Tested positive

I just got the result of a covid rapid test, its positive…
My heart started to rush immediately…
At home I did two tests which where both negative…

The male nurse at the test center, who did the PCR Test immediately, stated he wouldnt believe in the tests!!! He said the tests seem to be manipulated…

But I am afraid…I need someone to calm me down… tomorrow I get the result of the PCR Test…

If its positive I will get afraid again…

Dont know if its good or bad for me…

If the PCR is positive also and I stay free of symptoms, it would be good, because I would be “free for 6 months”…

But I am afraid I could get heavy symptoms…

Please pray for me…


This being said;
"WHO finally admits that PCR tests are unreliable . The World Health Organization has finally admitted in a memo from December 14, that high cycle thresholds on PCR tests for Sars-Cov-2 will result in false positives.’

I will pray for you, your fears are real, and I would in your situation, probably be the same.@Ann1

I pray and put you and this whole situation in the Scared Hands of our God, who felt the fear in the garden, " Not my will , but yours be done."
Here Jesus demonstrated the turning point in prayer for all of us.

Lord help me walk and live my talk, I am also weak.
Warmly Doc :rose:


Hi Ann,

So sorry to hear of your predicament. But don’t be afraid, because we have the Lord on our side! :heart:
PCR tests are known to be very inaccurate and there’s probably a lot of deception going on by inducing fear to get people vaccinated by creating false positives.

Either way it won’t harm to give your immune system a boost. Many doctors recommend lots of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and particularly Zinc to help give your body the best natural fighting chance.

I got those recommendations from Dr. Zelenko (among others) as seen on the link below - there are some additional more powerful drug recommendations but since I’m not a doctor I’ll leave any further research beyond the basic God given vitamins to you.

I’ll be praying!

May the Lord be with you,


I am praying as well and want to share a recipe that many are making to help with symptoms as well as taking anytime. It’s basically a natural Hydroxychloroquine. You get a few organic grapefruits and 3 or four lemons, peel them, add the peels to some water and simmer for three hours. Strain the liquid and filter. Store some in fridge and some in freezer for later. Take a shot glass a day, or more. There’s a vid on Youtube. God bless you and keep trusting in our dear Lord who will get your through anything!


I am praying for you as well. Our God is the Master Physician, no one knows us better than Him. Remember what Philippians 4:6-7 tells us. God loves you and by His Stripes you are healed. Will meet you in the prayer room of our Lord and Savior!


Praying for you, @Ann1. I hope you can see this as God giving you the best immunity available. Natural immunity. Survival rates for Covid are so high: between 99.9998% for 0-14 years and 98.2499% for 85 years and up. So, there’s that.

Then there’s God protecting you and healing you.

I know your first reaction is fear, but we are all coming together in prayer to our great big God who will hide you beneath His wings and protect you from fear, anxiety, illness.

I know so many who have gotten this illness and recovered completely…10 days or less…with minor headaches, sniffles, some nausea, some body aches, and no residual effects. Praise God. He’s looking after you.

In Christ,


Praying @Ann1

31 Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.
Matthew 10:27-31

In Christ


Do NOT be afraid of this thing, whatever it is.

If you at all feel like you could be catching something, do some stuff as a prophylactic. Zinc, Vit D, Vit C, Ivermectin if you can get it, Quercetin or EGCG if you can’t. Look up Dr. Zelenko (sp?) online, his protocol is on his website, and he gives amounts of each thing! And none of it will do you any harm whatsoever if you don’t have the “v”. But even if you’re only just beginning to deal with it, NOW is the time to hit it with the tools you have. If you wait and see whether you’ll get bad enough to go to the hospital, you waited way, way too long.

It’s not a death sentence. Don’t let your thoughts take you there.

FWIW, a recent study at a large college / university found that a significant portion of those testing positive barely even knew they had it. Seriously. And interestingly, about half that tested positive were totally poked while the other half were not poked. And again, many of those had such mild symptoms they either didn’t know they had it or barely knew. Be encouraged, you’re not likely to hear that on the news, not nearly fearful or sensational enough.

God bless you! He loves you! And He will never leave you or forsake you!


Having researched this way back at the start, lets start by saying this, Covid is a form of flu. It can for some be serious but, those people generally have other underlying health concerns which have weakened their immune systems. As somebody mentioned already the authorities have already stated the PCR test are not good reliable test. What is worse is that the inventor of the PCR test came out and stated his test was not a reliable test. Strangely enough he died a short time later and some say under questionable circumstances. I can’t verify that but, I have little problem accepting it as true.

