THE agenda that's rolling out as we speak, we need prayers!

Father in heaven we pray for protection, we pray for your mercy!
Come Lord Jesus come soon!

Most of us have read this. This is a leaked document in Canada about the agenda and plans for Canada!
When you read this you see everything is going exactly as “they” want it to go!
They even predicted things to happen and they did, because everything with covid is a put together plan for society. With the end result BEAST-SYSTEM!!
So, here we are almost in August 2021.
As you can read the plans look very GRIM for us who are NOT taking the jab and are because of that “a danger to others”.
We are praying daily that our house will be passed by when it starts to happen.
Trudeau is buddy buddy with China. He is also making Canada a communist country.
Since he has invited the “blue helmets” (Chinese military) to train in Canada, he also has them ready to "pick up all the people who refuse to participate in their agenda. (not taking the jab, and not want to participate in the debt forgiveness plan that’s rolling out very very soon for Canadians!
Keep in mind it’s much easier for the Chinese to arrest all those then Canadians picking up their own.
Here in quote a part of this document:

Committee members asked who would become the owner of the forfeited property and assets in that scenario and what would happen to lenders or financial institutions, we were simply told “the World Debt Reset program will handle all of the details”. Several committee members also questioned what would happen to individuals if they refused to participate in the World Debt Reset program, or the HealthPass, or the vaccination schedule, and the answer we got was very troubling. Essentially we were told it was our duty to make sure we came up with a plan to ensure that would never happen. We were told it was in the individuals best interest to participate. When several committee members pushed relentlessly to get an answer we were told that those who refused would first live under the lock down restrictions indefinitely. And that over a short period of time as more Canadians transitioned into the debt forgiveness program, the ones who refused to participate would be deemed a public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities. Once in those facilities they would be given two options, participate in the debt forgiveness program and be released, or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the classification of a serious public health risk and have all their assets seized.

This is NOT to scare people , but to ask for PRAYER!
We need to stand STRONG in our faith and trust in the Lord!
I pray the rapture will happen before we get dragged out of our homes.
Please brothers and sisters keep praying without ceasing… don’t stop!!
We keep watching and praying for our Blessed Hope!!!
God Bless each and everyone of you !
See you in the clouds… it just HAS to be soon!

Here is the link to the document:


Thank you for sharing. This ( and many other things) are so troubling, but God!

Lord, we need you; we are crying out to you,
“ how long, oh Lord?” Please give us ALL that we need to stand strong and faithful in these troubling times. -Peace as we believe You; discernment for Your truth amidst all the lies; joy as we stand for that truth. May all see You in us and their eyes be opened and Your children awakened. All merciful and mighty God, go before us and be our rear guard. Help us not be afraid. In Jesus’ name, amen.


i will say the timetable is subject to change slight delays


Praying for y’all to stand strong in Canada. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


I know about this since October and the fact is, its a worldwide agenda. Some Countries are faster, some are delayed in their agenda, but all is heading towards the One World Order, where the people are being slaves.

I hope too, that we are not here, if the last stage of the leaked plan happens. On the other side I was glad to find this plan last year, I could prepare myself better for whats coming. Jesus is coming soon!


yes i know this plan since last year… but now that we are in that year… yikes! BUT GOD!!!


Oh Loving, Heavenly Father, we long for you to just COVER us, HIDE us, Protect and keep us safe under your shadow, Almighty Lord! We try not to fear, and yet, the news becomes more fearful every day! Oh, Father, we are so grateful for the promise of our gathering together to meet our Lord in the clouds where we will forever be with Him, with You!! Still, we look at the wind and the waves raging around us and we wonder, “How much more will we experience of this evil?” Let it pass over us, Lord! Let us survive and thrive until you come for us! Fill us to overflowing with your Holy Spirit! Flood our hearts with the JOY of you, which is our strength! Oh, catch us up! Snatch us away! And please, merciful Father, for the glory and honor of your name, may all of the ones we love embrace the truth and find salvation NOW, Father!! May NOT ONE of the ones we love be left behind!! Catch us up together, Lord, to meet you in the air!! And, should we need to wait awhile longer, Father, protect and keep us and let us all until we are rescued! We ask in the name of Jesus. Oh, May we have because we ask!! Amen!!!


@SongSparrow ,

That made me choke up since both my 2 sons (age 23 and 25, who i have not seen for over 3 years now) are not saved.
Thank you for your beautiful prayer


thanks to EVERYONE who left a prayer here… much MUCH appreciated!! :heart:
SO excited to meet every one of you!!


I too, cry for our millennial children and those younger ones who have grown up in a world of great deception and programming of their minds. . . Also, they are at an age when they just want to focus on living their lives here and now. I try to speak but they don’t want to listen. Funny, while we were sending/supporting missionaries around the world (which I believe is a beautiful thing) it seems our enemy was slowly and methodically washing away our firm foundation. We did not do well in terms of making disciples. We did not do well in terms of recognizing the enemy and standing firmly against him. Little by little we as the church compromised the Word, accepted things we should have risen up against . . . And now, here we are. . . I see our children as victims of the assault on our Christian heritage and pray that God would forgive me for any time I’ve spent in Laodicea,. I pray our Good Shepherd bring back these lost lambs which we love. When my children were small and I’d tucked them in to bed, I always said, “I love you. God loves you bigger.” I now find myself repeating, I love them so, Lord, and I know you love them bigger.” Clinging to that truth and my hope of their rescue before the rapture! Believing is seeing. Lord, help my unbelief. May every one of us here see all of the ones we love rescued before the rapture! Amen


Born again Believers in Christ don’t “rebel”
We watch and pray, spread the gospel… and waiting for our Blessed Hope
The only reason i posted this was to get prayers for all of us…
Have a Blessed Day


My dear dear Sister…I will pray especially for you tonight…and your country…and just pray that Jesus comes to fetch us very very soon…Hang in there.
The Lord is in you and will give you strength to handle this.
Remember how you and I were joking about you running to the guillotine…you wanted to go first!
Already almost 9 months later since that…I pray Psalm 91 over you and family…in Jesus Name.
I will always love you dear J…
Stay strong…you ARE strong because He is Strong…


Yes, we both joked about that at the time lol
Just because we wanted to go to the Lord so badly and if the beheading was taking place, well, we were like “might as well get it done so we are faster up in Heaven”
Times flies
Thank you for your constant prayers… mine are continues for you and your family as well


the bible says i will contend with those who contend with you and your children will be saved



But my adult sons are not living with me anymore. And they have to make a choice since they are at accountable age. So i personally dont know if they are saved if they dont make that personal choice, repent and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior.
Maybe i am wrong with thinking this way, but i truly belief they cant just live a life without Jesus in it.
Living a worldly lifestyle with the sins that comes with that, and then just to be saved because i am born again… i don’t think it works like that.
I personally think that sentence is more for a family who has kids under accountable age at home.
But boy would it be SOOOOOO amazing if that day we are raptured i see both my sons in the clouds…
but again as i said… they are adults now… living outside my house, and not living for the Lord.
They don’t even have any contact with me since they think i am “nuts”. The things i told them earlier about what’s to come. They dont want to hear anything about Christ
So how can they be saved rejecting anything that has to do with the Lord Jesus Christ?
No… they need to repent and make that choice themselves i think.
I do pray , plead and even beg the Lord to give them a repented heart, a changed heart for the Lord. That the Lord interferes in their lives so that they come back to the narrow road that leads to Jesus!
I have even asked the Lord daily to take out everyone and anything in theirs life’s because maybe then they will wake up. ANYTHING at this point, as long they get saved!
I have asked the Father that they can make it into heaven and even don’t receive any crowns.
Because i think at this point in time, it’s better for them to get raptured, not get any crowns, and NOT have to stay behind in the horrific tribulation times! But that wont work either i think. They have to make a choice!!
I am just a mother with a broken heart for her sons.
As SO many other parents out there.
So we pray all day and plead and beg to the Lord to have mercy on them…


Thanks for giving us such a detailed description so that we know how to pray.
See you in the clouds !!
I love that! May I use it?


@Joyful My heart grieves with you…I’m one of those who is also labeled crazy. My son (who just two years ago was playing in a worship band at a “woke” Methodist church) now tells me it’s all b.s. For the record, I took my kids to full gospel churches growing up.

It is painful, I agree, and unfortunately I must not be the one to lead him back into the fold. So, what do we do? We pray, and let God have them. It’s hard, I know. So many tell me to leave it with God, but I grab it back once in a while and try to fix things. Lol—I’m sure God is like, “move, Cindy, get out from under my feet. You are in the way of My Work.”

I pray you (and I) will let God do His work. I pray we can trust His process. Father, help us to trust completely in you, one day at a time.

In Jesus’ name,


P.s. I love your little critter holding the maple leaf flag! So cute. God bless you, Joyful.



Of course! It’s not mine… but for everyone to use, and it’s been used everywhere!


I have given up on talking about it when i phone my youngest so very now and then.
The oldest does not pick up his phone anymore or calls back for years since he got married with a non-believer girl. They did not even notify me when they got married. So it’s clear they dont want me in their lives.
The youngest one will sometimes pick up his phone, but i better not say anything about Christ or you can just tell he gets grumpy and wants to hang up fast.
So i dont really call anymore, the odd time and all i say is “how are things?, know i love you” and thats pretty much it.
I did gave it to the Lord… to let Him do His work. But prayers dont have to be ever stopped.
So i will keep praying and pleading for my sons… but it is in the Lord’s Hands… all of it

  • The little critter i used because it’s just simply adorable, than added in Photoshop the maple leaf and bow.

I have wondered about that. cause I agree on deliberately leaked info. what’s their motive in doing that? would like more info if you have the time.

either way it’s become apparent to me that paying attention to God and His Word is the only defense anymore. not knowing secret agendas to the letter, but being able to trust God and living through His truth. it has been easy the past year for me to slip into the flawed belief that I “need” to stay updated on certain things, lest I become ignorant and miss some important cues on what to do next. but I’m seeing lately that I can relax on “knowing” what “they” are up to. it’s not as important as keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus. I am curious as to why they’d deliberately leak info, but it’s just that: Curiosity. <3

praying as requested. no matter why this info was released. <3