Son has lymphodema

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This has gone from below the knee to the thigh and is swelling in his groin.
he is so tired of pain, they cant give him anything because he has heart problems.
this thing on the back of his leg thigh is the size of a basketball. (drs say lymphodema is not painful I beg to differ)

I dont know what to do. I have waited on the Lord and it just gets worse. :disappointed_relieved:

please pray for him


Praying for healing​:pray::pray:.Perhaps try ice/heat compresses and gentle massage to relieve pain .


he goes to therapy for wrapping and massage every week my heart just breaks to see this


I feel for you , it is hard to watch our loved ones suffer.Praying for you both , for comfort and healing. Take one day at a time and lean on Jesus.I know from experience he hears our cries and walks these hard paths with us.:tulip:


yes he does walk these paths with us.


Father in heaven, we celebrate Your mighty power over all things. You made this sister’s son, and we know that You can heal. Please bring relief from pain and give wisdom to providers to know what to do. Bring comfort to Jenn as she waits for Your provision-whatever that may look like because Your ways are higher than ours. We thank You and trust You for what You will do.
We ask in the name above all names-Jesus, amen.


Oh dear one, I am sorry. Praying for the two of you right now.


Sorry it took me so long to respond @Jenn1. My mom suffered with lymphedema for years after she had surgery for uterine cancer. They removed lymph nodes, and didn’t tell any of us what to expect. Her condition was severe and painful, and the doctors just told her there was nothing that could be done about it.

I found this video from Bob and Brad, 2 physical therapists that I go to for almost everything now. They show some products and exercises that may help. Praying for your son. I watched my mom suffer with this for a long time. Please let me know if anything in this video helps.


This must be so hard for you to watch another loved one suffer from this!
As Halligan says take one day at a time. And sometimes it is one hour or one minute at a time but call out to Him and He will get you through these very difficult times that we can not do ourselves.


I will show this to him, sometimes to much lymph fluid moves and then he ends up in tacacardia
also, Im sorry your mom had to deal with this also