Submit to weekly testing or vax

Please pray for me. This is a test!

I am NOT going to submit to the Governor of my state and weekly test or vaccinate in order to be in compliance to her new dictatorial edict. As an Adult Foster Home owner, I will resign my license. I have until Sept. 30th to fully comply.

This state is so low on providers, so much so, that they are putting up disabled people in hotels with supervision. Wonder how many providers will not comply and are going to resign?

Thanks in advance for your prayers for me that I will stay at peace and trust the LORD no matter what.


Wow! It gets more real each day…things are moving quickly…may the strength and protection of Jesus be with you!


I expect that it is like this all around the country. I know that providers are tough to find in my state—it has been that way for at least 10 years. :pray:


I am sorry for your situation, focusing. Just remember, this is not catching God by surprise. He knows every move they make before they do it. Meanwhile, we are praying for this crazy world and government to wake up and see the foolishness of their actions and to open their hard, hard hearts to Jesus. We are praying for revival!


Yes, yes it does! I am afraid we have seen nothing yet. He is our strength and our fortress. We get to trust HIM. Nothing that this world can do to us surprises HIM or will overcome us, because of HIM.


Hi Linda,
Thank you for your kind reply. I agree God has got this! Keep praying!


praying!! what state you in? I’m in IL

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I’m guessing there’s no waiver or something that could be used? I’ve been seeing them floating around the site but am not sure what all they are applicable for. I assume you’ve fought this all you could but I’m still asking just in case. <3 this is so wrong.

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No, I just got the edict from the governor yesterday. I am not sure what to do or how to respond. I have been hearing about ways of protest such as not quitting letting them take my license in writing thus I will have recourse. I know others this edict effects in my state who work in medical and caregiving who have not caved to the poison. I am trusting the LORD. And seeking to understand from HIM. HE is the only one who really knows what HE wants me to do. I have learned the very hard way, that taking matters into my own hands have no good outcomes. So, I wait and trust and know that HE will direct my paths, as HE has promised. Prov. 3:5-8. Not saying this is easy. Not saying that I don’t have moments of fear. But overall, I believe HE has a way on this narrow road that only HE can lead on. You are right Alison, this is so wrong! Thanks for your prayers!


this picture says a thousand words. and it’s something I relate to. it’s understandable that you can be at peace with how ever it turns out. trusting God. beautiful message you have. happy to pray <3



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Will pray for you. please pray for me too. I’m not handling the vaccine pushers very Christlike. It’s making me so angry to think anyone would try to force us to ruin the bodies God have us…or worse, having our dna altered. So much pressure in the hospital where I work to get the shots. In the lunchroom yesterday two women behind me were talking, and one said she would like to strangle people who are so stupid that won’t get a simple shot. I got up, put my lunchbox back in the fridge, and walked out…but shut the door a little more soundly than I should’ve…not a slam, but not quietly like I normally would. I hope I can stop letting this anger me so much. So sick of the lies. I haven’t listened to the news in over 6 months. Even Fox News brings on liars. There are very few who are seeing through this…or maybe there are lots more, but they are censored, idk.


You are not alone. The first question our pastor asked my husband when we returned after 3 months in the South was, “Did you get your shots?” My husband told him he was not going to be a guinea pig for anyone. There are, I believe, a maximum of 6 of us at that church who are not going to take it. Four that I know of and maybe two others. The people at church are so excited they have theirs! that church actually hosted the vaccinations last winter.
It seems people think they have a right to impose their views on you. they can impose, but we aren’t listening. We are seen as ‘different’ there because we don’t tow the Lutheran line. They don’t even believe in the 7 year Tribulation, let alone the Rapture. I am really struggling with not having any churches here that have any passion for Christ at all.


Wow I am impressed of your courage. If more people would respond in this manner, they could forget their evil extortion…

I will now pray for your strenght, thank you for your example!!



I will be praying for you! My daughter who is single and 26 is being forced and she will not comply. She prayed about it and has no peace. She’s a nurse and the Catholic hospital she works for is forcing it. She can’t believe it is happening. She owns her own house and said she is willing to sell it if need be and never work in the medical field (she loves her job and is heartbroken for her patients) My husband and I will most likely lose our jobs soon too. My spiritually wise daughter told me “Mom, if I don’t take a stand for this, how will I stand for Jesus when persecution comes? And we know it is coming” Everything is happening so fast, but God has not forsaken us. We, too, live in a state where our governor wants to take away our rights and has on many levels, although not as bad as yours. I will be praying for you!


Is the hospital not offering a religious exemption? In case you are interested, the Governor of Florida has verbalized that he does not support vaccine mandates for healthcare workers in Florida. I don’t know your situation in detail, but my wife is a nurse, and there are lots of nursing jobs in Florida and many are not requiring COVID vaccine. Don’t know how long that will last as things are moving quickly but definitely worth consideration. Also since your daughter is young and single, she could consider travel nursing (even within state of Florida) because in many cases you can have more control over the “rules” which govern you.


They are offering a religious exemption, but it has to go before a board for review. She wrote a beautiful letter and submitted it. We are praying that they will exempt her. The only way to get a medical exemption is to have documented an allergic reaction to that particular one. So she would have to take one first to see how she did…such evil. Honestly, at the rate things are progressing, I feel we won’t be here too much longer, but then, we’ve been here longer than I thought we would be! Trusting Jesus and we know he will bless us for being obedient to the Holy Spirit.


And we have thought about moving to Florida, but I think eventually it’s going to come to every state, but if God laid it on our heart, we would go.


Bless the Lord.
Hard times are coming.
That is my position now also.
I do not fear the times, we all know that the Lord has been telling us we are to expect an end judgement. Just kind of surprised me i get to see this much of it.
So yes i am having to consider weather or not to get the shot to keep my job also. And i do think i could probably survive the first 3 or 4 updates (lol)
But i also belive before the end of this presidential administration we are gonna see the collapse of the free church, so i am thinking i need to put some real trust in my walk and trust the Lord’s provision as the church…body of Christ has since the beginning. So i do pray that the Lord’s presence is real for us all as we seek Him for guidance and peace.
Blessed be the Lord