Targeted Individual

Hello, My name is Jackie (female) and I am a TI (TARGETED INDIVIDUAL), living in seattle. I am being (gangstalked) TORTURED 24/7/365
WAVES and desperately need PRAYER. Please pray that Father would deliver me, or move me to a safe place. Thank You


What did you do to tick off the government?


Dear Lord ,
we place Jbleu in your care , we pray for the
protection and comfort . Lord we ask you watch over Jbleu , put your protection over her
In Jesus Christ name we pray amen


Jackie my son experiences the same issues
I will continue to pray for you and you can
ask me to pray and talk anytime .
Jesus will protect you .


I don’t know why your post was flagged… but I tend to agree with you… People seem to dismiss what they don’t understand… not a great way to welcome someone in my opinion… but, welcome :blush:

This technology is being used worldwide, and it may not be that you are specifically targeted, but that you are more sensitive to the effects of it than the average person… unless of course, as @Bigwave mentioned, you did something to really tick off the government :slightly_smiling_face:

At any rate… my wife seems to have some similar sensitivities to this stuff as well… after all, satan isthe prince of the power of the air” and it would be naive to dismiss the connection here. I will pray for you as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Much love, in Jesusmighty name!


Lord Guide Bless protect and DELIVER Jackie and all similarly affected.
In Jesus name I pray and Thank you!


Dear Lord ,
we pray for Jackie tonight , we pray for rest and you watch over her . We thank you
for loving us in Jesus Christ name amen


Dear Lord ,
we pray for jackie tonight , we pray for your protection . Give her comfort and rest . We pray this in Your Holy name Jesus Christ


Hi Jackie,
Welcome to JD’s world wide forum. You posted your prayer request a day ago. It is not necessarily a lack of response to it as much as it is that members are scattered all over the world, and in different time zones. Not everyone comes to the forum to see what is happening every day; when they do there is usually a lot of catching up to do.

So I know this is hard but try to be patient. I just saw your request for the first time today, and I am sure others will see it too. You sound desperate. Yes I will pray for you!

Not everyone knows what you are talking about let alone believe that it is real. So how about taking a little time to educate the forum members so they understand what is happening to you, so we can pray in specifics.

We would also like to know a little about you if you are comfortable with that. I take it you found out about us by watching Pastor JD? Or was it through a friend?
God Bless you, hang in there, prayers are coming.
Agape Ken


Hi Jackie, welcome to our forum. Actually we used to be a lot bigger and more active. But we had a recent wave of trolling so a lot of the forum downsized and it is really just getting started back up again. We now have mods where before we had very little protection. We hope you like it here. As this expands, it gets really good. Many awesome people here.

“Dear Lord we ask for you to protect Jackie from harm. From people gang stalking her. From harmful weapons. Father as the majesty of the universe we ask for you to help thwart the plans of those who wish her harm. May their efforts be dismantled. And Lord we ask that you provide her a safe haven away from this torture. Provide for her physical and spiritual healing. Please Lord grant her peace and rest and as Christ promises to help us focus on those things that most edify and strengthen our hearts and giving us peace that surpasses understanding. We pray that you help Jackie to know you are answering her prayers and that you hear her. In Jesus name, amen.”

Philippians 4:7


Hello Jackie,
I just now lifted you up in prayer.

Please forgive if this sounds like a stupid suggestion to you, but have you tried getting some of the protective clothing they have available to shield from EMF? Also, I watched a video online about a guy who was extremely EMF sensitive and had made himself a homemade faraday cage around his bed so he could rest.


@JBleu Jackie, I saw this post and I had to seek discernment. I’ve been gangstalked in the past online and in person. I had to do some praying on this and listen to a lot of sermons before I remotely could engage. I am sorry for what you’re going through and what you may feel in your heart as being out there alone and don’t know who to trust. You took a chance in trusting this forum for prayer. A couple have come through for you. Most of us, perhaps haven’t acknowledged, but are praying for you. Some of us pray without knowing that we’re praying for you.

