Spiritual Warfare

Please pray for me. I am under spiritual warfare non-stop it seems. I live with family who are backslidden. Being the only one in the house who is actively watching and worshipping our Savior, it seems I’m attacked daily, multiple times every day. Pray that God will use me where I am or set me free from the misery of living in this house with these particular people. I am tired. Thank you in advance and I will be praying for you all as well! With much love in Yeshua, God bless you all.


Yes, I will pray for you friend. I know how hard that is…I lived in similar circumstances for about 30 years. It’s was so hard. But I can’t imagine being there now, while we are literally watching the fulfillment of prophecy before our eyes. I live with one believing family member now & we can study, pray and watch together. I am thankful. I pray the Lord comforts you and will take away your frustration in that home. Pray that He will give you peace and a strong witness with few words and a strong feeling of His presence…and joy, knowing we will probably be with Him very soon :slight_smile: we have so much to look forward to…even if we have to suffer a little while first. Hope you have a good night :heart::pray:


If you are able, a good long drive to an area of quiet and solitude. Jesus woke before the sun came up and broke away from the crowds.

He is the ultimate Giver. But even He needed to get away from the madness of others who only wanted to take. He did this on almost a constant basis.

Remember His words, “Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” Mark 6:31 (a paraphrase of different versions).

Do this and you will live :wink:

I will pray you find the peace you seek my friend.


Praying for direction, Jennifer. :heart:


Well-stated, Eric. @aneking Very comforting words. :blush:


Dear Lord ,
we pray for jcin that you give her peace and protection from the enemy . we ask you bring big giant angels around her and fight this spiritual battle for her .
in Jesus Christ name we pray amen


I will pray for you. I think we all need to stand in the gap for each other. Take care. You are loved and cared about.


We have a very creative Lord, who will provide a path forward and a solution specific for you. May the Lord draw you closer to Him and inspire you and give the desires of His heart. I’ll pray for a new door to be opened. May also the Lord give you strength and endurance to continue to be salt and light in a dark home.



It’s not easy being around, let alone living with unbelievers because they unknowingly 'serve the god of this world" as scriptures tell us. …so they spew out anything that comes to their mind and this is meant to discourage, attack and destroy your faith. Satan is the enemy, not them. He knows your weaknesses which is how they manage to say just the thing that will hurt you the most. “Know the wiles of the enemy”. Knowing this truth…the enemy will not succeed. The power of trusting Jesus and living for Him in obediance destroys the works of the devil. You may be the only witness for these lost souls. Through this persecution from them (the enemy using them) you will become strong in faith, endurance and perserverance. You are God’s workmanship, just let Him mold you and shape you through this journey. May your faith remain strong, so strong that the enemy may not be able to even discourage you. My prayers for you is that you remain strong and those around you will see that God is truly real, loving, forgiving and longsuffering towards us all. Bless you my dear …The Lord has faith in you and so do I.


Even if you live with a house full of Christians, you will have tons of spiritual warfare if you are walking closely with the Lord. My husband and I are getting absolutely slammed. It’s intense, but it means our Lord is coming soon. Stay strong and endure with Him.


I will pray for you , The enemy is working extra hard to discourage and wear us down .


I’m sorry you’re going through this, but I’m glad I’m not the only one. I try to remember that we don’t wrestle flesh and blood but principalities and powers in high places. The very principalities and powers Jesus made a spectacle of on the cross.


Joining in prayer Jennifer for your situation. Dear loving Father in Jesus name we thank you for helping Jennifer in these days she is enduring, we thank you for binding and ceasing all demonic activity around her in her situation, for delivering her Father from this place to another when or if it be your will, for bringing her comfort and peace in your Word. Peace that passes all understanding, and safety in the Pslam 91 refuge and rest unto her spirit in the Psalm 27 pavilion. Thank you father for sending her ministering angels of your Word night and day. We pray for her relatives to find salvation. In Jesus name, amen.


Thank you for your lovely prayers. Attacks come in lack of sleep, especially on Saturday nights: the night before service so it makes it hard for me to focus or I fall asleep. Crafty enemy isn’t he?

I’ve also been proclaiming my increasing hatred for the evil in this world and I know that will get one attacked. However, no matter what, I adore Jesus and it is my heart to serve, even if it’s interacting with all of you fine people. It has been such a blessing to have this forum. Everyone is so like-minded and it is so refreshing and feels safe.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday everyone.


Hi Jennifer,

how are you?

God loves you so much :heart: