Thankful for blessings and HE who waits

This past year my sister (Carla Maddox) was diagnosed with cancer. She has endured Chemotherapy and Radiation, which made her very sick. After she was told by the doctors her cancer was gone in that area they soon announced to her there were tumors in several other places of her body and they were going to start a different type of chemotherapy to take care of them.
Dispite all her struggles and fighting, the cancer has overtaken her body and she is forced to give up her fight.
2 days ago my sister had a severe stroke and rushed by ambulance to the hospital. This left her blind, not able to move any part of her body, and can barley talk, it takes her a long time to get one word out.
The doctors said there is nothing more to do for her except send her home with hospice care.
Carla introduced me to you (J.D. Farag) in January of 2020. We both watched your prophecy updates every week and would discuss them.

Carla is my friend, sister, spiritual leader and advisor. Anytime I needed her she was always there. We would talk for hours at a time. We seemed to never run out of things to tell each other and couldnt wait till our next visit.
In may 1973 I accepted Christ as my savior. Years later I had fallen out of my closeness with God.

In 2012, Carla called me and said she was going to be in charge of putting together a vaction bible school for their church in Silom Springs. The time was getting closer for the VBS and she had most of it planned and what she was going to do. Except for the main meeting in the sancturary. We discussed many hours how to put together the story of lightman and talked about different ways we could go about putting that together. I brought up having a puppet show, and at first she wasnt keen on the idea. A couple days later she agreed it would be good idea. For the skits I had to make 3 puppets and come up with 3 skits that would incorperate the origional idea of lightman.
It took me several days to make these puppets. I prayed to God about the skits and I would need his help in writing them. God gave me the first day so wrote down the script. During these many days, I kept singing the song “The lighthouse” which was also the theme of the VBS.
I continued to pray about the skits, because I still needed skits for day 2 and 3.
On third day, God gave me skit number 3.
I called Carla and read the skits to her and told her I didnt know what to do about day 2 day’s skit.
Her advice is keep praying and he will tell it to you.

A week later I still didnt have the 2nd day skit written. I was having a struggle with it.
I was outside on the back porch sewing the hair on one of the puppet, singing the lighthouse song and praising God and thanking him for this.
All of sudden the Holy Spirit flooded into my heart and brought me back into a closeness with God.
I praised and thanked him for returning to me and for the closer walk with him. God told me, I never left you! I’ve been over here waiting. I prayed again and told him thank you for never giving up on me.

God gave me a very powerful message for the second day skit, which was the message of salvation.
I ran in and looked at the paper and stared at it for a very long time. I knew what the message would be but I didnt know how to start.
So I prayed and told God I didnt know how to write this.
God told me, “Write the first line”.
I said to God, but God I need the whole script.
God told me again, “Write the first line”.
After several minutes later, and several times of God telling me to just write the first line, I finally did write it down.
I looked at the line I had written for a few moments and wondered what now.
All of the sudden God gave me the whole script. I wrote so fast I couldnt hardly keep up with the message I was trying to get down on the paper.
When I told Carla about this, she said “Thats how God is, he wants you to just begin and he will take over”.

It was my sister that opened the door to my closer walk with God. She called and ask for my help with the VBS, but in fact she gave me the oppurtunity to open my heart and soul to enter into God’s good graces again.
Carla has been a spiritual leader all her life and I thank her for reintroducing me to listen to God.
Because of her leadership, I will never loose my way again.

On the last day of the VBS, there was an alter call for those that wanted to accept Jesus as their savior.
Even though the amount of children was a small group of around 30 children. 100% of those children came forward for salvation.

My sister’s prayer all year was for more time. She wanted to go during the rapture!
Thank you J.D. Farag, you have blessed my sister and I with your teachings.
I will continue to watch you and pray for you.

Sue Hooper