Spotted a neat tailgate

Hi everyone. This is just a neat story. I was driving home on the QEW Hamilton bound by Guelph Line when I pulled up beside a Chevy pickup. On the left side of the tailgate was written in red. Paraphrase. Jesus is the Son of God and he loves you. On the right side of the tailgate was written Visit YouTube for Bible Prophesy update by JDFarag. A simple way to reach people for Jesus. I was so blessed to see that driving home. Who ever you are you were you were a blessing. Thanks for your courage. I need to be more vocal for Jesus.


@Glen This is awesome! Can I move your post to the ABCs of salvation category?


Sure. I put in the prophecy update because I didn’t know where to post it. I know Paster JD does ABCs of salvation during his updates so that’s what I was going by. Thanks.


… deleted… (Was not politically correct in this environment.)


We had these magnet signs made up last year and have them on both our cars. Great for sitting at red lights, parking lots and traffic jams where people can read them.


I love it. Great idea. If you buy a new car it’s easy to make the switch.


Wow. Great idea. :slight_smile:

AWESOME! Me wants it, we NEEEDS it.

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In the Spirit of what Pastor Farag was preaching about today, part of “confess with your mouth” is in sharing your faith in Jesus with the Lost. SO let me ask a question you need to ask yourself, everyone who reads this:
When is it NOT right to share your trust in Jesus?
Or, a better, more relevant way to say it, when should you NOT run into a burning orphanage to save a child, when it is within your power to do so?

I got the .jpg picture from the forum here and then went to Vistaprint online and ordered a bunch of stuff. The magnets for cars, business cards with the ABC’s, mailing labels for envelopes, etc.

That’s great news to hear, I live in Niagara and no pastor I know of preaches bible prophecy so blessed to have found Pastor J D.


If you live in Niagara there is actually a great church on Point Abino rd. We found it because our church wouldn’t open when we were legally allowed to. I only wish I had found it years ago.

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