Sorry...but can`t endure much longer, cant function as a needed!

It seems to me, Ann, that you are worried that you might become guilty of taking the mark of the Beast. Thinking on “whatever is true” - is so important now.

The mark of the Beast won’t be required until the Tribulation. As a believer in the Church Age, you cannot take the mark. QR codes and vaccinations are not the same. Have you watched Pastor J.D.'s prophecy update Decision Time part 2 ?
Here is a relevant quote from the transcript of that message.

Blockquote "Question #2. If I take the vaccine now, am I taking the mark of the beast? Answer: No! Let me say it
again, no! Why? Because the bride of Jesus Christ won’t be here for the 7-year tribulation. We’re
looking for Jesus Christ and not the Antichrist. "

I hope this helps to alleviate some of the anxiety.
Please don’t think of yourself as " a shadow of a woman and mother."

The very fact that you are so much wanting to do what is right and best for your family shows that you’re a caring and loving mother. :heart_eyes: :heart:

The only shadow is the anxiety and doubt which Satan is casting towards you.

Praying now for you, :pray: in the adapted words of this song:
*O Jesus Comforter and Light, *
I know You’ll help Ann in her plight,
Your are the Victor, Champion strong;
Each demon’s power You have undone
*We trust in You.

So let us fight with confidence
Christ’s victory avails for us,
He is His people’s Help and Shield;
At His word Satan has to yield;
Yes, Christ is Lord!

(adapted from Songs for Spiritual Warfare by M. Basilea Schlink)


Yes I am afraid to take the mark. Because I am not sure if we won`t be tempted by it or its foreshadows…
If the situation is a precursor, I think we should turn away from the measures the best we can. But if I do it, I am not able to function. My children were at school today with mask and with test, but they are truly happy, I dont wonder, the conditioning works with all of us…so we do anything to be with people again, to live, to laugh, to travel…it is absolutely human and I understand and I want it also.

But who ensures that we will react different from now, if the final mark is rolled out?

We as human will try everything to live and to survive.

I ask why god would require to not take it and with this to be persecuted, maybe imprisoned…

I have to take a test to go on with job interviews or my appreciated piano lessons, but both require a test (I never did one before…)

Why should I do tests and later say NO to the vaccine if tests are no longer available…
And later on it will be the mark…

Whats the difference here??

Its clearly illegal to force tests on people to give them their basic rights BACK…its unnormal and sick…

SO my situation is as if the tests are the mark itself and I would feel guilty to participate in this whole sick system…


it sounds like you know too much in order to take the shot in any good conscience. because of that, I think you will regret it very quickly, if you take the shot, because once all is said and done, your focus will shift to, “what’s next?” and that will be scary like it is right now- only then, it will be too late to turn back from this choice. it is amazing how much we realize once it’s too late, things that didn’t occur to us when we made a big decision, right? I tried to kill myself at 15, swallowing a ton of pills. I then laid down in my bed and thought to myself, what’s next? I wanted to fall asleep and die painlessly. but immediately I had a thought that hadn’t occurred to me before: My parents would be the ones to find me in the morning, and they’d never forget that haunting image of their dead daughter. as much as I was suffering, partly due to them even, I knew in that moment that they would never get over this and they didn’t deserve that. I realized I’d rather continue my miserable life, than ruin theirs’. I did not end up dying. but this experience is why I’m telling you, once the decision is out of the way, your relief will be thwarted quickly by the thoughts that follow that decision. you know too much, I think, in order to do this without such regret happening. it is much harder when you have kids, I understand, because it’s not just you at stake here. it’s so wrong that you are cornered by your motherly instinct while those in power get to protect their children (at least for now). but God will redeem you and take care of you. sometimes right when we give up and give in, we find out soon after that God did have another way for us, and we had just needed more patience in order to see it. I agree with the idea someone else gave, that the best you can do is wait, trust God in His provisions, and know that He will take care of you when the pressure really comes. if you feel anxious about the shot now, it will be worse when you take it. we are all here for you and will encourage you when it gets hard. I’m praying for your strength, that you will find it easier to rely on Him and not be afraid of what will happen as a result of staying true to the wisdom He has blessed you with. so many blindly take the shot and pay the price, but He warned you in full, ahead of time. that is a blessing. do not fear the enemy. God will take care of you and your family. <3


At the death of my son in 1988, I was distraught and had many of the same feelings that you are experiencing now. I found my son’s 16th birthday gift on a table in the hallway. When I picked it up, it fell open to an underlined verse of scripture and after much searching, I found it to be the only one he had underlined…it gave me peace. Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.
Ann, I pray for God’s peace for you and hope that you will take action with the faith that as His child, He wants nothing more than for you to be happy in Him.