I find it interesting that the day I was going to write a prayer for you through the Holy Spirit, not only do I get a message about your post, but Satan decided to lash out and keep me from doing so when I wanted to. So, perhaps that’s a sign that I need to. Please forgive me for not doing this sooner for you.

Dear Heavenly Father
A kingdom you know rather well, had 185,000 Assyrian soldiers charge the walls of that kingdom and the inhabitants were extremely scared. Through all the sermons I’ve listened to, I think this aptly plays into @JBleu’s ordeal. We are fearful of such great numbers against us and in today’s world, it could be online or in person that we face high numbers. It could be a reminder to come back to You and lean on You for understanding and protection. But a reminder to live the way You wish us to as well and not to fall to the wiles of the Devil.

Jackie is going through an ordeal where she has stated she’s being attacked in different ways by people for whatever reason. Things like this are not just punishment and torture, but are also persecution on a level many can’t take. Bless Jackie with Your Heavenly protection from these invaders of her privacy and sanity/heart and mind. Woe to those who attack another as they will be judged and they will have to answer for the things they’ve done. Bless those who attack Jackie with this understanding in their conscience.

May Jackie lean into you as the mightier than cedars of Lebanon that You made. May she be blessed with the calm You place upon her heart like a Heavenly light of warmth in the moments she faces such adversity. Shelter her mind and heart from the wickedness and lawlessness that has imprisoned those who work against You, oh Lord. Let her show calm in her times of worry. Let her hear only Your voice and not the noise around her. Let her feel Your touch wiping the tears from her eyes as You lovingly and patiently guide her closer to You each day with each event she is introduced to.

May there be a lesson to learn from these moments that Jackie is allowed to gain discernment and knowledge and wisdom only You can offer and may she see whatever good You can place in such rotten times that she can use to fight the Spiritual fight we combat every day. Please help Jackie wear the whole armor of God every day that will protect her from the things of evil and the damage that evil tries to inflict. While she tries to places Your light and shares Your word where ever she places her feet.

Just as Judah was told by Isaiah of the Assyrians, please emboss the message unto Jackie to not fear, to not worry, and allow her to hear Your ever so gentle and quiet voice whisper into her ear “Watch Me now. Do not be afraid,” as she stands with You as You stand with her as she prays for You every day.

We ask you to put the enemy on notice “God’s gonna cut you down.”
We ask Jackie to receive the understanding of the limit You will allow the enemy to do. May Jackie see the message of Christ shine upon her with Your love for us and bless her with bold strength and courage to overcome the fight as You would have her do so in the calm always present in You.

Be strong and of good courage.”

We pray this in Jesus’ name


There was a site I remember a few years back that sold the fabric to make clothes that would shield you from Microwaves and something else. I didn’t have the money to buy any of it so I didn’t remember everything lol. But yeah, not a bad idea. I’ve heard the screen that you use for screen doors in the Spring and Summer can block the frequency that comes from phones and iPads for example. Once again, didn’t do much research except a few videos on ewwtewwwb but something to look into I suppose as well.


Dear Lord we bring Jackie to you for protection
and comfort , we pray for safety , we lift her up
to you . Jesus thank you for loving us
in Jesus Christ name we pray amen


@JBleu ,

I’m praying for you, whatever is going on, remember GOD is all powerful, and HE is in control. I pray that God would deliver you from whatever darkness or evil is trying to consume you, and I pray God gives you amazing faith and peace, in Jesus name, AMEN

Your sister, in Christ,



Hi Jackie

I’ll ask the question again and I’m serious in me asking. Also, in me asking, I’m not attributing any wrong on your part, usually a TI has some kind of connection to someone who works for the government and was rubbed the wrong way or the TI had worked for the government on a particular sensitive project and there are other senarious. I have followed these things for awhile and there is usually a certain pattern with TI. You would not come out and say you are a TI unless you were comfortable to say exactly why. Every TI I have encountered has said why. So what did you do or what were the circumstances which led to you being a TI?


Umm. Sorry, but have never heard of any of this TI, or DEW’s etc. What am I missing? Or is it only in America?

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Dear Lord ,
We pray for jackie tonight and ask you give her rest and comfort . you know everything and we ask that you will pour your holy spirit on jackie and protect her tonight
Jesus name we pray


Dear lord we place TI into your arms . we ask you give her rest tonight . we pray that
you will give her the protection from the enemy. We ask this in Your Holy Name
Jesus Christ amen

Sorry for not helping you sooner with your inquisitiveness. I had never heard of this prior to one night listening to a late night talk show that talked about odd topics such as this. I thought it was an elaborate attempt at attention from the target when I first heard it. It is one of those, “This never happens to me.” So we believe through cognitive dissonance that no one could be considered this important to deal with. It happens though. And yes, it sounds like a James Bond movie or conspiracy movie brought to life.

You automatically dismiss what is heard till you see it for yourself or it happens to you. What is interesting is, this goes on not just for people that have wronged some powerful elite person, group, or has ties to politics or agencies; this is could be you offended or got on the bad side of someone who is a narcissist and through their inflated ego, decide to make a big issue out of you saying “no” to them once and they want their pound of flesh.

Different term than bullying or cyber bullying. This is hard to believe, but it happens: A group of individuals watch for when you leave your place. They notify others and they actually, I kid you not, take a day tailing you in different cars coming up with extravagant routes so one can follow you for awhile, then break off just for someone else in a different vehicle to follow you. And this goes on multiple times in a day.

Some people are bugged and their conversations recorded for whatever reason. While the target person is trying to tell their story, they sound crazy to others and are dismissed as such. It gets to a point that target loses all sense of trust and withdraw into themselves. The group affecting the target sometimes don’t stop there and continue to harass you which that is what it is, till you commit suicide.

And as people say, “Why not go to the authorities?”

You have to remember what I just wrote, you withdraw and don’t know who to trust so, will talking to this person or that person make it worse? And yes, there ARE people who do make up this sort of thing for attention, but, as Christians, we are not to judge the heart of others but offer help how we can to them and frequently, all we can do is pray.

Directed Energy Weapons have been around for decades too. In fact you very well may have heard of at least one this century. LRAD system which is for sound. ADS which is microwaves and there are others that I am sure I never heard of. LRAD has been in the news many years ago pertaining to a cruise ship under attack by pirates (Somali, I believe) and it was unveiled the cruise ship had one or two on board and repeatedly used it on the pirates till they retreated. Some people claim that the attack was devised to show the force and capabilities of the weapon and no one was in real danger.

  • Active Denial System
  • Long Range Acoustic Device

Both part of the non-lethal Arsenal all agencies have access to. But like everything else, it is only non-lethal if operated by the right kind of person.

This barely scratches the surface of what this all means. And even what and how I explained all this sounds far fetched and science fiction or James Bond in nature. In fact it sounds parallel to a movie starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman “Enemy of the State” I think was the title and another one before that with Sandra Bullock, I think called “The Net”.

The evils of the heart and mind of someone so devious to wish to destroy someone even just because it’s Monday is a concept many minds and hearts cannot fathom. They haven’t pushed the envelope in life to have met such diabolical personalities and I for one wish I had never experienced it myself. That experience though brought me to the person I am today and was a great foundation of itself on the commandments Christ Himself delivered to us.

Matthew 7:12-
Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets

Mark 12:31
And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

Pretty sad that we, even Christians or Followers of Christ can forget this very commandment. But perhaps one needs to be put in their place to fully understand it, by being placed in that situation Jackie is in, for a person to learn how you wish to be treated is [SOMETIMES] indicative to how you treat others. Regardless if it is a trial by God or a trial of Satan, God will use it to build upon us the bold strength and courage we need, when we need it and the perseverance we need when He commands it so we can hopefully help guide people closer to Christ and, help people see you can get through any trial by leaning on the Lord God as though leaning upon a cedar of Lebanon. [I think of Job a lot in this epiphany of trials.]

Sorry, I had to fight deleting this as wordy as it is and thoughts just pouring out as I wrote it. Apologies.