Thankful for my forum family

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

Something on my heart that must be shared is just how thankful I am for not only this forum and JD for making it but for the members on this forum.
I know as a believer we are not to be afraid, sad, nor are we alone but conversing on here about troubling things and sharing biblical insights and insights in general has really helped me to keep in keeping on.

It has also been such a great stress reliever with the social well funnies, nature pics , pet photos etc.

I do not have much of a support system regarding biblical topics especially in relation to prophecy and current events. Not even at my church, unfortunately.

So as a person who ( I think) is funny, a deep thinker, loves to talk , loves Jesus but is extremely fallible, THANK YOU ALL.
You all help me more than I can explain.

It will be wonderful to spend eternity with you all !

And don’t worry, I promise I won’t be having you all over for a cookout in heaven as my track record of fire starting would be out of place there :joy::joy:. I’ll just have it catered. :grin:


And we’re thankful for you being here, @Stephmerm ! :slight_smile: We appreciate you making this a better place.

I kinda think most of us here need a place like this to hang out, throw out thoughts and ideas, share things that are going on in life and just generally have someone to talk to, sort of an extended family. Sometimes there are fights (food fights?? LOL!!), sometimes laughter, sometimes tears, sometimes disagreements, sometimes cyber group hugs, sometimes prayers for others struggling with something.

And then there is me… who can’t help but comment in random places. :smiley:


P.S., FWIW, I’d come to the heavenly cookout just for the entertainment! LOL!!


Thank you, Stephanie. You have been a breath of fresh air so many times. I have gained strength and encouragement from you which is blessing from the Lord.

This forum and all who are part of it are a family of fallible misfits, but oh how God uses each one of us and the unique gifts we share. I have read most posts here and see so many that the Lord has truley changed for the better by the power of the Holy Spirit during these trying days. I am glad to be part of the family here. Love you, sis!


I had to chuckle a little bit… maybe we’re the cyber version of the “Isle Of Misfit Toys”. :wink: (Old Christmas cartoon reference, from "Rudolf The Red-nosed Reindeer.)


Yes BrianT. I know it well. I looked forward to it each year as they only put it on once a year. Now I have the video and watch it as often as I want.
I do feel like those toys some days. Unwanted, broken, sad.


We love you too, Steph, and are thankful to have you here with us.


I’m there with ya. Not many i can talk to about prophecy either but my family do agree we’re living in the last days. Its hard finding anyone to vent to, discuss life with or have bible discussions with anymore outside the forum. Thankful you and everybody else are on this forum. We need to continue to encourage each other.


They’re actually my favorite characters in that story :heart::heart::heart:


Me too!
I’m pretty sure I go around functioning with a square wheel or 2​:joy::joy:
The best thing about being “misfits “ is … we aren’t supposed to be of this world anyway but more importantly, God can and does use for his glory what’s broken , outcast, and unusual to accomplish his purposes. So I guess I’m good with being a “ misfit” child of God :grin:


Made me think of this song





I believe we are supposed to be misfits… this world is not our home-we are just visiting. Hopefully not for much longer. IMO, there are two major things the post -Christian church needs to recover:

1 spiritual discernment… the will & the ability to “test the spirits” so we will not be snookered into heresy as we get closer the glorious appearing of Jesus, and so we can boldly share the gospel… and,

  1. a sense of humor so we can lighten up a bit while we see all the bad news of the world circling the drain. And on this note I humbly
    thank God



Somehow the “offer” was moved…it should have come after “humbly.” I blame conservative Christians :wink: for the error!

Here are a few more:


popeyes chicken in olive oil


:hearting: for the Calvin & Hobbes!


I agree. I’d I didn’t laugh at times I’d mostly cry at everything going on!



Pearls Before Swine 2022-06-04

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I love this song! One of my favorites.


I have had the same thought, but never said it for fear of offending someone. I’m so glad I’m in such good company!!! :rofl::joy: I am usually an introverted wall flower who probably would have missed the priviledge of getting to know you all so well if in person.

NO, NO, NO, PLEASE invite us over for a cookout in heaven. Everytime our pastor mentions Elijah, he jokes about him being the biggest pyromaniac in the Bible. I’d love to meet him and I’m sure he’d be irresistibly drawn to one of your cookouts. You two will get along so well… :wink:


I have never laughed so hard as when this group here has bantered back and forth. I am so glad we are not sensitive like the world has surely been of late. You are precious to me, and this is truly what heaven will be like. We will all have a good laugh and have such wonderful fellowship together; all of us misfit toys.


He could come in his infamous flaming ride and take us for a spin and I’ll take care of the flaming food afterwards !