Sorry...but can`t endure much longer, cant function as a needed!

Hi Ann,

I read so much anxiety in your post. Satan is using fear to try and make you stumble, to keep your eyes on everything around you instead of on Jesus (looking up). You need to tell the Enemy to get behind you and draw close to God as God’s Word reads in James 4:7-8.

Satan and his demons are working overtime to deceive any and all they can, and fear is one tool that they’re using – BIG TIME! But, they also know Who is God and they shudder in horror and terror as God’s Word reads in James 2:19. They KNOW their days are numbered!

Stand strong, Hon. These days are hard, no doubt about it. But, they’re not impossible to get through under Christ our Lord. The Holy Spirit Who indwells each and every believer is right there to comfort, encourage, and strengthen us. Turn to God’s Word. Let Him speak to you. Let Him encourage you. Let Him be the Lamp unto your feet and the Light unto your path. And, cast ALL your cares on Him because He loves you affectionately and compassionately. God knows every single hair on your head. He’s got you!

All of this – sin, Satan, fear, anxiety, worries, destruction, death, tears, depression – ALL OF IT we will be done with and SOON! Look up to our Blessed Hope! Set your mind and keep it set on what is above, and not of the things of this Earth! Soon, we’ll be with our Lord and know only peace!

Stand. Stand strong.

Sending you HUGS :hugs:


Don’t give Joe any ideas :scream:

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Sadly, I think this was the plan all along. lol

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Very encouraging Jessie. :slight_smile: I am hopeful Ann has been feeling better even though these days. But I would just like to add (don’t recall if I have in some ways also stated this before here) that one way to look at it is that we are in an epic time in history. Right now it sucks. The rapture is likely not far off. But in the interim, I have been tracking along political science lines. Most might likely omit political science from “prophetic” preview…but I believe there are plenty of social artifacts in play that suggest political science practically as potentially dumbed down type of hermeneutic for the lost. And although that might seem rather pedestrian or juvenile in ways to think as such, I do believe what is unfolding is a sling shot ripe to go off soon. And when it does (if correct), I think you’ll actually be glad you are here being such a member of this generation. Lord willing…of course. I have been posting on a thread here tracking covid activities. My bent leans toward its eradication along with the vaccines. Sounds impossible. But perhaps you might get a kick out of some things coming or there also is certainly quite a bit there already. In any case…you are sounding a bit better Ann. And so glad to hear. Bless you dear sister. :slight_smile:

Prayer That Covid Goes Away

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