Another point is that if you are of reasonable health and young enough then even if you get symptoms they will be mild to moderate. At worst it is said to be like the worst flu bout you ever had. But even with that survivability is still running at 97% or better. That comes from the many good doctors that are not playing along with the political side of this whole mess.

A little personal info for you to think about. I am 65, my wife is 66. In 2016 I had a triple bypass, I am slightly over weight. I work some long hours at times. I do not wear a mask unless I am absolutely forced to. I meet with people in public settings day in and day on my job. I have not gotten the Covid, a cold, or flu since the start of this mess. My wife went through chemo for cancer a year after my surgery. She had chemo, surgery and like me works with the public but, in her case mostly kids who are more likely to spread it than adults. Now she wears a mask at work as it is required only then. We do not wear mask at home so either one of us could pass it to the other. That has not happened.

What I am saying is my wife and I are candidates of getting it and then having a severe bout with it yet neither of us have done much more than we did before 2019 came along. That alone tells me that while it may exists and even that is questionable if what is said about never having been isolated is true, it is not a dangerous disease like it is being portrayed to be. Likewise the only true testing that seems to confirm anything is the antibody testing and all that confirms is you have had and your body can now beat it if you immune system is strong enough to do so.

So then that leads to how to keep your immune system strong. It is said by a number of nutritionist that 90% of your immune system starts in your gut. If you have a good functioning gut where your food is broken down well and the many nutrients are correctly absorbed you immune system will function properly. So the best way to do that is in your diet. These days if you eat processed foods, that is stuff that comes in cans or boxes as opposed to buying raw vegetables, fresh meats, etc and cook your own meals at home your digestive system is likely compromised because of all the sugar and chemicals that are added. In short you are in a toxic state and your immune system’s first line of defense is not working properly. You are not getting the necessary nutrients to keep it strong.

That being said you can boost it two ways, change your diet if you need to. First of those is drop the sugar. Sugar is known to cause inflammation through your system. Lower the sugar intake and you lower the inflammation problems. Next is eating fresh foods, cooked at home where you know exactly what is in them will keep harmful chemicals out. After that you can also boost your immune system with supplements. A simple multi vitamin will do wonders for you if you eat well enough already. Just make sure it has vitamins, C, D3, K, as well as both A and B or B complex. It should also have in it minerals and the ones best for the immunes system are zinc, magnesium, and selenium. If your multi vitamin is lacking any of those you can get them individually and take them with the vitamins.

This is all that my wife and I do. We cook 99% at home, we take vitamins and minerals. Since we are both candidates for one getting covid due to age and health issues but have not gotten it given the many daily chances to do so should let you know that your fears are not of the disease but come from all the news that is being pushed via the media and political posturing of government officials.

Now lastly and the most important thing of all is that my situation is not your situation. That goes for everyone. We all have differing bodies, genetics, and so on. So the best course of actions is take this to the eternal physician in prayer. Seek from God wisdom and guidance and He will give it to you to take the appropriate steps as they pertain to you. It may come though the hands and minds of humans but He will provide it. God is ever faithful. I can attest to that in my own life, in the life of family members and friends that I have known for years. Trust in Jesus. He wants to take care of you. He wants to let you know what you need to know. You just have to given him the chance.

I can tell you from experience He will lead you through this, He will calm your fears, and He will give you peace. I say all of that from personal experiences some pretty dire. He has never failed me ever. I hope and pray that you can seek and find strength, peace, and wisdom.


@Ann1, even the creator of the PCR tests has stated, “PCR test doesn’t tell you if you’re sick.” You realize how many false positives this test has produced? Remember there is that category of results, just as there are false negatives. Interesting that the inventor, Kary Mullis, died last year so he can’t come around and speak on behalf of all the results and usage for his test now.

My solution because I’m sure you’re worried about oxygen intake…and this is how my sister fought it. She used her CPAP machine more than just at night for a week and she was alright. Granted, those are a pretty penny and hard to obtain at times. She never went to the hospital, she stayed in her bedroom for a week or so and my mom and I would bring her food.

If you can, and they don’t cost much, see if you can find a personal pulse oximeter. I know we hate shopping on it, but you could use the Ama…you know the thing. Or, you can find them at local pharmacies. Just clips onto your fingertip and reads your oxygen intake and your heart rate (reads something else but I haven’t figured out how to read that yet).

You can type into a search engine the brand I have “Rofeer” and see where all you can purchase it. It ranges from 12-28 bucks, depending on whom you buy from.

