Some Of My Testimony

I wanted to share some of my testimony. I want Pastor JD to know what a huge blessing he has been in my life.

I felt a very strong calling on my life in August 2004. It frightened me because I’m female. I later discovered that a calling to evangelism can happen to anyone, regardless of gender. I also learned that when God is calling you, you can’t hide lol

I finally spoke to my wonderful husband about it, and he told me to do what I felt God was calling me to do. I was terrified on one hand because I just knew that we could never survive on my husband’s income alone. We did survive though, quite well.

I turned in one months notice. I was a restaurant manager and I wanted to give them plenty of time. I only had to work for two weeks of my notice. My district manager was a wonderful man.

I went home and a week passed and nothing happened. The second week started and I began to question my sanity. One afternoon my brother-in-law called. He told my husband that they were getting a new computer, and asked if we’d like to buy their old one for $50.00. My husband asked me what I thought. I told him that I had no interest in the computer, but that if he did he should grab it for that price. He bought it.

One of our kids came over and showed us how to go online (dial up)

I had no interest it the computer. I could not type, I was confused over the whole idea of websites and how to get to them. As Pastor JD always says, “but God”.

I spent the next three years witnessing online full time all over the internet! I started at a New Age website. I learned so much “in the trenches” that I can’t believe it. I witnessed to just about every group I can think of from New Agers to “UFO abductees”. Some of these people had real experiences, but were not from “aliens” but were deceiving spirits.

I went looking for Christian websites where I could recharge and gain strength. I never even imagined what I was about to step off into. I ended up not getting respite, but witnessing to all sorts of so-called Christen groups! Oh my goodness, it was CRAZY out there. It would take hours to get into this stuff, and it really doesn’t matter anyway. I was " prophesied" to, “preached” at, told I was part of an elite end times army. The scariest one of all was the Latter rain movement. These people have so many names but they all fall under the Latter Rain umbrella.

I kept looking for Christen websites…and I kept witnessing to them.

Finally, I found a small core of True believers. I also got a much needed new Pastor, his name is JD Farag. I can’t begin to tell you how much I needed a solid Pastor after all of that. Also, I just can’t tell you how much I love my precious brothers and sisters in Christ. If you hear a lady screaming and cheering as each of you receive your crowns from Jesus, it’s me. If you are a true, born again believer in Jesus, then you are rare and so very precious and beautiful. I love you and I ask the Lord to richly bless you forever and ever.

I found a few others as well, among them, Amir Tsarfati, and Jan Markell.

I live for the sound of the Trumpet call of God. I can’t WAIT for the rapture. It could happen any second and I’m so ready. I’ll never get over the fact that Jesus loves all of us so much that He has inconceivable riches in glory for us. The greatest riches in glory will be to see His wonderful face, and be in His Glorious presence. I like to say that the lower I bow before His Throne, the greater my spirit soars. He is Beautiful, Glorious, there are not enough words in the human vocabulary to describe Him.

Come soon Lord Jesus