Thanking God until the end for New Things

As we all see the signs of the end of things of this world, let’s Bless God in allowing us to see that and still do things we all would like to do before that time.

Heavenly Father!

Thank you for allowing us to see the coming Glory of your name upon this Earth you created for us until then. Let our delight in the good things of this Earth, and the good new things we try to do, delight you in our observation that you created this Earth for us to delight in you.

Bless you Father, Amen!

And with that I present to you the new thing that I will attempt, that I have always wanted to try, and delight in the day and opportunity that God has given to me this day to do.


I completely agree. We need to remember to give God thanks for HIS protection and provision during this time. Enjoy your day in Jesus. <3


It looks well seasoned.!.
Now I’ll defer to Jason177 for a proper allegorical anecdote.


I am soooo thankful for His gifts that are too numerous to list. I see everything differently, this year, right down to the teeniest tiny little fuschia colored bug that I spotted in my garden soil, this past spring.


Amen to a menu ‘received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth’ (1 Timothy 4:3)

In Christ


So what is that in the picture??

I am guessing pork? Sure looks good!!

Beef Brisket 1/2

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That’s so neat about the fuchsia bug!
I’m a preschool teacher and the kids will bring me lady bugs, ants etc and when I see their amazement and I stop my busy life to just look around creation, it’s clear that God is one amazing Creator down to the tiniest of things :blush:


Childlike wonder…nothing like it, is there, @Stephmerm !

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