Spreading the Christmas Message

Hello Online Church!

It’s once again that wonderful time of year where we celebrate and thank God for sending His only Son so that we could spend eternal life with Him!

The past month I’ve been busy creating lots of Christmas themed designs for you all to use in whatever ways you like. If you’re not sure what to do, perhaps you could just print some business cards through Vistaprint or the equivalent in your country to distribute in your local area.

I’m sure we can all sense that that His return is right around the corner! So let’s get out and do what we can to spread His glorious message while we’re still here.

Who knows, a couple of dollars on your behalf could help save someone’s eternal life!

If you would like any text or color changes to the designs below for specific uses, please just reply here, PM me, or email me with the alterations you need.

Download the full quality tracts here:

May God be Glorified in all you do,



Can you find the hidden Christmas greeting??? :smiley:


Thank you for doing this. I’ll be printing some out this weekend.


No problem, I’m happy to help and spread the good news!


Sharing from a friend:

I was out running errands and happened upon this sign and couldn’t help myself and stopped. A dear man named Gary was praying for anyone that needed prayer. What an awesome assignment he had from the Lord. He said he had prayed with 60 people today. What a blessing!!! God bless Gary for his obedience to our Lord.


That’s amazing Stacey! It’s such wonderful work he’s doing for the Lord!

You should repost this in the ‘Praise the Lord’ section so more people see it!! :smiley:

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