Targeted Individual

Very interesting article Janet. Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t doubt TI issues being real. Its too prevalent for it not to be real. Even news media have captured cases on film of the phenomenon. But i hope the Ebola thing is wrong. Perhaps there has been a way to weaponize it and make it easy to catch. Currently only direct contact with body fluids (or contaminated surfaces) can transmit. But one thing I would not think governments would do is release something they could not be protected from. Maybe they have a cure. But this seems to be a factor. It appears COVID is not as easily transmittable as we have been lead to believe. It is a real virus and dangerous, but much of the hype would be about its transmission (for reasons of control).

I believe we are on a trajectory of civil unrest. But my take on that is that it leads to something good…at least in the short term. But hopefully it does not lead to Ebola. Blessings.


Yep. Agreed.

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It is hard to prove from our end what is actually happening in the physical and or spiritual world.

But I have to say this. I am having very disturbing and strange symptoms mostly over the past 2 weeks. It is like nothing I have ever felt before.

I live very close to Washington DC. In fact right next to Wilmington De. The home of someone we know. Many of the residents in my area wear the apron so to speak.

Overlooking our hilly area and beautiful lake, is a huge cell tower like The Eye of Sauron.

I am very vocal to many about what I perceive. Maybe too much but I will risk it if it means the truth gets out. There is something to all this and would never discount it.

One way or another I feel I am under a spiritiual attack as well. Hang in there my friend.

Prayer is The Greatest Weapon of All!


Sorry, i have not read the whole thread. Though when the thread was very short I had asked very early on but Jackie had not responded. Twice I had asked. I’ll go back a read the whole thread.


I speak from experience and will not go in detail. This is something that is very serious and that takes a special focus and very special protection from the Lord. I usually trust what is posted and I am sorry if I have affended Jackie. I know to some degree what she is going through. I have some resoursed if this is true.

And for all who see this feel free to share your prayer requests.

Best Regards



Hey @Bigwave ! I don’t think you have reason to be sorry or think you offended this person. Okay, maybe she didn’t like the comment about ticking off the government, but that in many ways, seems a rational question to a statement like this. I think the lack of interaction offended her by the post she made that was flagged.>

Thank You Becky…I’ve never seen such a lack of response/prayer as when it comes to being TARGETED. What people/CHRISTIANS don’t realize, is these weapons have been tested on us…BUT WILL BE USED ON EVERYONE!!!

After that, I think she foot bailed or is staying silent. Or maybe that was the one time she felt safe to share anything. Speculation runs rampant when we don’t know what’s going on or have interaction with someone. The silent treatment never works well.

I’m wondering if private messages would get her to respond? I honestly don’t know. At least while we may be late to the party, we are here to try and help as asked and even stretching out an olive branch (you and bayou for example) with outside resources for assistance.


There are specials stores where private investigators buy these kinds of equipment. Dr Mercola has stuff he recommends for EMF protection and where to buy it.

Did you say EMP device :thinking:? That would be a dangerous thing to have and knowhow and something that I highly do not recommend here.

Whoever goes through with making an EMP device will only bring unwanted attention and could become a TI, as well. Whatever is neutralized by you device will only be out maneuvered by sometime bigger or more advanced if this is being done by the government. If its a rogue person or organized crime they will have there limits.

Help from the Lord will be your best bet on having this go away. This ultimately is a spiritual battle and sometimes is directed by occult leaders in the government or affiliated.


Get rid of your smart meter, if you have one. You can pay to have it removed.

Send us a pic of the tower or one like it from the web.


We are being played on so many fronts concerning this virus. This virus is just a means to an end to give up our freedoms, our self autonomy. They have payloads to download into our bodies for future purposes.


I did say EMP. It is a very small scale device. But you are right it is actually and EMF device. But then so is making a microwave cannon out of a microwave oven. While you are right that the government can still come in with bigger and stronger, it has its purposes. If they do come in with bigger and stronger then they will tip their hand. Something bigger and stronger unless it is space based would be obvious.

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no smart meters here. I hope the picture is clear enough

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A beautiful scene, marred only by the partially obscured ‘War of the Worlds’ style behemoth looming in the treelined background.

Is that a mobile signal mast? Apologies, didn’t read up far enough. Eye of Sauron indeed.


It seems many 5G Antennas there. They will be everywhere.


Amen brother. Though I have the Holy Spirit. :grin:

It’s too close to those homes.

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Only The Lord knows what we are absorbing. Between chemtrails and these towers it has some sinister purpose beyond their professed function.


It is a beasty of a signal mast. It haa fingers and all.

Ah, Jon, what an encouragement your post is to me. I have listened to thousands of prayers, but none has moved me to tears as yours has. It was like you wrote it for me, too. God bless you!


The Jonion strikes again, praise and all Glory to God.


Like layers of an onion, so are the tears in our eyes.
@BABBAB58 , Thank you and I’m thankful what I wrote could sing to you as well.

Everyone look under your seats and you’ll find a prayer. Prayers for everybody! From Jon of the Jonion show, Goodnight everybody!