Targeted Individual

Thank you for your long reply. I had not heard of any of this.
It is mind boggling that people would go so out of their way to cause such problems for people!
I trust that truth will win out.
God bless and thanks for clearing it up.


Oh yeah. God is going to judge those who’ve done this to people. Very difficult to hold on to that knowledge when in the thick of a problem, but the truth never changes. What’s even harder to hold to is to forgive those who’ve wronged us in such a manner too. You’re welcome for the explanation. Glad I could help!


Yeah, amen Jon. I know some people experiencing this. Actually, ok this is going to sound strange…but then…we are already there. I would say that there are likely many patterns out their in the world of this sort of irregular crowd control tactic of sorts. There was a period of time (minus any weapons), that I experienced this from a church (through church discipline). They modeled this sort of pattern as a way of helping to bring straying Christians back into order. It sounds paranoid. But I checked with several at this church and they would confirm on multiple levels what I thought was occurring did in fact occur. But boy oh boy was that laborious tooth pulling. In whatever churches might practice this secular model, I believe they mean well and out of love (again…without weapons). In the church disciplinarian sense it stopped when I was compliant. But it would also be used alternatively…like to super bless a person via connections and angels of pursuit never thought of.

So I just mention this because if some churches have discovered the secular model of this and use it to bless or correct, it would be a social artifact testifying that this sort of model exists in the world (for a church to replicate or borrow from). We can only imagine what this sort of thing might look like and take shape as during the tribulation. My heart goes out to Jackie and others who are targeted “not for church discipline.” A rather frightening world…fortunately on target itself for termination. Amen…come Lord Jesus…quickly.


…I saw you mention J Edgar Hoover earlier, and my mind immediately came to this quote, which fits perfectly in this thread…


It needs to be made out of nickel and copper.

They have a pocket sleeve that blocks cell signals but screen doors do not. Also, making a type of Faraday cage for sleeping is best but their is no details to what kind of technology or tactics being used and even why this person is a TI. Also, the term TI is now a different term.

My knowledge of a faraday cage or what a TI is, rests on what I’ve shared. Limited in quite a few respects. In regards to you saying a TI has a different meaning now, are you saying that the definition of a Targeted Individual is different than what I stated? If so, would you be so kind as to enhance my understanding of it, please?

I ask this because everything I shared, seems to coincide with everything Jackie has informed us about.

But there is one thing you said that is interesting and I must place a question to you of this statement. “But there is no details to what kind of technology or tactics being used and even why this person is a TI.”

DEW or Directed Energy Weapons, I think would give us a broad understanding of what she is dealing with. And she stated that much. But the most important aspect is that she asked for prayer, not why she is targeted. Would be helpful, sure, but isn’t necessary.

We as Christians, from my understanding, we don’t vet the prayer request or the person asking for prayer. I mean in this sense that we don’t need all the specifics to why someone needs prayer, right? And we don’t sit and expect the requester to spill everything for us to pray for them, right ? We have plenty of prayer requests especially lately where people don’t give us much to go on, just that they need prayer. That is all we really need to hear. It is nice however to kind of zero in on specifics to pray on, I can agree with that a lot. But a general prayer is just as worthwhile as a specified prayer. Specified prayers are a lot more enlightening and help get to the bottom of the problem though. True.

BTW, don’t feel I’m taking a defensive posture from your response, please. This is how I think and am sharing my thought process while trying to gain information at the same time from you upon a possibly different definition for TI.


I read this article on psychotonic effects. This discussion reminded me of it.


@JBleu Aside from praying for you which I have done I may be able to help. I will need to ask some questions though. I will make it easy to keep it as general as possible.

  1. What part of Seattle as in Queen Ann, Fremont, or Ballard. Just give the neighborhood name.

  2. Have you looked at your electricity meter? If so is it an old standard meter or is it one of the new smart meter. You can look online to see pictures of what both look like to know which it is. If it turns out to be a smart meter what part of your where you live is it located as in what room is it outside of. You can find it by seeing where the power wire attaches to the house, the meter will be close to that on a wall.

  3. outside the home where you live can you see any cell towers and if so about how close are they, say maybe a few hundred feet or further away?

  4. Is it an area that is close to any military or government buildings or is it close to any transmission towers like for TV or Radio?

  5. Are you getting hang up calls and/or threatening text messages from people or numbers you don’t know?

  6. When you are out of your home are seeing the same people standing off or the same car showing up in many of the same places you go?

If you can answer these or at least some of them then maybe I can help you. I know some people in Seattle who might be able to intervene on your behalf. While they may not be able to do much with RF problems depending on the source they may be able to help with the other problems. Not to make light of your situation, I do have low friends in high places that may be able to help.


Very good explanation Jon. Yes Enemy of the State is a great example of government gang stalking on a target that may have accidently got caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time and has something or knows something and needs to gotten to or quieted down before they realize what they have or what they know.

That being said, there are counter measures to stop such activities, hence my reply asking questions. Since the possibility is a real gang stalking is happening or it is just perceived for some reason, enquiries need to be made to determine which it is.