Dear Ann
Do not be discouraged. Jesus IS coming to rapture His church BEFORE the Tribulation. We already see foreshadows of this event in our world today. If we see that, we must be, and I believe, extremely close to our deliverance from this world. Stay strong in the Lord and His sure promises. He has His unfailing grip on you.


Ann, you say you are oriented with the Old Testament and not so much on the love of Jesus. Ann, have you made the decision to accept Jesus as your Savior?
If not would you please watch Pastor Farag’s video on the ABC’s of Salvation?


@Ann1, I have two family members who regret their shots. One is dealing with significant headaches. He finally is in the clear, medically, as his MRI came back fine. While his headaches have improved, they seem to be a steady part of his life, now. The other relative reluctantly got her shots and says that she feels different. She says she gets unexplained headaches, now, too, and she feels a sort of energy coursing through her body.


Dearest Ann,

Let me tell you about a miracle that just happened to me today.

I went to see my doctor and he asked me if I was getting the vaccine. To my shock he said very seriously, “Don’t get it!”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I kept telling myself “Did I hear him right?” My husband was with me and I indeed heard the doctor right.

Ann, it is possible that you can come across the right doctor who will give you an exemption, if they allow them in Germany.

My point is don’t discount what the Lord can do. Don’t give up, sister. God will find a way to protect you and your child.


Many times God answers prayers at the eleventh hour. Sometimes seconds before twelve.


Dear loved ones…

today I will report back to you all about how its going here…
For now I have adjourned the job-interview…and I will not do a C-Test to get a piano lesson…
I know, its not a definite solution but I hope time will redound to my advantage…

The problems and the threats are still there, but all your participation on my situation has helped me a lot and I also found some very good videos on end-times…

I think if vaccines will be mandated for children, I will leave Germany. Even in the bible there were escapes and it may become necessary to leave, because the Germans have a special mentality to make things accurate.

In the case of THIS vaccine I would leave!!

Is there a possibility that asylum will be given to me in that case, would I need 10.000 euro on my account to get to the US?

I think its good to have some emergency plans prepared…


I am praying for you. Jesus is the ONLY way through this for all of us. Call, cry and cling to Him. NOTHING can snatch you out of His hands if your name is in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Nothing. :purple_heart:


Read 1 Thes 4:13-18. Paul addresses the church of Thessalonica about this subject because false prophets had come and preached that this church had missed the rapture. You can also find it in 1 Cor 15. Jesus talked about it in the book of John. If Jesus was going back into Heaven to build mansions for us wouldn’t he have intention to return & get us? That is what the text implies.

First, you need to come to the saving grace of Jesus. It’s fine to study the Old Testament Laws, all 613 of them and it’s fine if you are a Jew/Israelite to know that. Get into the Word of God, listen to pastor JD’s sermons on the Bible. Put your faith in Jesus. If you prefer the Old Testament, read Psalms 91 and pray it over your life and home.

I am not afraid, because I read the Word of God, it gives me peace in my busy mind. I am not afraid of the virus/vax because God will keep me healthy, His Word tells me so. I will not be taking any shots mandated by anyone. I have a right to what goes into my body, including a “mark”.

Please do not live in “fear” because that is what is expected by the people who made this virus/vax.

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The mandates have lifted? Really? Where? Maybe you think Ann is living in the USA. She is living in Germany and we are in a tight space here. A few countries are worse than ours but not many. Its not good being in a constant state of despair, thats true.

If you say this to someone who is dealing with great depression he/she may never tell you again how he/she is feeling. Because its like “smile, life could be worse” phrase that isnt helping anyone. Because I am one who is dealing with depression my whole life and I stopped telling the people how I feel because they did not listen to me.

If you have a depression and you are a child of God, its important to pray, seek Jesus, sing Worship Songs, read the Bible.


So, @Ann1, how you doing today?


I know that God loves me. And he helped me a lot. He saved me, when I tried to kill myself. I wont answer your post anymore. It stands for it alone.



