Stage 4 Kidney disease, please pray

I am humbly asking for prayer for my husband Toby. He is a Marine veteran who served in the Viet Nam War. He has suffered from numerous illnesses and disease from agent orange and is now on the edge of kidney failure. I love him dearly and I want him with me until the Lord comes. But I know he is going down quickly. I pray with all in my mind and heart that the Lord is coming very soon and that we can go in the Rapture together but I know that may not be possible. I want what is best for him, but the letting go even for a short time is so difficult. Please pray for him to be free from pain and that the Lord will hold us both tightly and if possible that we might go together. If that is not God’s will I pray he would not suffer and the Lord would take him quickly. We are in our 70’s and have no love for this world anymore. Please come quickly precious Lord.


Praying for your husband and you now, Teresa. I’m sorry he is so ill; it’s so hard to see loved ones suffer. He is blessed to have a wonderful loving wife who truly cares for him. How much comfort that should bring to him in his heart and mind. I pray the Lord will take us all out soon with a trumpet and a shout! We are weary, Lord. Please have mercy on us all. We give all the glory to you, Lord, for salvation, for healing, for loving us and caring for us through this dying world.

In Jesus’ Name,



First I am Nam vet. I was CKD stage 3. After researching it I started taking Cordyceps supplements. Now by the grace of God and those supplements I am CKD stage 2. I am not trying to say anything but research and consider it. Praying for him.


Lord Jesus please visit Toby in your loving mercy and sustain him with his wife until Your coming. And let that time be ASAP. Thank you Lord.


As a Marine Corpsman from Vietnam, I am so sorry Toby is still dealing with that war, physically. [Agent Orange exposure]

I put Toby in the Hands of a Loving God, that views you both as one. I ask HIS perfect will be done in your lives. Also He would send the Holy Spirit to comfort you both. :pray:



Teresa,when my grandpa died when I was a little boy, I had a moment where my family gathered to help me as I was a mess. I was like, 7 I think? I made my two half sisters, my mom and dad promise me we would all die together. Because I didn’t want to lose anyone before I died. No one could die before and they all made that promise to me. They broke that promise to me in different ways. One sister disowned the family and my dad died last year just before Christmas. My Grandma died just before my birthday in 2007 I think.

While as a kid, I accepted they made their promise and would keep it, I grew up thinking that was going to remain true and one by one dominoes fell. Coming to a far better and deeper understanding of the Lord, I am wondering now if my sisters truly are saved. I know my mom and I are. I know my Dad came to Christ months before he died. So I will at least see them when the time comes.

I say this because while miracles do happen and man it would be great if they happened all the time in the ways we want; God has a different plan. It’s definitely beyond my comprehension of what He has going on in that noggin of His. I have had a song stuck in my head since Wednesday and I can’t get enough of it. The Premise of the song speaks of a man who lost his four daughters at sea while his wife was rescued. The wife who was traveling with her daughters absent her husband, who would meet up with them later, was recorded as saying, “God gave me four daughters. Now they have been taken from me. Someday I will understand why.”

Long story short the song “It Is Well With My Soul”. That no matter what the outcome is…we face a difficult response to it. Whether good or bad. Bittersweet is even hard to contend with. If anything I believe it’s this moment where you place your entire faith upon leaning, practically laying on Christ’s foundation. Like a cedar of Lebanon that will not budge under the weight of our worry, grief, fear and we sigh knowing there is nothing we can do and we lay it in the Lord’s hands and we write off that worry saying, “However it may be Lord, it is well with my soul.”

That’s a ton of faith, especially for a loved one, and in particular, a spouse. I often wondered how it would be to be placed in your shoes (it may hurt because we probably wear different sizes) and how I would handle it. Losing my dad is different than losing a spouse. The pain is still there. I lost a brother in 2010 whom apparently according to some should have been a spouse lol but that grief was so hard to deal with and to this day I still deal with it. I bring this up because in that moment of despair I begged God to take my life as replacement for his and to let me die so he could live. I sat for what seemed like ever waiting to see him rise from the bed and tell me he loved his brother and for me to go in his place.

