🦊 Stay in the word!

Why staying in the word and in prayer is so important!

Encourage yourself in the Lord! He WILL see you through it.

Depression likes to seep in through the cracks of the mind, like the cold air from the fractured cement of a basement cellar.

Fending off those Days of Defeat

Remorse sketch

  • Days when you don’t want to see anyone, or say anything about anything because you know there will be a competitive response that drags you away from what you really wanted to talk about or express.

  • Days when it’s easier to say you are fine, than to have to explain it to someone who will just dismiss it anyway.

  • Days when every thought is about how to get through the next relentless moment.

  • Days when you whisper under your breath that you have nothing left.

  • Days when you wished you had not even woken up.

  • Days when it takes all you have to get up and take a shower or do simple tasks.

  • Days when it seems there is no end, and no way out of the morass of existence.


Why we need salvation, and why staying in the word and prayer for this fight of our lives is so essential.

Sin is often described as a cancer of the soul or spirit. I find it is not enough of an analogy, and rather point to Rabies as a better example.

Rabies attacks the nervous system, therefore it destroys the mind as well as the physical body. It produces insanity, aggression, and seizure’s by destroying the brain and nervous system. If not caught quickly and by painful injections of medicine, it is 100% fatal.

It is spread by bite or scratch, which is analogous to fighting and warfare in a raged state. A downward spiral of hate and aggression that serves only to destroy any life in contact, and no respecter of persons.


Why staying in the word and prayer helps us endure patiently.

That pearl of a great price is eternal life…

The commendation to the church of Philadelphia was about patient endurance, and the key components were Keeping His Word and Not denying His Name.

Here we see how they held on, their strength but very little, and they overcame by His strength. What is His strength in their example?

Their faith! This is what He told them to Hold Fast to that which they have… It was their faith, as it is ours even in this day. This is a word to any who have faith.

And there is a rich promise given to all who do, to be removed from the world before the big global trial that will come upon it.

Keeping His word is not just about commands, it is about the whole counsel of God, which includes the very abundant promises given us.

And prayer is the way we keep Him with us, and why we could never deny Him. He has become a part of us that can never fail.

As difficult as life can be, our goal is not eternity in the flesh, but to be something more than we were first designed to be, even beyond Eden. We will be glorified in Him by Him, without sin or even a hint of it as our past.

Come soon Lord Jesus!


Amen! Thank you!

I have always been a happy person, but since the 2016 election and the crazy psychotic hatred that emanated from our politicians, hollywood, media, friends and family began, I just couldn’t understand what was going on. You talk about a punishment that doesn’t fit the crime. Then I realized it was deception. Jesus told us not to be deceived, a warning that it would be very easy to be deceived. Another end time sign and it was rampant! It wasn’t just a political deception, but it’s been multi-faceted.

I read the bible every morning, but like Habakkuk, I couldn’t get my mind off of this insanity. Some mornings I didn’t want to read the bible but just wallow in my discouragement. But, I would read and as you are encouraging, it always helped.
It may not have lasted all day, but alas, a new day always dawned and I read again the next morning.
His word brings so much comfort, but it’s easy to allow the world’s problems to take that away. But read it again, and again and again. It sinks in. We have everlasting hope. We should cast our cares on Him, for He cares for us.
One day this will all pass away, but God has prepared a place for us.


He comes to steal our Joy, kill our Hope, and destroy what we allow him to. The insidious calculated tactic of causing a person to destroy themselves in a spiritual form of seppuku. He has no power but that which we give him.

I am so aware of how many here are in similar front lines warfare in this. I thank you for your encouragement. :wink:

Words, the Word especially, are my form of budo, and why not? The word is a two edged sword of His Spirit He has handed us to use as a member of His body. It’s what He used against satan at His testing, why should we do any less?

I sort out my feelings and my situation by them. I finish and sharpen my resolve by them. I encourage myself in the Lord by them. I find hope and reassurance in them. His Word is my compass and my map.

I have but only to keep them, and to keep Him close to me. :wink:


Yes. Well put. :slight_smile:

The enemy loves to use distraction, misdirection, parlor tricks of the mind, slight-of-hand of lies and half truths.



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Thanks for the refresher! I wish I could :heart: these again. I had a several year stretch of “Days of defeat” years ago and the Word truly is the only way to win!


No problem. It is for me as much as anyone else here… :wink:



Great write up, BUT, depression can also be a disease, like any other disease, it is not always spiritual in nature, [but does affect you spiritually].
You can have diabetes and read scripture to the cows come home, but you will still have diabetics. Forgive my use of a write up by an ex pastor I’ve used many times before, but helped me personally. I have suffered from treatment resistant depression for years and have felt like a second class Christian because of it. This is for anyone reading who feels [less than] about themselves.

" Until the day Jesus returns, I will live in a body which does not function as God originally intended. My brain, which is a key, central, integral part of my body, will not function correctly. Chemicals will become imbalanced. Serotonin will not be properly absorbed. Norepinephrine will be unevenly distributed. Synapses won’t fire correctly. My brain, just like every other part of my body, is prone to illness.

I would argue that if we truly believe in total depravity, then we must accept mental illness as a biblical category. If I believe that sin has affected every part of my body, including my brain, then it shouldn’t surprise me when my brain doesn’t work correctly. I’m not surprised when I get a cold; why should I be surprised if I experience mental illness? To say that depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, and every other disorder, are purely spiritual disorders is to ignore the fact that we are both body and soul.

Mental illness is not something invented by secular psychiatrists. Rather, it is part and parcel with living in fallen, sinful world."
Blessings to all who are depressed.
Doc :dove:


Amen Doc. So well said and so true. Thanks for posting this. :two_hearts:


Agreed, though it seems far too many today use pharma as a quick fix and keep people there rather than discover and address root cause properly.

One root cause being trauma which can have lasting effects on the brain, but there are ways to therapeutically address it. My friend found out 15 years too late that taking an SSRI (after several traumatic events) at a psychiatrist’s recommendation would also have lasting effects on her brain.

Over time, it successively led to adding three new diagnoses and several additional medications. She went from consistently beating my grades in college to unable to hold a job to not being able to make a simple shopping list for a craft project. In her case (and many others I’ve since read about on sites like madinamerica .com) the cure became far worse than the cause and finding a psychiatrist who will help you safely taper off meds is very difficult to find.

So yes, depression is a broadly used term and
can be a result of injured brains in a fallen world, perpetuated by pharma or caused by spiritual attack. Either way, we all need to stay deeply anchored in the Word. God may not cure completely this side of heaven, but…



stay promises


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God word alive



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