Seattle being rife with a lot of techies, the possibilities are real enough if someone is willing to put in a little effort to pull it off. They can build equipment, use spoofing techniques, or just pay to buy things that can be used. For instance making a low powered EMP device is very easy. Making an ADS device still not all that hard but more costly. It all depends on the resources of the stalkers.

For others not familiar with the what @JBleu said about what is happening to her and Jon’s explanation, please understand those things are for real and they exist. As I said some of the tools used to pull it off are open source available or if they are tech savvy enough can build them. For instance you can make a small scale ADS out of the microwave generator in a microwave oven. I know because I have done it just to see if it was possible. On YT you can find videos on how to make a hand held portable EMP device. Of course the one they show is low powered so while it can turn off your cell phone at close distance a tech savvy person can take that basic idea and make it much more powerful over a longer distance say shut down a car going down the street. These are all realities in today’s world and they exist even for private individuals who can make them or purchase them. Just remember the news about pilots blinded by simple laser pointers that you can buy in any office store or online. It is real and it does happen.


Very interesting article Janet. Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t doubt TI issues being real. Its too prevalent for it not to be real. Even news media have captured cases on film of the phenomenon. But i hope the Ebola thing is wrong. Perhaps there has been a way to weaponize it and make it easy to catch. Currently only direct contact with body fluids (or contaminated surfaces) can transmit. But one thing I would not think governments would do is release something they could not be protected from. Maybe they have a cure. But this seems to be a factor. It appears COVID is not as easily transmittable as we have been lead to believe. It is a real virus and dangerous, but much of the hype would be about its transmission (for reasons of control).

I believe we are on a trajectory of civil unrest. But my take on that is that it leads to something good…at least in the short term. But hopefully it does not lead to Ebola. Blessings.


Yep. Agreed.

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It is hard to prove from our end what is actually happening in the physical and or spiritual world.

But I have to say this. I am having very disturbing and strange symptoms mostly over the past 2 weeks. It is like nothing I have ever felt before.

I live very close to Washington DC. In fact right next to Wilmington De. The home of someone we know. Many of the residents in my area wear the apron so to speak.

Overlooking our hilly area and beautiful lake, is a huge cell tower like The Eye of Sauron.

I am very vocal to many about what I perceive. Maybe too much but I will risk it if it means the truth gets out. There is something to all this and would never discount it.

One way or another I feel I am under a spiritiual attack as well. Hang in there my friend.

Prayer is The Greatest Weapon of All!


Sorry, i have not read the whole thread. Though when the thread was very short I had asked very early on but Jackie had not responded. Twice I had asked. I’ll go back a read the whole thread.


I speak from experience and will not go in detail. This is something that is very serious and that takes a special focus and very special protection from the Lord. I usually trust what is posted and I am sorry if I have affended Jackie. I know to some degree what she is going through. I have some resoursed if this is true.

And for all who see this feel free to share your prayer requests.

Best Regards



Hey @Bigwave ! I don’t think you have reason to be sorry or think you offended this person. Okay, maybe she didn’t like the comment about ticking off the government, but that in many ways, seems a rational question to a statement like this. I think the lack of interaction offended her by the post she made that was flagged.>

Thank You Becky…I’ve never seen such a lack of response/prayer as when it comes to being TARGETED. What people/CHRISTIANS don’t realize, is these weapons have been tested on us…BUT WILL BE USED ON EVERYONE!!!

After that, I think she foot bailed or is staying silent. Or maybe that was the one time she felt safe to share anything. Speculation runs rampant when we don’t know what’s going on or have interaction with someone. The silent treatment never works well.

I’m wondering if private messages would get her to respond? I honestly don’t know. At least while we may be late to the party, we are here to try and help as asked and even stretching out an olive branch (you and bayou for example) with outside resources for assistance.


There are specials stores where private investigators buy these kinds of equipment. Dr Mercola has stuff he recommends for EMF protection and where to buy it.

Did you say EMP device :thinking:? That would be a dangerous thing to have and knowhow and something that I highly do not recommend here.

Whoever goes through with making an EMP device will only bring unwanted attention and could become a TI, as well. Whatever is neutralized by you device will only be out maneuvered by sometime bigger or more advanced if this is being done by the government. If its a rogue person or organized crime they will have there limits.

Help from the Lord will be your best bet on having this go away. This ultimately is a spiritual battle and sometimes is directed by occult leaders in the government or affiliated.


Get rid of your smart meter, if you have one. You can pay to have it removed.

Send us a pic of the tower or one like it from the web.


We are being played on so many fronts concerning this virus. This virus is just a means to an end to give up our freedoms, our self autonomy. They have payloads to download into our bodies for future purposes.


I did say EMP. It is a very small scale device. But you are right it is actually and EMF device. But then so is making a microwave cannon out of a microwave oven. While you are right that the government can still come in with bigger and stronger, it has its purposes. If they do come in with bigger and stronger then they will tip their hand. Something bigger and stronger unless it is space based would be obvious.

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no smart meters here. I hope the picture is clear enough

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