Obviously, didn’t happen. But I prayed long and hard that God would do just that for so long. The love we have for others is hard for some to understand or even adhere to on their own. And we ask for prayer and we know the ultimate of what’s to come but we’re trying to offer God up anything to give us one more year, one more month, one more day, one more hour with those we love. You know how everyone says “so and so lost their battle with cancer.”?? I can’t see it like that any longer. Not for awhile. They overcome that battle in a way that cancer has no recourse but to die unto itself. In essence, those who have passed on, defeated cancer in a way that was the ultimate exchange. Probably more painful for us to have that decision made than for them at times.

You know what though? There’s still a shot. I’m not trying to get you false hope. I’m say anything is possible. And whatever God decides to have happen, I pray you lean upon Him and can say with your heart and mind “It is well with my soul.”

Loving Heavenly Father<.del>

We gather for Teresa and Toby right now. Toby has fought many battles for our country, for our safety, for his wife, and I’m guessing for You as well. He’s not fighting for himself and while we know nothing of the plans You have enacted for us, we try to ask for something that You have even instructed, “You have not because you ask not.” Well, we’re asking for a miracle beyond all miracles that only You as the Great Physician, the All Powerful I AM could possibly do and in so doing, we pray this miracle would set forth a testimony for so many people to hear and come to You not for the wrong reasons but for the proper and correct reasons.

Heavenly Father, we ask in so many ways that You heal Toby of his disease, his ailments and afflictions. That he may find duty in serving You one more time, a little longer on this earth to help bring others to You. Including medical staff who may not be with You yet. I’ll just say it, Lord; Please guide the medical staff with precision and bless their hearts with heavenly love and understanding as we ask You guide them closer to You in each way possible. We ask that Teresa be blessed with calm and peace in her heart and mind and that you mend her broken heart or breaking heart. Help her to see she will not be left alone ever as she’s never been alone with You around always. Help her and comfort her in her time of despair. Please guide her where she need be, just as we ask you deliver Toby to where You see him needing to be.

Through tempest rage and turmoil abound, we look to You O Lord with advice and foundation sound. Let all who hear and all who read the words that You deliver dear, let them believe You love us more than we love each other and comfort is your blanket to warm us from Satan’s fear. Help Teresa to look up with eyes fixed upon You and bless her and Toby with grace and mercy abound as we pray to You in manner of fulfillment of goal that it is right whatever You choose and it is well with our soul as we all attempt to reach that end goal. Bless Teresa and Toby in ways only a God-given miracle can, Lord.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you so much dear Cindy for your kind and loving prayer.


Thank you for your service to this country. Thank you too for sharing what has helped you, I will most definitely research it. Blessings to you.


Thanks to you for your kind prayer, I so appreciate it :heart:


Dear Doc, thank you for your prayers and I am sure there are many rewards in heaven awaiting you for helping your fellow soldiers. He has indeed suffered greatly over the years as have many others as well. One day all these wars will come to an end when our Lord will preside over all. We are longing for that day. :heart:


Oh my thank you for such a beautiful post, it made my heart full :heart:. I will re-read it many times. You are so kind, heaven will be a beautiful place full of the Lord Jesus and His Bride.


Prayers for you to keep your husband by your side. Dear sister hang on. Hugs


Amen my sister in age and Christ
May your husband be pain free and your love for him sustain the two of you until our Lord returns. We are all looking for his imminent return

No fear


Jon…thank you so much for ministering to Teresa, to me, and I’m sure to many more, thru your very thoughtful post. I too am in the process of losing my husband of almost 41 yrs (this month) to the insidious disease of dementia. Everything that Teresa was praying for is my prayer, also. We always prayed to be alive together for the rapture; however, at this point my most fervent desire is that he has no pain, as he has several other issues. I am ready to trust in His will for us, although I must admit, it’s unbearable for me to see him in pain.


I’m very sorry to hear about your husband and I will keep him and you in prayer. It’s always hard to lose someone we love but just remember when they leave this world they will be in glory living with Jesus . We have to occupy until the good Lord calls us home. Stand strong sister and know God will carry you through the storm.

To help you financially your husband is eligible to receive monthly finances from the government specifically for service men that served in Viet Nam and was exposed to agent orange. Google it and file a claim. I know this won’t take away any pain you or your husband are going through but if it can help with expenses I wanted you to know it is available to him.

Lean on Jesus sister read scripture with your husband daily to give you both peace. The words of God are alive and I have seen God given medical miracles through His words believing, trusting and obeying.

Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: James 5:14

God bless you and your husband