Struggling with worry and so sick


If anyone would feel led to pray for my husband and I we would be so grateful! We both have COVID and aren’t doing too good…it’s weird because he just retired from the military (in April praise God!) and he didn’t take a single sick day in those 22 years! Now COVID is having him take his first sick days…We got a prescription for Ivermectin but not a single pharmacy will fill it:( For now we’re taking Vitamins D,C, Zinc and aspirin. I just need prayer for comfort and fast healing. Im struggling with worry. Thank you so much!


sent you a DM, Nicki.
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Heavenly Father we lift up Nicki and her husband for their illness and worries. Dear Lord please heal them both fully, give them everything they need, surround them with your peace most Gracious Father. In Jesus’ Name, Amen


Thank you that really means a lot to us!! :heart:


Prayers for you both to feel better.


I heard one of the frontline doctors mention taking antihistamines as a therapeutic a few weeks ago. When I had covid last December I was taking Claritin and Benedryl daily for my allergies. My case was not too bad. I also take Pepcid nightly for my acid reflux which is another type of antihistamine. I’m not sure if they actually helped, but they’re easily available and might be worth a try.


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Here is a link others have used to get Ivermectin through Frontline Doctors…

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How do you know it’s Covid first of all it could be the influenza … doesn’t matter you’re going to treat it the same . The test can be and are wrong.

The pharmacies should fill it so push push push go to the manager a call corporate whatever you need to do. It’s a legitimate prescription they don’t have a right to deny it and as a matter of fact JD posted that there was a lawsuit against a pharmacy or some thing.

it’s important that you all start that ivermectin immediately. You might have to pay cash it could be the insurance that scoffing or some thing. Also contact the doctor that you got the Ivermectin from and tell them you need to know where their patients are getting it filled. Look up naturopathic physicians in your area call them and find out which pharmacies they use Call and see if you can find a compounding pharmacy to make it for you…

Pick up the horse paste if you have to go get you some ivermectin. It goes by bodyweight do not exceed your body weight it’s the same formulation for the animals as it is the person it’s by body weight.

The ivermectin acts as an adjunct to push the zinc into the cells so it’s very important you can also get grapefruit and grapefruit juice.

It’s important to stay hydrated here. Extremely important you stay hydrated so if you have to drink Pedialyte or whatever to get it done just stay hydrated

Do not panic this is a virus and it kicks your butt it’s gonna make you feel tired as hell like you’ve got influenza. Get your rest. It can take weeks to feel back to normal sometimes months but typically weeks.

If you have a nebulizer you can put budesonide in it which is available over the counter now…, look this up on the FLCCC website. You can also pick up the iodine nasal rinse swabs again those information are on the FLCCC website. They tell you how to do it for free. Look on their protocols.

Now this is super important Immediately as soon as possible get a hold of the mouthwash… that is also found on the FLCCC website but you need to get a hold of basically an antiseptic type mouthwash whether it’s Listerine or whatever… rinse and gargle with that three times a day and do not share the same cup. Also do not use the cap that comes with it pour it into a cup and go with that. Make sure you are cleaning that cup after use each time.

You can also get lugols iodine solution. They sell this online and at pharmacies and you can put a couple drops of that in with some normal Saline into the nebulizer and nebulize that into your lungs but if it’s the Delta it’s more important to keep your mucous membranes free from the stuff so that means the nasal rinses with providone iodine and or the swabs and also most importantly that antiseptic mouth rinse and gargle

There is another vitamin if someone can pick it up for you it is called NAC. Also do not take Tylenol— it depletes thegluthionine what’s your immune system needs. Aspirin is different.

If you have an oximeter to put on your finger to test your oxygen saturation if it drops below 88 and stays there another words it doesn’t come back up to 90 or above after rest for five minutes that’s your que you could need oxygen. As long as you are 90 or above you are OK even if it feels like it’s difficult to breathe.

Someone already linked to the FLCCC information so check out their instructions on what things you can do



God bless you
I plead the blood of Jesus over you and your home


I will be bless to pray for you both, lets ask the Father to drive out this illness and pray that you can have peace of mind again. I have this little saying on my wall it just says " I’m trusting in you Lord. Amen Good luck and I will check on you both later to see how you doing. Good luck, God Bless both of you.