I think feeling overwhelmed by problems is not the same as making them one’s god. Jesus is the healer, people came and cried to him, that’s what we are doing here, because He cared. He is not callous. if our friend here was just whining and not wanting to accept our comfort at all, but just complaint after complaint, then id agree with you. but she is telling us the practical ways she’s working on this and thanked us for our help. so our comfort is not in vain. and it’s what we are called to do- tell the truth, have love, and recognize when someone is simply milking our resources. to be shrewd. and our friend I believe is not just milking from us, because of her taking her own part in solving this problem.


Ann I am so sorry you are going through these overbearing measures from your country. You are in God’s hands, sister . Praying the Lord to provide an escape for you and your child. :pray:


I recall this guy in a book I read that was given to despair and God didn’t fault him nor those of us who do get feelings of despair. In fact, it may be expected at times. This guy though, his faith was strong in the Lord. He was stoned, shipwrecked I don’t remember how many times, he was even told he was going to be arrested in places he was going to visit and share the Gospel. Still, he showed up and did his thing and got arrested. Wrote a lot in jail as I recall.

One thing I remember is he had a problem that was never truly discovered what it was but we were told it was a “thorn in his side” which is why we use that term today meaning the same thing. We have a problem that just sticks in us and we can’t get it out. Anyway, speculation runs rampant on what it is he was troubled with but God even told him “My grace is sufficient for you.” This was the answer to when the guy pleaded for God to release him from this turmoil and pain.

Dude’s name was Paul. Book was the Bible. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it lol.

While some of us have a firm grasp in our walk, others are new to it. Others haven’t been going as long, or in other terms; people have far more impactful problems weighing on them than others of us do. Where you may have fewer trials to look at and God bless you for that, others are getting hit with trials continually. In fact, there are perhaps quite a few who are members on this very forum who are not saved and wanting to see how we treat one another and how our “walk” is going and if it is something for them. Some of those people respond to posts on here too.

Sadly, sometimes that’s the only way God can reach us. As a man once said, “There’s the easy way and the hard way” and many of us have to learn the hard way.

And while many when they first are introduced to the horrors of the world and what evil determines greatest to torture us with, SOME freak out. Some are like Bill Paxton in Aliens screaming, “It’s GAME OVER, MAN! GAME OVER!”

Others have known of the horrors of this world, and many terrors that most of us never come into contact of or notion they exist, and we cannot just expect others to know what we know and have the same level of understanding we do. If that was true, we’d all respond to no comments with “Yup, I know.” and perhaps this would be a very empty forum because we’d all know everything everyone else knew and no reason to share because we all know what the other was going to post in the first place! Whew I digress though.

Stop and consider this for a moment though. Those people, panicking around us…are they delivered to us from God to settle OUR hearts? As though they are a reflection of how WE are acting to some and they are there to give us a “good talkin’ to” to enhance our calm? Perhaps.

Perhaps they are there to provide the necessity God has for certain people to “put up or shut up” in response to their walk in Christ? Maybe people are discovered on this board for people who have no ability, or desire or means to leave their house or they are stuck at home for whatever reason and this is their way of reaching the people they cannot otherwise reach and help?

Rather than chastise one another for what is going on in their life while thinking us either better than others due to our level of faith, or thinking someone needs to chill out…we should really push within us that meme mentality that we see so many post and some of us do as well. “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”
“Remember to be kind to one another because you don’t know what that other person is going through.”

Same thing must be applied here.


Hi There
Thank you for sharing what your doctor told you!
Please could you share a little more on what he said and what his reasons were for telling you this.
I need to hear more for my own sanity and peace about not having the so called Vaccine.

God bless you from the UK

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Hi Lee, I just sent you a private message that I went into detail about my doctor’s advice.

For everyone, I have had a chronic illness for 15 years now that has gotten progressively worse.

I don’t know how I got so blessed to have a doctor give me such advice because I know of a brother in Christ who has a ton of health issues and has had both jabs.

My mother in law’s boyfriend got both jabs and he has been getting severe headaches to the point where he has had to call in sick from work. She is so worried about him because they have been friends for so long and doesn’t want to lose him.

My husband spoke to one of our neighbors and he said his wife is very sick after getting the jabs.

To wrap things up, I have not heard of anyone that I know personally that has gotten the jab and had no side effects.

I truly pray that we don’t hear about any of them passing away or having debilitating effects.