But, I probably had this and never really knew it. Many of the symptoms are the same as just about anything else. I could have the wuhucoocoo or a sinus infection. See what I mean? And the nurse whom administered the test stated he wouldn’t believe in the tests. That should tell you something.

But, I know this is no laughing manner and while I can tell you to “enhance your calm”, it’s up to you to “center yourself” and know your spirit of fear isn’t what you’re meant to have. Sarcasm doesn’t always help in this instance, but you could look in the mirror and say,

"Thank you God I don't have that haircut!"

Loving Heavenly Father

Please place upon the spirit and soul of our sister, Ann, a heavenly peace and calm as we ask that you comfort her in her time of need. Please administer to her a “woosah” in her heart and mind as she awaits word on whether she passed of failed a PCR test.

Please galvanize her in this moment with protection from those not of You, Lord. Remind her to have great courage for You are taking care of her. Pluck from her any sign or symptom that would cause her panic in the midst of what has transpired with her being tested and remind her that not only did the nurse say he didn’t trust these tests, but that You are still on the throne. You’re not freaking out and You have this “in the bag”.

Please enhance Ann’s calm through this situation and help her to maintain her faith in You at all times.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


@Jon Thank you for the additional information on devices. Had not considered either but I will obtain both to add to my already overly stuffed first aid kit. You are awesome my man, simply awesome. Ok now wait about 30 minutes before trying to walk through the door.


My ego is like a balloon that’s all squishy. I can massage it along the frame I think. lol

Glad I could be of service with a couple ideas.


Well at least if it is squishy it will not pop. I know I worked for a balloon company for about 10 years. Again thank you for the info. I just never knew that oximeters were available to the general public. I already have a stethoscope, an old fashioned BP cuff, and thermometer. Having an oximeter that can give a pulse rate is easier than doing it manually. Gonna make administering first aid or relaying medical data a whole lot easier.


Right on the money!! And it doesn’t cost anything to implement!!

I can’t remember the source anymore but I do remember of a doctor (MD) speaking of how many hours a shot of sugar can cripple an immune system, even if you have adequate amounts of zinc and some other key nutrients in your system. It was as though the sugar deactivates them until the sugar is dealt with. I don’t remember a lot of details, wish I remembered more of them.

My wife and I do shoot for low-carb / keto type eating so we’ve been pretty mindful of the sugars for quite some time. And I’ll admit, we don’t always get radical about eliminating them completely. But compared to the standard american diet, we really are way below “normal” in the sugar consumption.

I don’t often think of it but we really do eat mostly of “simple” things. Meat and eggs are mostly from our neighbors. Veggies are mostly from our own gardens. There just aren’t a lot of heavily processed things in our house anyway. Some wonder why we would wanna be so far out in the boonies. And yet I feel like we are abundantly blessed to be this far away from “civilization”. God is good to us! He really is. Better than we deserve.


Not I. I have no wonder at all. I grew up in a small town. Most of the family was in a big city, one Uncle had a place in the country. Of those three, I loved my uncle’s place best of all. As you said milk came directly from the dairy farm my cousin married into, eggs came from the neighbor who raised chickens, meat-beef was raised at my uncle’s place. At the local slaughter house it was in part traded for pork- bacon, roast, and chops. Everyone grew their own gardens and shared their excess around so everyone had a little of something. We kids did the fishing and hunting. We ate it all from squirrels to rabbits, to deer, from frogs to fresh water to salt water fish. We shrimped, harvested crabs, and oysters. About the only stuff that was ever really store bought was the seasonings, some flour, sugar(mostly for baking) and grain foods, like oats and barley. Things like beans and corn were mostly grown in the gardens or gotten from local farms that grew them. My uncle was a VA rep so he traveled a lot and got to know all the people who grew stuff so he always knew who to go see if they ran low on something they did not do at home. It was a great life. We worked hard, we played hard, but man did we eat good.


OK and I’m going to chime in here I only read your first post so maybe you’ve made an update.

I don’t trust the test. They are indeed manipulating those numbers. Not only that they don’t supposedly detect the V many epidemiologists had said you can pop positive if you’ve ever had a cold because it’s corona. In addition to all of that, they do what’s called batch testing often times when they send them in…. Batch testing can be thrown off because it’s not individual it’s a batch. So you may be negative and get a positive because some thing in the batch was positive.

That being said with this or any other virus the use of ivermectin as many doctors have said is highly effective especially early on are o
vitamin zinc, D, c combinations. They also recommend you rinse and gargle spit a few times a day with an antiseptic mouthwash for example Listerine antiseptic. You can also get an iodine nasal spray or make your own.

