Spiritual interference - requesting prayer

I don’t want to be too specific because who knows what level of monitoring is done here or on my phone.

just saying that my husband and I will be interfering with a satanic event coming up. for the sake of children. adults can lawfully make whatever dumb decisions they want, but kids are the innocent ones and they may need our help.

it’s coming up very soon but I won’t say how soon.

I want to tell you what it is so you can feel sure about praying for me, but call me paranoid- I don’t want it to be sabotaged. I will be doing nothing illegal or hurtful toward anyone. but sometimes the truth makes certain people very angry and we will be stepping straight into the physical realm of people very unabashedly defying God - and they will likely be dragging children along with them, to do the same as them, and I can’t take that, especially when I don’t think anyone else will be willing to step in, based on when I’ve done this type of thing before.

we decided that if we don’t see kids being involved to the level we want to confront, we will leave it be. but if they do involve kids, I doubt anyone else will have the boldness to do something about it. they will just either wave their signs or stay away from it entirely. so that’s why I want to go. I have practiced this before, at an unrelated but other unGodly event, and learned from my experience. this time I will not back down too soon, like I did last time.

so what I want prayer for is, well I’m not sure. I just know that taking this on, will invite potential hatred and physical violence. I will do everything I can to avoid getting hurt. but this is a crazier crowd than the last one and I don’t know what might happen.

so I guess, please pray that I am protected spiritually. my body is not as important. I mainly just don’t want to get cold feet. I don’t want to be intimidated to the point of backing out if I see a need to step in. I am susceptible to fearing rejection from others. if you could please pray over my weak points. in fact, if you could also pray the children won’t be involved even if they try to do that, that’s a worthy prayer as well. but from what I’ve seen in this event this year in other regions, they definitely will be attempting to use kids indeed.

feel free to ask questions and I’ll answer as best I can. I am disappointed about what I call my “trial run” from a few years back. but it was enough to show me that there’s a reason people are afraid to stand in the way of satan. lip service and little else, is all that the others seem to have the nerve for. I have the boldness but I have told you my concerns, that my boldness will leave me right when I need it the most.

and if you don’t feel comfortable praying in the way I ask, since you don’t know the details, I totally understand. but I’m doing my best to keep my pathway clear so nothing can be planned against me. thanks for anything.


I will pray for you. FYI, you ARE protected spiritually if you are in Christ Jesus. If you are born again then you are his for ever. No body can take you out of his hand. The Holy Spirit is in you and will not leave till the day of redemption. God bless you and your family.


Father in Heaven,
Please protect Alison and her husband in their endeavors to protect our children. Please keep them safe—their spirits, their bodies, their livelihoods and possessions. Give them wisdom, discernment and boldness; that they will know Your will and follow Your desires.

Please keep our children safe from predators, Father; keep us all safe from predators. Please turn the hearts of those who have rebelled against or outright rejected You. Please direct evil attention away from Your children. Please protect us while we are here and call us home soon. In the Name of Jesus, amen.


Loving Heavenly Father

Please bless @alllllz with Spiritual wisdom and understanding and discernment towards her actions towards and during the event in-waiting, please galvanize her with protection from evil and those not of You. Please transform her anxieties into peace, worry into calm, her fear (if any) into courage as we beg of You to galvanize her with boldness and courage as well. Please inspire the lost she encounters to flee the prisons they’ve made for themselves and accept the Truth of Jesus. Please change any problems she may face into solutions only You could come up.

I beg this prayer coincides with Your will being done in her journey and those whom join her.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


I’ve also joined the others in prayers for you. :pray: :pray: :pray:


I did pray for you dear sister. I erred and forgot to put down here. My fault. Father God in Heaven, I say this prayer in the all mighty, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent name of Jesus. Abba Father please put a hedge of protection around Alison and her precious family to keep them safe from all harm. Please give charge of a powerful angel to watch over them to to ward off any evil spirits. Lord please encourage her and her family to stay in the Word of God to listen for your voice , so loving and the Holy Spirit teaching us all things, always growing in the Lord. Amen. :pray:


Agreeing with all here in prayer. If you can go to the place this will be happening before it does and pray over the area would be a suggestion. Even at the time of the event just stand there in prayer not reacting; just praying. Let the Holy Spirit lead you in how to pray. I will be praying continually and that the Lord will move mightily in this evil event causing it not to happen at all (hopefully). I know you can’t say what day and where this might be happening or specifically what, so I will hold you up in prayer until we hear from you.


thank you everyone, I feel encouraged knowing I’m in your thoughts. and when it passes I will let you know how it went, and won’t have to hide the details anymore.

@Flamingogirl49563 that is a wonderful suggestion. we will have the whole day to prepare, so I will be able to do what you said. very grateful for your thoughtful idea!!! (along with how to keep myself calm when I’m in the thick of it!)

<3 thank you again everyone, and to anyone else who comes through to see this <3 it feels risky even having brought it up at all but I am glad I did.


I love @Flamingogirl49563 suggestion to pray over the area prior.

I’ve done this in my own life such as at the daycare where I worked as they were all Mormon employees but me. Some teachers would lead the kids in yoga for children, of course discuss their church happenings etc.

It helped me get through the day sometimes.

I’ve said prayers under my breath when around worldly businesses, events etc.

When we moved to Idaho 16 years ago, I went through each room of my house and prayed because it was owned by a staunch Mormon family.

Praying for you Allison to be bold, protected and a light in a dark place there.


Praying that your spiritual armor will protect you in all ways, @alllllz. God bless you and your husband in this. :pray:

Ephesians 6:10-11