Targeted Individual

A beautiful scene, marred only by the partially obscured ‘War of the Worlds’ style behemoth looming in the treelined background.

Is that a mobile signal mast? Apologies, didn’t read up far enough. Eye of Sauron indeed.


It seems many 5G Antennas there. They will be everywhere.


Amen brother. Though I have the Holy Spirit. :grin:

It’s too close to those homes.

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Only The Lord knows what we are absorbing. Between chemtrails and these towers it has some sinister purpose beyond their professed function.


It is a beasty of a signal mast. It haa fingers and all.

Ah, Jon, what an encouragement your post is to me. I have listened to thousands of prayers, but none has moved me to tears as yours has. It was like you wrote it for me, too. God bless you!


The Jonion strikes again, praise and all Glory to God.


Like layers of an onion, so are the tears in our eyes.
@BABBAB58 , Thank you and I’m thankful what I wrote could sing to you as well.

Everyone look under your seats and you’ll find a prayer. Prayers for everybody! From Jon of the Jonion show, Goodnight everybody!


@aneking I’ve been watching lots and lots of towers going up around here…and yes prayer is the greatest weapon…but what a time to be alive.

I’ve been having a spike in my anxiety the last couple weeks. Anything that attacks the body, I’m starting to believe…it’s ALL spiritual. I’m so ready to be out of here. Just saying.

I hope the original poster has had relief, and that all the people hurting and needing Jesus find him, and that Jesus comes soon. Meanwhile whatever we need to do, I hope we are ready to do that work he has for us. Whatever it may be.


There is a site you can type in your address and locate all the towers that are up, the towers about to go up, and towers that are in negotiation to be placed where.


@Jon Yes, I have done that, there is one that’s only about 2 minutes from my house, a big one, didn’t need to look that one up, lol. But yes, there are many. They are everywhere. I have trouble with the site lately, but I can see the towers, so…yup. They put them up I actually saw the trucks and the workers doing it. It’s all part of the system…as far as the health effects that has been ignored and ridiculed; you know, rather than proving there is no danger…they just call you a conspiracy theorist.

So there’s that.

So…yup, but good news! This is not our home. Amen?


And not to mention you can save 15% on your car insurance by switching to Geico. Lol



hey, we do have geico already! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There are no towers within 3 miles of me. :slight_smile:


I would certainly hope not. Wait, what if they are in the witness protection program and are disguised as trees and even the trees don’t know? I’m going out on a limb on that one. Probably barking up the wrong tree. I’ll leaf that idea alone and stick to the basics.

Okay, I’m done with the puns.


Better leaf that one alone…


Dear Father ,
We pray TI gets peaceful rest tonight . We pray the enemy that is targeting her will be fought by your angels . This is your battle . we pray TI will find comfort from you Lord . We place her in your arms . we also pray for others who are TI , we ask them to reach out for prayer . We pray for their safety . we pray for shelter and food . We lift them to you .
We ask this in your name Jesus Christ amen


Hi Jackie

I just wanted to let you know that you remain in my prayers.
Praying God’s continued supernatural protection cover you and deliver you.

I found this on the internet - not sure if you’re aware of this but there is a task force working to end this, on this with the United Nations

God guide bless protect and deliver you

In Christ