Starting to unravel - prayer request

I’m on day 4 of the family visits and as expected, it’s been drama central.

For the most part, I’ve been chill and peaceful. But today I’m hitting a wall. Little things are wearing me down, and I’m feeling very emotional. I find myself fighting back tears quite abit today… even now

I think I’m just exhausted, And spiritually sensitive.

Thank you all for praying for me prior to my family coming in for a visit. I appreciate it more than you know.

Just 9 more days to go!!! :woman_facepalming:t3::woozy_face:

Anyway, Please say a prayer for me. I’m starting to unravel at the seams.



You didn’t get that piece of wood to carve, didja! :joy:

Loving Heavenly Father

Please envelop @Alissa with a galvanizing protection from evil and those not of You and bless her with continual peace and calm in her heart and mind (and please give her a piece of wood to carve for the next 9 days).

Please bless her with Spiritual wisdom and transform her trials into victories during the next 9 days. We lean on You during this times of discomfort and shaking in the rain of our storms, but You are supporting us and covering us from the harsh stuff if we just let You. Guide Alissa to dance in the rain of her storm right now and continue to smile…also teach her how to whittle that walking stick should the opportunity arise. Just a continual thought…or help her find some good chocolate to munch on with some ice cream. It is kinda hot outside…oh, shaved ice! With some flavoring! Now we’re talkin’. Anyway, please guide her as to depict Your the center of her world, not chaos or worry.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Please understand that I don’t intend to sound crass or insensitive. But if these visits are so difficult and there’s demonic influences involved is there any way you can tell them not to come back? I understand it’s blood relative here. But there comes a point where you have to protect yourself.
Honestly I am not speaking off of the top of my head. I have had to do this myself. I cannot knowingly allow demonic influences and oppression into my home and put myself and my family at risk. We are still standing firmly against this. We even tried going out to the family members location and stayed at a hotel 30 miles from their home. I tell you that the oppression came down hard while we visited in their home and frankly we ended up leaving the area days early because we couldn’t stand against it any longer. We have told the head of the household we cannot ever go back there until the oppressed individual is no longer living there.
I tell you this because I have a little bit of firsthand experience to draw from.
If you are trying to be a witness I caution you not to allow yourself to be a doormat. If this girlfriend is a practicing witch she has some pretty strong strongholds which are bigger than you.
God can deal with her. He can do anything. But to put yourself smack dab in the crosshairs is damaging to you and your family who live in the house.
If they know you know the Lord your standing in Him will supercede. I am praying for your protection, Alissa.

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You know, someone with long covid symptoms might be better off with weaving a basket :basket: , like Moses’ mother did. (takes less physical energy.)

Alissa, @Alissa Please forgive my attempt at humor (rarely successful in my case). Been away from internet for couple of days, but the Lord brought you to mind so I could pray for you.

A few thoughts to consider when you feel up to it.


Are you able to get outside at all, in natural surroundings for a bit of peace from time to time.? Have you been able to explain to people about your ill-health? Are they at all sympathetic? Mostly people who haven’t lived with that kind of thing don’t get it, at least not at first. I hope you are good at setting boundaries . (eg " I need to rest on my couch/bed for next few hours. Please don’t disturb me." )

The following images/quotes might be relevant and you might even give you a way to explain to family members how you’re feeling




“Fatigue is not a disease, and it’s not even a symptom. It’s an alarm system!”

  • Dr Jarred Younger - Director of Neuroinflammation.
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You have a point! :rofl:
Of course, now, I see the walking stick as a fourth useful tool as the basket weaving might make her a basket case. :disguised_face:

You did well on the humor, Pax!