Songs to heal the spirit - Colossians 3:16

I fell in love with this song when it first came out years ago. When I first heard the lyrics, it was amazing, because I would find myself over the years thinking about what it would be like in Heaven, standing before God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and all of the hosts. Would I be able to stand? Probably not. And the joy…oh, the overwhelming joy of knowing I’m home and I can finally rest in the love of the Father and the surrounding believers that had arrived before me.

Like my mother.

Which leads me to why this song NOW means so much to me. Before my mother passed on, this song was simply inspirational, but now, it’s a song of hope. The song now makes me long to see my mother’s face again. To tell her how much I’ve missed her and how I wished I had appreciated her more when she was still here.

But God, as He can only do, will bring us back together and wipe away our tears. Amen and Praise to Christ Jesus for our redemption! I hope you find this song inspirational but more so, a song of hope. Maranatha!


Don’t be sorry, just because it’s doesn’t inspire you, doesn’t meant it can’t inspire others. But, maybe this would help if you saw the context and the lyrics (regardless of style of music):

"Witch Hunt"

[Based on 1 Timothy 4:7, Titus 3:9]

Everybody look there’s a new bandwagon in town
Hop on board and let the wind carry you around
Seems like there’s not enough to keep us busy till the Lord comes back
Don Quixote’s gotta have another windmill to attack

Another witch hunt looking for evil wherever we can find it
Off on a tangent, hope the Lord won’t mind it
Another witch hunt, takin’ a break from all our gospel labor
On a crusade but we forgot our saber

There’s a new way to spend all our energies
We’re up in arms instead of down on our knees
Walkin’ over dollars trying to find another dime
Never mind the souls 'cause we really haven’t got the time

So send out the dogs and tally ho
Before we sleep tonight we’ve got miles to go
No one is safe, no stone’s left unturned
And we won’t stop until somebody gets burned
Bro Bro Bro Bro Bro Bro Brothers

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This reminds me of Peanuts…such a great comic!

Don’t listen to this song while driving :slight_smile:

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Another classic from the Elefante brothers. Wait, what? You don’t know who they are? Move along, nothing to see here.

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Another fun song by “classic” Petra. Enjoy :smiley:


Gotta love John Schlitt and Bob Hartman…what a combination. Two men who are truly greatly gifted by God. Enjoy :smiley:

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DC Talk has had it’s ups and downs. But some of their music remains timeless. Enjoy :smiley:

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Oh, yes Jelloburger. I long to see my mum again too. Songs that she loved now ring differently to me. I miss her so much and the sorrow is too much to bare some days, But God is there to pick me up when I cant stand anymore. The thoughts I have of heaven are daily and the Holy Spirit tells me He is right beside me to lean on.


Just stumbled across this song last night while replying on another post. It’s a really cute song and I enjoyed it. I hope it blesses you too!

Now…if this doesn’t get you jumping up and singing…you might want to check your pulse. Maranatha!

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Petra - Rose-Colored Stained Glass Window

Wanted to share this beautiful song with God’s names. Scroll to middle of page for you tubevsong

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Another great Petra classic. Inspired by a comment by @IamBlessed on the “Enemies within the church” topic over on the Discussion Tent page.