Sorry...but can`t endure much longer, cant function as a needed!

Naaaaaaaa :sheep:

Legislation (rules) of morality or Christianity is a no win exercise.
All it does is curtail free speech. We become a (woke) church or country
If “they” could have done it to Jesus, they would have. In fact they tried.
I fail when I don’t monitor myself, and somtimes I don’t, BUT most of the time I do. It is between me and my God.
This is my opinion, some will like, some will hate, some don’t care. It’s the way life is in this fallen world.
I may be saved, but, God is not finished till I wrap up this tent and go.


Just wanna thank you very much for your kind words and your testimony :heart: I had depression, when I saw last year the evilness and didnt speak out about it. Now that I am doing videos I am feeling much better, because no one can say to me “why didnt you warn me about the vaxx?”.

And I am preaching the gospel, try to reach those who are seeing the evilness and are lost. And when I reach a low point, I focus on the Lord and what he had done in my life. He is given me many moments of joy and inner peace. :blush:


I do have a very rare condition of humor. It comes from watching Airplane and Airplane 2. Actually that’s not entirely true. I’ve had this condition since I was a kid. Which is when I first watched Airplane. Thank you for the kind words btw! I very much appreciate your very appreciative appreciation of my…use by the Lord on this forum. :slight_smile:


@Kris you are doing God’s work spreading the Gospel. When you focus on all that the Lord has done in our lives…I mean really meditate on it, it really can brighten your mood because you can see how real God is and how He blesses His children sometimes when you least expect it. Then it can lead you to see just how much God loves us. Just the fact that God chased after each and every one of us because He wants us to be with Him for all eternity. It really blows me away when I meditate on that love. It is more than we will ever comprehend until we meet Him in Heaven.

Maranatha! Lord we need you to come soon! We long so much to be with you!

God bless your day, Kris.




Ugh. When is 1 John 4:7,8 inappropriate?

Nice :slight_smile:

There’s never been a time more important to be trusting in Jesus Christ not just for salvation, but for him to preserve you through this pre-rapture time. Trust in him, he will guide your steps. And if you haven’t pulled out your kids from school, now would be the time to do it before the forced vaccination comes for them. Opt out of their system as much as you can. Use curbside pickup or online ordering where possible. Unplug the TV, don’t even listen to their propaganda. Read the Bible daily.


You will only go through what God knows you can withstand. I have also had to compromise by wearing a mask on public tansport as it would take too long for me to walk to work.

You are not alone. We are not alone. God is in control of everything. When we obey Him He makes a way for us to escape. Remember the Israelites and the Red Sea that JD refers to when we are all faced with moments likes this.

The only difference is that our Red Sea moment will be far more glorious than what those Israelites saw or experienced. God knows all and sees all constantly. He is allowing all this to happen for His glory. If He is allowing it to happen do you not think He knew the situation that you and many others are experiencing before it even began to happen ?

If God is for us who can be against us ? Do not be troubled by what you see or hear. Keep your faith in Jesus and your eyes, ears and thoughts on Him. When you step out of the boat and into the storm He will always be there with you.

Do not be afraid. He is coming for us all.


Dear Ann1,
Bless you! DO NOT FEAR. God is in control, you need not worry about ANYTHING. I think this vaccine (which I haven’t taken yet, but my husband has…) is to condition humanity to the Mark of the Beast eventually. We, as Christians WILL NOT BE HERE. So, worry no more, we are not for God’s wrath. The vaccine is NOT the Mark. I am ambivalent about it and don’t really trust it because there have been so many lies. I believe we all need to pray about it; God will let us know what to do. I personally do not feel a big need to get it. Just put your trust in the Lord, and do not obsess about this. He wants you only to be in peace.


Wait till you see the sequel! To this day I still laugh that hard at both.
“First time?”
“No, I’ve been nervous lots of times.”
Lol always get me.


Lol I can remember a little of it on here. Old age, it gets ya when you are young.

The sequel btw, has William Shatner in it and you would never know just how humorous he can be unless you watch that movie lol.

The Shirley moments…love those. And when the guy is guiding the plane to the ramps and accidentally directs them through the airport windows lol. Those two were the ones directing the movie btw!

Then we have the two guys talkin’ jive. They took the original script and redid it to sound more like it would have been jive. And June Cleaver “stewardess? I speak jive.”


I think it’s one where you got a haircut and everything changes, happened to me. But whenever I get down, those movies come out. And NOW you have the best understanding of why I am the way I am. At least on here. Lol


FEAR NOT ! Pop the corn & enjoy the show; we are so fortunate to be in the audience.


Put on the whole armor of God to protect you from spiritual attacks.


Thank you very much for the encouragement in the armour of God, Kat. Welcome here! :blush: @katkanning


Amen, Katkanning. It is imperative these days. Welcome to the forums. I am new too


@anon43521308 Sigrid, I love how you collect golden nuggets!:large_orange_diamond:


Thanks, Grace :hugs: @Gracings

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