Struggling to find church

My husband and I changed church in beginning 2020 after 26 years. Among other things, the head pastor does not believe in the Rapture. We started listening to Past JD and many other prophecy believing Pastors, and has since grew spiritually alot more. We are doing ABC’s of salvation weekly in town and have a better relationship with the Holy Spirit. It helped us realize time is little. We seem to be struggling though, with settling on a new church. Among others, one seem to be politically focussed, one promotes the jab (seriously), current one…we arttend and also watch online services. There is awesome Holy Spirit working but no rapture believe - even preached from the pulpit last night that we have about 280 years left on earth. I struggle to understand that some dear and caring Pastors can be blind to the truth and read the Word so differently from other people. With growing mandates hanging over the world’s head, i wonder if it is worthwhile to worry about this. Eventually maybe just watch whoever we want online and ask the Lord where to tythe? Opinions welcome :grin:


I agree it’s the same with myself also finding it hard to find a church. I’ve been tuning into JD because I want to be taught about the truth however hard the truth is… I also had to leave a church that is supporting vaccines. I tune in to Pastor JD and i now see this as my church. Thank God we have JD and this site and each other.


My wife and I are also in the same circumstance. We haven’t been to a physical church since February of last year. Yet, we’ve listened to more sermons and focused on the gospel, than at any time of our lives.

Our membership is at a local Southern Baptist Church in the area. The pastor, and associate pastors acknowledge the season we’re in, but have said it could be 70 years before He comes. They are purposely ignoring it, feeling it’s a distraction for the congregation. I think what bothers us even more is the church members are also content in ignoring the signs. Maybe it’s just normalcy bias, cause they love too much of this world. I know this is critical and sarcastic, but I feel they’d think that Christ’s return would really mess up there Fall church programs for the year.

When Christ was on the earth, even the religious leaders (Pharisees) of that time didn’t recognize the season they where in. They missed all the signs, or ignored them, because they were too focused on their own “programs.”

In addition to this, the Southern Baptist Convention is getting “woke,” so my my wife and I have been listening to a lot Calvary Chapel affiliated churches. However, there’s really none in our area, so we just wait….

We would also appreciate prayers in belonging to a local “like minded” church.


Glad to know we’re not alone…also very glad for the online church membership :pray::grin:


Just my humble opinion—My wife and I had the same discussion, and we feel that the gospel needs to be spread with an urgency. Is the ministry you’re sending your resources to planning to use them on replacing the carpet in the church foyer, or evangelizing the world? Are they part of the harvest, or are they focused on the church programs? That’s for you to decide—but time is running out.


Very true

Pray we will, that the Lord lead us all wisely

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Thanks for this, my husband was waiting for an answer where to sow some recent profit money and says he got his answer now…he will look for an evangangelizing ministry.

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