Testimonie to God's Glory

God bless Pastor JD and your entire community.

I have been following you for a number of years through my son Johan and through me my brother follows you who lives in Spain and much more I hope, because I try to share you ABC through several ways God knows.

I would like to share a testimonial. sorry it’s so long.

My stepfather shared with me and my mother that he would take the vaccination, we immediately advised him not to do it. he had a lot of complications and I said myself then you die. He said I’ll just die. he took it and he got so sick that two weeks later he is very sorry 13- 04 -21 passed away. I hope he is with our lord Jesus Christ.

My mother Got the (virus) Because of him and got very sick she low in the hospital and was given 15 liters of oxygen, the doctors didn’t think she was going to survive But God :butgod: is Great and almighty has given me so much strength that I didn’t know I had it in me or I knew it very deep inside me. I personally said to the doctor, when he said we are doing everything we can to save your mother. I said I know she will get on top of this you know why because I believe in an almighty God and he is going to heal her through you and I believe that 100% I put my mother in God’s hands and told my almighty father that I believe in him 100% and that I thank him in advance for the reason my mother of 72 and then started calling and emailing everyone throughout the world including you to bid for my mother with me and every day my mother went down 2 and liters until she no longer needed oxygen and could go home.

All Glory to God she is now the old one.

And the doctors still don’t believe it. they keep calling her for tests and scan of her lungs and everything is clean. thanks jesus christ.

Thank you Pastor JD I often offer for you and your family and you gemente for more saying in Jesus name AMÉN AMÉN I am a mother of 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl, I work in care as a care assistant here in the Netherlands, they also want to make the vaccination mandatory. God is with us. please bid for my family and especially for my son Jordi and my husband may they find Jesus and be ready. I am against the vaccination but my husband has taken that I offer to the lord that he protect me and our children.

With lots of jesus love, Yohenda Del Rosario from The Netherlands.


Yohenda, I just want to Thank you and to Praise the Lord along with you for the mighty healing that God did for your mother. :butgod:

What a loving daughter she has. You are a real blessing to her and God will richly reward you for honoring your mother like you have done.

I have prayed for you husband, son and family and as the Lord leads will continue to pray again. :pray: :pray: :pray:

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is so uplifting to know that we have a God that hears and is the same today as he was yesterday and will be the same tomorrow.

Many Blessings to you sis, from your sister in Canada


For God is all the Glory🙌
Amen Amen
Thanks God for this community and bless you all and and you too.
Sorry if my english is not correct.
God bless you big sis for your pray and your family too.
Much love your sis in the Netherlands


God bless you
Keep,fighting the good fight we r almost home
I’m so,happy we need rest in the Lord
But I just want heaven