking low dose aspirin every day. He’s almost 90 and hasn’t had a heart even in a decade.

I’m not saying it’s any magical cure, but it definitely helps.

Many say the covid jab cab cause micro blood clots. But covid itself does the same.
Aspirin battle blood clots in heart patients and post surgery.
It’s only logical that it helps. Even a little bit is better than nothing, but during your battle, I would take regular strength, not the low dose one. But that’s just what I would do, and I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t.

Again. Pray without ceasing!

Jesus healed countless while here in His physical body. He can certain heal His beloved just as easily and maybe even more fervently. Trust Him that He will and Dont forget to thank Him for healing you even before you feel like you’re recovered.

We had some lingering symptoms for a while. Sense of taste was close to a month with a few sharper flavors having some success earlier.

Sense of smell was more like 6+ weeks for us and even today, well over 2 months since we recovered, some smells just haven’t come back. It’s as if our smell receptors have to be retrained in some items.

Oddly, some of the smells that lean towards the more offensive are the ones that haven’t come back fully! Not to be crude, but I work outdoors in hot conditions often, and either covid cleaned my pores out, or neither my wife or I have recovered that smell of sweat and b.o.
I’m sorry, but I’m serious! A bit of a small blessing in disguise.

I’ve been told indirectly by some who’ve tried that roasted/slightly burnt orange peels somehow help your sense of smell recover. I don’t know if it’s the citric acid is released during roasting or what, but quite a few have said that sniffing burnt orange peels has essentially rebooted their sense of smell.
Take it with a grain of salt, but maybe worth a try if loss of smell persists.

Pray without ceasing and remember to give thanks.

And - I’m not sure if I mentioned this yet, but pray without ceasing! Lol

Don’t panic. I know many who’ve had it including ourselves. I realize it’s different for everyone and again, don’t ignore anything that seems severe, but - at least for us - being in the palm of our fathers hand - it wasn’t as bad as a lot of the hype.

Will definitely add you to our prayer list. Have faith!


@Grlchatterbox33 Molly,
I hear your pain and frustration and fear. All of which means, you are human (NOT a bad Christian)
I know He loves you,
I know He has felt your despair.
[ “he was in such agony of spirit that his sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood” ]

I have no “a stock answer” for you, you are both separate individuals. My friend and wife just had Covid, he recovered at home, she ended up in intensive care. She was put on the prayer list and recovered in a week.
WHY, only God knows.
The best prayer I could ever make for you would be the one our Savior made, with similar feelings as you right now.

“Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

I put you and your husband in the hands of our Loving God, and pray that HIS will be done in both your lives !!!

Listen to the Spirit guiding you, He will tell you what you should do. (online advise is nice, but no substitute)



Praying for you both


I can’t tell you what to do. I wish I could, but I have no knowledge or training. I can only tell you our experience. But everyone is different so please don’t take any chances.

We too had chest pain, light headed and felt like fainting. But although we were quite sick, we never personally got to the point that we felt we needed medical intervention.

However - that means nothing. Personally I would have sought medical intervention if I felt I needed it. We were just very blessed that we never quite got to that point.

Home remedies and sharing things that worked for individuals is wonderful, but by no means a replacement for medical experts regardless of the amount of shenanigans that seem to be taking place in various parts of the world.

Don’t get me wrong. I was worried. Not for myself because I know where I’m going. But I have an (almost) 90yr old dad who counts on me. Children that depend on me. And my wife who needs me as I need her. So my fear was for them and I would have done whatever I felt necessary to make sure I was able to be here for them as best as I could but of course, in accordance with God’s will.

But covid is real. And it’s scary. I know it. I felt it. I prayed constantly, imploring our Father to help me and prayed multiple Tim’s daily asking Jesus to heal us.

The world in general and so many people in their actions and words are scary and flabbergasting to be honest. It’s hard to trust anyone. But I still believe that most dr’s and nurses are still there because they have a passion to help people and a calling to serve, and I don’t believe there’s many out there wanting to do harm.

If you need medical help, I think you need to seek it.

At the same time, I know for us - we became hyper-sensitive to every twinge, every ache, every sneeze, every imaginable thing when we were sick.

The world, main stream media, social media, the general public are constantly bombarding you with fear. It’s been almost 2 years. Your mind will succumb to some level of fear.

Fear creates doubt, panic and can erode your trust and faith.

Remember always - God tells us over and over to “fear not”

It’s in the bible, interestingly, 365 times. It’s as if God put that statement in the bible for every day of the year for us, knowing we would feel attacked and afraid daily.

Remember that every single thing that happens to you is by God’s will, and His will alone. Either by design or by permission.
I struggle saying that because I don’t mean to lay down and just let anything happen. I don’t believe that was our Fathers intent.

But - if something happens, at the very least, it was because our loving Father allowed it. So please have faith in the knowledge that God knows best and will help us, heal us, remove us, strengthen us, whatever it takes, in accordance with His will and His knowledge of what’s best for us individually.

He will NEVER leave you, nor forsake you. NEVER.

Don’t just roll over and do nothing. Do what you feel is the right thing to do with the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is putting those thoughts and words into you. Do whatever you need to do and remember God is always with you, right beside you, using His Holy Spirit to lead you and He will be right there with you at home, at work, in the hospital, or wherever.

Plant your feet rooted and immovable clinging to our Father.

Praying for you


I have to mention, that people are often writing that Covid is not like the flu. The flu can be a serious illness and many people are dying from it with each year. On the death rate, yes, Covid is the same as the flu. If you are having a real flu, you can get hospitalized and need some weeks/months to recover. There is no such thing as “long covid”. It is normal, to feel weak after weeks of illness.