Thank you God for love in my family

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

My brother just invited me over to his house to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We have been avoiding each other for awhile and i hope God has been working in their lives, opening their eyes to what’s going on in the US. I hope a blessing will come out of this family gathering. One of my nieces had a baby boy this year and i haven’t met him yet and my other niece has a baby girl.
God is so good! :yellow_heart:

p.s. please say a prayer for my dad that the Holy Spirit will softening his heart. Thank you :blush:

Here’s an old photo of my dad, me in the yellow top, my brother and my nieces and nephew at my dad’s homestead. Thanks for taking the time to read and say a prayer.

Me and my dad


Stacey -nice pics, thanks for sharing… and, yes, I am also very thankful for my family- especially that the Lord God Almighty has saved them. God has blessed us “above and beyond” and it will take the eternity to thank Him.


Hi Stacey :blush: Most definitely you’ll be on our hearts this weekend with prayers offered to our Great God. How majestic is His name!!!


Part of the reason that we moved back to Tennessee was due to circumstances similar to dynamics with relatives. They were extremely indifferent to our existence there and we were very lonely. I should have tried to get together with you before we left because we were so close in proximity. You and my wife Cathy would have really enjoyed the fellowship. But our two years there was a whirlwind. I’m sure we’ll be back to visit so maybe we can get together with you then and break (Big Sky) bread and we’ll tell you all the details :grin: ….or we can go to Mark Hitchcock’s church or maybe even The Crossings for a special music event :wink:.

Anyway, again…. So happy you’ll be reconnecting with your fam. I will be fully aware Sunday and Cathy and I will be praying for you, your dad and the rest.


That’s so encouraging :heart: ….Praying​:pray:
I think God is working in many families, including mine.
I believe it’s because time is winding down and God is ramping up the work of the Holy Spirit.


Just drove 4 hours to spend several days with youngest brother who loves the LORD JESUS. My nieces all love JESUS which is a testament to GODS blessings on my faithful brother - what a blessing to me and thank you JESUS! Any way he lives in house we grew up in and I get to sleep in the bedroom I was born in. We have spent the day reminiscing and praising the LORD for HIS grace and mercy on us sinners. THANK you God for the love in our family and we pray for our lost brother to find JESUS. WHEN MY DAD DIED I FOUND a golf score card in his bible with the acts verse that says believe on the Lord And you will be saved . I know he left it for me knowing I would find it and be comforted about his relationship with Jesus. My sister in laws mother was a strong believer and before she passed we had many bible studies together. As I write this I realize how GOD has blessed us as we have tried to serve HIM in our small way. My wife’s dad was a pastor at a bible church untill he was 86- what a great bible teacher! I am blessed - GOD bless all my brothers and sisters on this forum as we humbly wait for our Blessed HOPE. MARANATHA


Hi Stacey,

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and the good news about your brother reaching out to you. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers, sis.

The verse I claim in my spirit when praying for unsaved family members is Acts 16:31 - So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

I was the last one in my immediate family (siblings and parents) who everyone prayed for, and God honored my relatives’ faith as I eventually surrendered my life to Jesus.



What a blessing - thank you for sharing that - LORD we trust in your word - thank you -MARANATHA


Thank you all for your prayers for my dad and family! It went better than i thought but it was sad to watch my family drink. Nothing new has changed, i know my brother and dad are physically tired, i can see it in their eyes. spending time holding my great nephew was precious and a blessing as well as playing ball with my great niece. Thanks again for your prayers! :yellow_heart:
Today at my brother’s house, me holding my great nephew and me, my brother and my dad.