Look up the instructions for this on flccc alliance. These things can be purchased from local pharmacies and delivered to your door if friend or family cannot do so for you.

You could also contact one of the online doctors to see about getting a prescription of the ivermectin if you wanted to go that route but remember it’s most effective with the above vitamins especially zinc. You can also maybe get some grapefruit juice and drink that along with vitamin zinc to help the zinc get into the cells.

Anyways if in doubt you could always attempt those precautions .


Yup. :slight_smile:

I love being among these country neighbors (farms). There is a dairy on our road with maybe 80 milk cows. There is a guy with multiple chicken houses on our road, too. (He culls them because he gets dinged on price for the whole lot of them if he keeps the small ones in the mix. So we have probably more chicken than we want.) Friends up the road from us have more eggs than they ever use. (Same family that the wife had a small stroke a short time ago, different thread, awful hospital experience.) Another friend raises beef cattle, between us and the egg people. If you took pictures of VERY well taken care of cattle on the most beautiful pastures you could find, that’s her place. Most of the people around here have had the virus and recovered just fine, few got the poke or want the poke. I’ve noticed how the sentiment changes when we go to town for some reason. These people may be a little “backward” to a city slicker but they’re good people that would give you the shirt off their back. When they have hard times, we see if we can help. If we have hard times, they’re right here willing to help any way they can. Kinda seems like that’s the way it’s supposed to be. We trade stuff all the time. (Right now, they’re all about done with okra, we’ve had a bumper crop this year and it’s still producing.) Oh, and the ones closest are God fearing Christian people that we share Godly and encouraging words with often. Ya can’t buy neighbors like that.

Funny thing is, we looked at this house about 3 years ago and I said, “NO!” It wasn’t what I wanted. Still wish I had more land. But the Good Lord knew what He was doing. A month later when nothing seemed to be working out, we had another look. And then a third. And we bought the place, not knowing the neighbors we’d have. There was a crack house right across the street from us when we got here but they burned their house down shortly after we got here. It’s not been rebuilt. Just pasture there now, with an old hay barn. God took care of that little problem for us. :slight_smile:


Oh thank you for that story. I love it. That is truly a God blessed life to live, people sharing, helping one another and people say the Amish are the backwards ones. Phooey on that notion. Country folk are so far ahead of the game. Good for you that you found a God provided place. What you describe is so much of what I remember my Uncle’s place in the country. And as a kid ohhhhhhh the fun exploring all the mysteries of nature. Critters were everywhere. Nothing like walking down through the branch and finding a place where deer were bedding down and then backing off and hiding for hours for them to come n for the evening as the crickets started to stir and the birds were returning to their roost. The gentle trickle sound of the slow moving creek over the rocks. That was heaven. Even at home my favorite thing was to get out of town and go sit in a duck blind in the marsh and just watch the ducks and geese fly around, hear the occasional bellow of an old bull gator, watch the nutria swim through the duck ponds. That was a golden life. If I was not there I was north of down along the river in the woods walking slowly along the trails where I met my first ever fox and surprisingly I froze and over time he came over to me to investigate. Sniffed up and down my leg before casually walking away. Those moments are forever burned into my memory. But working at my Uncles place had its moments as well. Hot summer days cutting the grass, moving hay for the steer, trimming underbrush along the branch, it was hard work for a teen ager but man was it fun. At the end was a trip to the spring fed swimming hole with cold clear water. Man that felt good. Yeah I miss all that.


SUPER COOL!!! :smiley: I don’t think I’ve been that close to one before. We occasionally see a coyote around here, hear them often at night. But to have a fox come up to you and sniff, that’s close!

I hear ya… nature. Despite our sin-sick world, there is still much beauty here, many things God created that still retain some of their beauty. Love the birds, especially, so many, and so colorful. And the bounty of food growing… yeah, it takes lots of work, but it’s till beautiful to see. (I was just saying to myself how pretty okra blossoms are. Such a lowly plant… it’s an African weed. But such a pretty flower. This was while picking about a half bushel of it, and for the umpteenth time this year. It’s so tall I’m gonna need stilts to pick it if it gets much taller. LOL)

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Well being from Bayou Country, I would never call okar a lowly plant, an African weed. I love okra.

I have come to realize, that the many beautiful things we see in nature is for those with eyes to see God’s picture book love letter to us. Like many say the Bible is God’s love letter, nature is the picture book version. So much beauty, wonder and awe to see.