Sorry...but can`t endure much longer, cant function as a needed!

Hi There
Thank you for sharing what your doctor told you!
Please could you share a little more on what he said and what his reasons were for telling you this.
I need to hear more for my own sanity and peace about not having the so called Vaccine.

God bless you from the UK

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Hi Lee, I just sent you a private message that I went into detail about my doctor’s advice.

For everyone, I have had a chronic illness for 15 years now that has gotten progressively worse.

I don’t know how I got so blessed to have a doctor give me such advice because I know of a brother in Christ who has a ton of health issues and has had both jabs.

My mother in law’s boyfriend got both jabs and he has been getting severe headaches to the point where he has had to call in sick from work. She is so worried about him because they have been friends for so long and doesn’t want to lose him.

My husband spoke to one of our neighbors and he said his wife is very sick after getting the jabs.

To wrap things up, I have not heard of anyone that I know personally that has gotten the jab and had no side effects.

I truly pray that we don’t hear about any of them passing away or having debilitating effects.


So very true, Jon. Just because someone posts a long post it doesn’t mean everything is hunky dory in their lives. We have to remember that there are many people on this forum who post and reply from their beds. Thank you for reminding us (and me) to be mindful to be sensitive in the forum.

The world is indeed watching our every move once they know we are Christians. That’s why I don’t put Christian bumper stickers on my car. If I accidentally cut someone off on the road, guess what they would see in front of them? That driver might think, “what a hypocrite! She drives like a demon!”

I digress as well, but excellent point, Jon.


Thank you for asking. MMmmm…the anxiety of obligation for doing C-Tests is still there. Currently I have to write many applications for jobs, although I have a (small) job and are in a Master programm at a distance university…and a single mom. But the employment agency want me to work more and I ALSO, but I am kind of frightened because of all this measures, the tests are like “crossing my red line”, a kind of betrayal of myself, because its wrong and its ridiculous to test healthy people on a regularly basis, but what sets me up is the fact that you are extorted to do it, otherwise you cant work at the moment…

The mark of the beast seems screaming in my brain!!!

I am afraid and dont want to be a part of this madness, dont want to blink and to put up with this coercion!!!

BUT: If I dont so it, I will get problems…bedides of that I love to work, to learn, doing things…I want to work, but I dont want to be a part of this injustice!!

And this is tearing me up! I want to work, I have to earn money (didnt the bible told us we should work for our bread as well?..), BUT it seems to become impossible if I dont bow down to the system…

I could try to work on a children`s book, which I also started a time ago, maybe I will be able to sell it…

But unless I cant get rid of the emplyment agency, I wont find peace!

Thank you for your interest :hugs:


Thank you Susan, yes I also hope to find an escape. I want to work, but as I stated above , I dont want to cross my red line, I dont want to bow down to wrong measures. And it IS wrong to do regularly C-Tests on healthy people and to coerce them with threats regarding their very existence, its ugly, wicked, unhuman. I can`t turn a blind eye to that…
I just need a possibility to earn my money without getting in touch with the overblown measures…
In Christ

Ann, the children’s book sounds wonderful! You really should work on it. If it’s something you are passionate about and have a gift to write, that could be a way to earn money, plus doing something you love might help you ease your anxiety.

Being a single parent and getting a master’s degree is so difficult and stressful that maybe the book would be like therapy for you.

I’m sure you have so many ideas for books. Maybe even do a series of children’s books. The wonderful thing about a good book is that it is like a legacy that will live on and other generations can enjoy and learn from.


Hi Saved-by-Grace,

yes, its true, I also have experienced that, there were huge problems, tears of deep despair, but GOD…in the “end” there appeared a solution, sometimes in a way you would never have imagined…that can be wonderful.

For now, I refused to visit the music-school (I take piano lessons as an adult…)because of the test obligation, but the next week I will be allowed to go without, and I will go !

SO hoping for job interviews without tests for the moment until I have a solution for me and my children (I could write on a childrens book, which I started a time ago…)

Hugs and greetings, have a nice weekend :hugs:


Ann I will keep you lifted in prayer to our Father. I know He will make a way for you.

Your sis,


Before any decisions can be made we must seek counsel in our Lord Jesus Christ. If you look at this in another way. I am not sure if you are a mother, but I know you would protect your child at all cost. Your father in heaven will do the same. When a child get bullied parents step in to protect. The media is the bully. If someone was pushing your child to do something he was not sure of, what would you tell him/her? I believe you have the strength and the answer. Pray for guidance. God bless


Can you apply for a Visa or Green Card? A friend of mine lives in Northern Germany. I think you all have a “lottery” system? You could seek asylum in the USA if you come through the AZ and TX borders. Or come legally with your Visa. Are they still good for 2 years?

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I never said that I am dealing right now with depression. I just wanted to explain how someone with mental illness can understand the post. Snarky comments are not helping either.


I am using this function quite regularly and I am trying not to respond to everything. But sometimes I dont want to be silent, because it is a big problem, that many people including christians are seeing mental illness as “mood” and dont understand that it is a real illness.

  • Hi Kris as a nurse working with many patients that have sufffered from depression as well as other mental illnesses I agree with you. It’s as if having a mental illness is today’s modern leprosy. People can be cruel and judge ones suffering from it as well as many other “silent” illnesses-ones
    that cause pain and suffering but you can’t see it like a broken leg or bald head from chemo.
    It all comes down to we as believers make up the body of Christ and when one of us hurts it affects us all. We need to continually lift each other up in prayer and with encouragement or just be there as a listening ear for someone who is alone and afraid. Let us all be more loving as these days are dark.
    Kris praying for you I suffer from depression as well. I know the struggle.
    Ann still standing in the gap and praying for you and your children.
    God is good even when things look bad. Like the Israelites leaving Egypt God will part the Red Seas that stand in the way of our protection and provision.
    Much love in Christ

We all have our weaknesses, and so:

“We who are strong have an obligation to bear the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves. Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up. For Christ did not please Himself.” Romans 15:1-3


Jesus could have used your loving advise in the Garden of doubt and anguish at Gethsemane.

The cruelty of some is mind boggling…
Flag if you must. Doc


It seems we need a refresher here in that whole code of conduct for the forum?

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Yes, and I’m not sure everyone realizes that anyone can read these posts without logging in /being an online member.
so @Jon 's reminder (which is also stated in the forum guidelines in other ways) is very important.


Blockquote Jon, post:48, topic:18427"]
Rather than chastise one another for what is going on in their life while thinking us either better than others due to our level of faith, or thinking someone needs to chill out…we should really push within us that meme mentality that we see so many post and some of us do as well. “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”
“Remember to be kind to one another because you don’t know what that other person is going through.”

I am learning the importance of reading a topic and comments thoroughly before jumping in with my “2 cents worth” of well-meaning advice/encouragement.) In fact I think it would have been helpful if I had started by reading @Ann1 's earlier topics before replying to later ones.


I’m not used to making sense to other people. This is getting a little scary for me.


Ann1, thank you for expressing your fears and concerns on this fourum. Because you did so, I was too encouraged by all the wonderful responses you received. i’m praying for you and your children Phill 4:8 and Psalm 62. He is our fortress in time of stress, God bless you!


:laughing: Well, I can’t say I get all your jokes, @Jon , but I very much appreciate the way the Lord is using you on this forum.