Strange thoughts? Imagination? Or something else?

I wanted to ask something, but there isn’t really a category for other topics. But maybe I need some prayer so maybe this is the right category to post this in.

Last night before bed, I took time to pray, I was alone in my living room, most of the lights were off and my wife had already gone to bed.

After I was done praying I got up from my recliner and as I turned toward the hall to go to the bathroom. I don’t know how to explain this. It was like in my mind I imagined this horrible thing/monster/creature/demon whatever was right there facing me snarling as I turned. It was weird, this was all in my mind. It didn’t realy physically happen. I was alone in my living room.

I don’t watch horror movies now and haven’t in many years. I didn’t feel anything at that moment, but the thought did spook me a little. I shook it out of my mind and I went into the back of the house to the bathroom. As I was back there I just felt like I needed to call on Jesus. So as I got ready for bed I prayed and worshiped the Lord more. I felt at peace, felt what I believe was the Lords presence.

But now, thinking back to last night I almost wander if that was more then a passing thought caused by indigestion. Or if something spiritual was happening and didnt realize it? If so I could use some prayer. More prayer the better I say.


I’d say spiritual. Something to drop your guard perhaps, I say this because it happens to me quite frequently. I have seen a dark figure once in my life challenge me in a room. Other than that, I have thoughts of things like this hit me at different times. I believe we are getting amped up attacks to throw us off balance.

Sometimes I would suggest picking something inanimate to focus on. Ice cream bar. A sock. The radio. Think of a praise song. Make up a praise song. Ask yourself what color socks would God wear to some event. Anything to shake what is trying to come into your mind.


Thanks for the advice Jon, it was so weird and out of the blue, I literally just got done praying when this happened. I have had random weird thoughts pop into my head in the past, but this one like I said spooked me some it was just weird. I think part of my concern is that something evil is trying to enter my home, but we don’t bring anything into the house or watch anything that might “open doors” so im not sure how that can happen. I can’t say I have ever seen anything like as you described dark figures or anything like that. Again, this was like a thought or image that popped into my mind. Maybe it has something to do with the times in which we live. I do feel like evil is getting worse and more in our face. you can’t even watch a youtube video of something innocent without seeing an advertisement for some demonic looking movie pop up.


Just remember whatever is happening, your rock and salvation are God and nothing can penetrate that truth. Place whatever concern you have into His hands as I am sure you do already and don’t worry about it or be concerned over it. Think to yourself, “God has this.” And move forward. Like I said, this is undoubtedly to throw you off balance.


You are right, thank you.


IMHO, spiritual. Because of the timing, right after you had finished praying. Don’t you think this was an opportune time for satan to attack?

And when you called out to Jesus, He answered and gave you peace.


I’ve had similar experiences. Verbally rebuke whatever it is to be gone in the name of Jesus. I also find that having my Bible open on my nightstand as well as traditional hymns playing in the house helps. The attack on the believer is getting more intense. I pray each day for protection of whatever the enemy is planning to trip me up with


I get the notion these minions are hard up for attention at times. It’s like someone trying to grab your attention and like Val Kilmer in Tombstone, you just have to say, “Oh, I’m sorry minion, I forgot you were there. You may go now.”

Humor aside, I think all these things going on, while trying to derail us, they can’t compute it just draws us nearer to Christ.


This happened right after I started following the Lord.

I stepped onto my back porch one night, it was very dark, and as I started to take a step there came upon me a weight of fear that felt like a heavy wool blanket.

I couldn’t move, but then as I remembered that I had just learned about claiming the blood of Jesus.

I said, “I rebuke you Satan in the name of Jesus and by His blood”.

The weight lifted off me in a flash, I had the sense of something going away like it was on fire.

Real story.


Some years ago I had a lot of sleeping paralysis but I didn’t know what it was. (SP are when you sleep on your back, drink too much coffee, cola, alcohol). Science can explain it It’s not demonic but often we see demons, wolfs, aliens, spiders, nightmare visions… and in my cases it was demons. As we are “paralyzed” during the SP (between a dream state and a consciousness state), I was really scared thinking the demons were real and I wasn’t able to move (but demons are not real during a SP, it’s our imagination), the only solution I had was to ask with a loud voice “GOD help me!!!”, and I woke up all the time. 100% accuracy.

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I’m glad to hear some other people have had odd stuff similar to that happen. Normally I dismiss stuff as imagination, indigestion or something I saw or heard triggering something. I have never been the kind of person to have “visions” “prophetic dreams” or see evil spirits or whatever apparitions people talk about seeing. We really do need to be on guard for demonic attacks, no matter how subtle. Something about that weird little experience had me wandering if there was more to it.

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Hotchiwawa I was completely awake at the time, this was not sleep paralysis, but yes I know what your talking about and that can screw with your head and make you think all kinds of terrifying stuff.

One day, I woke up and had hypno images (I saw triangles turning, we have them all the time at a start and end of dreams but we don’t remember), until I go down the stairs to the bathroom and upstairs in my bed I had them!!! Maybe I was at proximity to be a sleepwalker. Very strange.

I went through a few episodes of sleep paralysis and in those times, I would see really bright light while my eyes were closed, and I couldn’t open my eyes to wake up. I could barely call out, but I would manage to mumble, “Jesus, Jesus…” The episodes would immediate stop after I called His name.


The big thing I took away from that encounter was that we have within us power through Jesus Christ that makes the demonic beings FLEE.

We do not need to be afraid of these creatures, they are just beings who were created by God and who rebelled against Him.

Their future has already been decided.

They are going to be thrown into the Lake of Fire for all Eternity.

People, recognize who you are in Jesus!

You are adopted children of God!
You are saved through Jesus’ death for us!
You are filled with the Holy Spirit!
Jesus is making your place in Heaven Right Now!

Satan and demons know their time is almost here when they will be finished.

But our time with Jesus, Father God (Daddy) and the Holy Spirit is about to begin for all Eternity!!


You are right, there is no reason to fear them. In the end they have to submit to the name of Jesus Christ. Satan and his minions are already defeated, they have no hope. We on the other hand do have hope and power in Christ Jesus.


I have a friend who would say for you the veil got very thin for a moment. You were almost looking across the to another dimension, where the real battle is going on. Unfortunately what you got to see what the enemy. They were probably trying to push through for an attack. There are a lot of attacks happening to a lot of people at this time. Most of the time people don’t realize that is what they are and just think they are having a hard time. Well they are having a hard time but there is a reason for it and that is unseen.

Now I have never seen the thin veil like you did but I know the attacks when they come. Today was one of them. The up side is basically that if you are under attack, then it is because they see you as a problem for them, you pray for others, you are obedient to God, what ever it is you are doing is drawing attention to you and they are trying desperately to disrupt your efforts. What that means what ever it is you do, you are doing right and it is causing them a lot of headache. Not the best bit of news because it means the more you fight back the more they will as well. Just remember the war is over and Jesus won.



Praying for you and your family, @MDLange82


Focus on the Lord - yes, things that are above and not down here on this fallen earth. Keep this in your mind and heart for a greater part of the day. Then these dark things will go away - prayer, patience and perseverance helps.


I was taught as a child to plead the blood of Jesus in times like this. And “ resist the devil and he will flee from you”
I am so thankful that I was taught this; I have have used this many times in my life. The oppression has to leave His children. ( for the moment)

Lord, thank you for Your protection, and thank You for making us aware of our growing need to call on You. Thank you for the shed blood of Jesus that makes it possible for us to even ask. Amen.