Hi Nicki don’t worry it’s not good for your health, I already started praying for you and your husband you are not alone Jesus promised never to leave us or forsake us. One day at a time my sweet sister. God bless both of you.


Tonic water and grapefruit have quinine it’s natural type of chloroquine. Praying for you both.


Praying for you and your husband dear Nicki. Please do not fear about tomorrow. I am standing in the gap for you as you heal and gain your strength back. I was very sick with C and my husband also (6 weeks). I wanted to just die (for about a split second) then the Holy Spirit comforted me and brought us both out of it. I pray that He will do the same for you right now; comfort you, give you complete joy and peace that will lift you up and out of the anxiety and fear.


Wow from the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and every one of you for the responses and prayer!!! I’m not very savvy with the internet stuff so I don’t know how to tag each of you and hopefully this is in the right spot.

I’m going to go and buy some of the medicines you mentioned, we’re pretty desperate we will try anything lol…and thank you for the information about obtaining Ivermectin. At this point I don’t know if I even have the strength to try and argue with them about it:( The pharmacists have been so rude. We do live in Idaho so there are lots of animal stores around here so maybe I have a good chance of finding the horse paste.

I forgot to mention how we got this, which I think is very interesting and goes with what some of the doctors I watch have said. My husbands coworker got vaccinated last Sunday, and my husband started getting his first symptoms on Wednesday. I think the vaccine shedding theory may be correct!

Ok well sorry for such a long reply, but thank you all again, what a wonderful blessing the Body of Christ is! One day soon we’ll be going up in the rapture and I’ll be able to thanks each of you in person :hugs:


Loving Heavenly Father

Please pluck from Nicki and her husband that which ails them at this time. Please heal them and bring forth a miracle within their bodies that can help move your word and testimony of faith into the hearts and minds of those who disbelieve in You now, O Lord.

Please place comfort in Nicki’s heart with peace and calm and please deliver her and her husband the answers and solutions they need for the woe in their life at this time and always.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Please go here and contact them about getting that prescription filled. The Front Line Doctors know the places that can fill it. How To Obtain Early Treatment - America's Frontline Doctors


Hey so sorry your feeling sick. If you have proof that you have covid and its been less than 10 days i would recommend to see if you can find the nearest monoclonal treatment for covid for you. I didn’t know about this treatment but the radio host i listen Chris Stigall on 990 am in the morning here in Philly recently got covid. He is a believer and don’t believe that you should be forced to take the vac and has not taken it. Two weeks ago he was the off the air mysteriously and when he came back he informed the audience he had covid. He and his wife and kids. They got very sick to the point of not able to do things. Kids had mild symptoms and got over. Chris after finding out from test he got covid got info for monoclonal treatment covid and got it and two days later recovered. Apparently its paid for by the cares act and covered by insurance. Hospitals don’t promote but there are clinics. You drive up get a injection and treatment is 45 min but you recover fast. Govt doesn’t promote and there be less people in icu units. So if not been more 10
Days since confirmation of covid look into it.

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I have located online pharrmas that willl fill your prescription for Ivermectin: Pharmacies - FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

My prayers are with you!!


Try taking oil of oregano essential oil. Place about 3 drops under your tongue if you can take really hot and spicey food or in a glass of orange juice if not. Do that twice a day morning and night. And as with any cold or flu get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids. Do that along side the vitamins and Zinc. There is also a supplement called Quericetin you can also take. If you can’t get oil of oregano then I am sure you can get turmeric powder in the spice aisle at the store. Bring a cup of water to a boil and then add and stir a tablespoon of turmeric powder. Add a dash of salt to make it taste better and helpe with any raw throat problems from excessive coughing. Do that twice a day like you would the oil of oregano. Check back in a week and let us know how he is doing if you can get either one of those. Finally there is a supplement called Mullein which helps to heal lungs so they function as they were designed to. Hope that helps. In the mean time praying for him.