Thank you Lord for encouragement and comfort

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

I have experienced clinical depression in the past and I give all the glory to God for my recovery as meds didn’t agree with me. Yesterday, I told the Lord that i thought i could be heading down that road again. Since my mom passed at the end of May and my nephew who lives with my brother and me relapsed into drug addiction right after. it has been a struggle. Today, i decided not to go to bible study and went to a local farm to buy some organic beef. The lady who greeted me when I arrived, I had spoken to before at a Saturday market in the village. We began talking about what is happening in the world and I learned that she, her husband and two young children, like my brother, my mom and I were among the very small percentage of people in our area who had not been injected. She told me of they were concerned that the local school is being forced to teach the trans gendering for children agenda and may have to home school. She recognizes the danger of “Pride” and it doesn’t fit with their values. I told her of my faith and my belief that we are witnessing the evil of Satan, that God would not want that to happen to children. I told her that the agenda had been in churches for a long time, that my mom’s church had removed all references to God the Father and pronouns he and him in reference to God decades ago. She was shocked. She listened as i talked about God. Before I left her farm, i told her that now is the time for prayer. She told me she knows that things will get much worse. We hugged and she told me if i needed anything to come by, that we needed to stand together. I was very happy to have the opportunity to talk to her about God. I will go back for beef sausages again soon and God willing talk to her more about the Lord.

After that encounter, i went to my appointment at the bank in my capacity as the executor of my Mom’s estate. The woman assigned to help me was very kind and i liked her immediately. I gave her my email address BeStill…she said is that from Psalms and I told her yes and that I had written a praise song by that name that i sang to both of my parents before they went home to the Lord and at my mom’s celebration of life. She said she loved Psalms and i told her i recited Psalm 91 every night for mom before bed and prayed her into the full armour of God. i described mom’s joy before she passed to be going to the Lord, saying it was her birthday party, as friends surrounded her. There were tears pouring down this dear woman’s cheeks as I spoke and the memories made me cry again. We both felt that we were put together to encourage each other. I referred her to JD and mentioned Prophecy Updates. She said she had been in Hawaii in spring and attended a Calvary Chapel while there. She told me she believed 100% in the Rapture. As i walked to my car, i felt the joy return to my heart. Did these two lovely women come into my life today by chance. No way. In God there are no coincidences. Heavenly Father, i thank you from the bottom of my heart and praise your great mercy, kindness and love. Bless these two women. I pray that the farm lady and her family will find their saviour in your precious son Jesus and that you will keep both women and their families in your care. Amen.


Our God is sooo good!
Thanks for sharing Debrah @IDoBelieve,
I’ve been sick with (what I suppose was) the flu for almost a week now. I’m sick ‘n tired of being sick ‘n tired! But I have zero energy…. Anyways, depression was starting to creep into my brain. Your post was most uplifting. I too, pray for both women you met (and their families). I’m also praying for your family; drugs bring such destruction. Be strong Sister! You’re a bright light to those stumbling in the darkness, and you encourage the hearts of fellow Believers.


You received an annointing of the healing Balm of Gilead. God knew your wound needed relief. Praise His Name.


I pray you will have your strength back soon.


Thank you so much for your encouragement. I pray you will get over whatever it is you have been battling. Keep up vitamin D, zinc, C. Those things are far more beneficial than any pharma product. We have to support each other until Jesus comes. I send you love and blessings dear sister. Thank you for your prayers. I am writing your name on my heart so Holy Spirit will pray for you and all those i might not remember with my brain injury. Those dear ladies need prayers that the Lord will reveal His Truth and expose all lies. I believe that is a very powerful prayer. I prayed it fervently 2 years ago and God answered it amazingly.


That’s beautiful.
Such testament to how God orchestrates things in our lives.
I will never cease to be amazed at just how he works things out always for our good and his glory.