THE agenda that's rolling out as we speak, we need prayers!

Thank you <3 Now I kow I am not the only Canadian aware of the agenda of our cuban genetic PM.
I have known all this since March 2020. September is the timeline for the roll out of the UBIP roll-out Q3. I have made my peace with God and have my affairs in order. I just have a little more packing to do before they come haul me off to my place as they did Corrie TenBoom. Remember what she said to Bessy, her sister. “Bessy, thank God FOR the LICE.” You see, military personnel will not risk lice or any other such thing and will not enter the place. In my case it was bedbugs & cockroaches I have been thankful for. Then God one day just removed them. :wink:

Give thanks in all things and dare I say even FOR all things. Yep, even this. Look at how much closer it has brought us all to Jesus. Look at how much closer and tighter the fellowship is of true believers. Isn’t it wonderful how GOOD God is?

We can look at all of this and think back to Hitler & Stallen but what if we look back just a touch further? What did they do in 1912? How did our forefathers survive this kind of thing. The Black death was a biological attack on the nations too. Now that is not to say we are not in the end times, but when I chatted with my Dad (nearly 80)he told me that he is very certain this is not a repeat of our history but rather the end times. So with that in mind I ask this; Shall we allow fear to control us or shall we remain prayerfully calm and remember that our BOSS has more pull then their boss? Our BOSS created everything and everyone, their boss is an imitator & cannot create anything good of itself.

God’s got this & He has our path ready and pre-planned. :wink:
WFS <3

When the news gets scary, open your Bible and read what God’s plan is. :smiley:


i found this video 2 days ago and watched it. Now i do not know anything about who this man is on this video, but just these 2 videos i watched were truly great!
I dont live in fear what so ever, yet watching this i was “wow, this is truly a great message for those who DO live in fear and anxiety”
So with that said, i do want to share this and PLEASE watch the whole video because it is absolutely one great message!!!
Especially for those who have anxiety and fear in the time we live in.
TRULY recommend to fully watch both videos!


Hide yourself in the Shadow of the Almighty found in Psalms 91:1. Ask God daily for your needs and believe that He will answer you. Matt 7:7,8. Prayer to you. :pray: :pray:


And their boss is a loser.


Sure is. :slight_smile:


Will watch dear sis!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:



John Blanchard once came to a church here in SA which we attended maybe 7 years ago.
He wrote a book on Heaven and another one on Hell. For the first time my RC husband really sat up and listened. He even bought both the books from Blanchard himself. I read them a longtime ago. I’ll watch these videos with interest.
Tx for your post. :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:
God bless, Kariena

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Heavenly Merciful Father, please keep us all under Your protective wings. Our governments are becoming more and more heavy-handed but we only look to You Lord for help. You are our only Hope, our Blessed Hope. Please come soon for Your children. In Jesus precious name, Amen


I have been struggling with similar issues. My heart is breaking with you. I think moms have a tougher time letting go. I brought my boys up in church, assuming they understood in the same way that I was learning. We prayed at meals and bedtime. A divorce shattered our family, but they were still taken to church in both homes until 14-16. My youngest got mixed up in drugs and it gave him schizophrenia, so now, although he professes to know Jesus, the things he believes are just so unbiblical. He won’t speak to me because he blames me for everything wrong in his life and especially because I was finally able to get him admitted to a hospital for his mental health. He’s been there fo six months, which is significant and speaks to the severity of his illness. He has a 2 year old (beautiful!) little boy that I get to love on and pray for as my health permits, but I never dreamed life could be so heartbreaking. My older son is materialistic and very hard hearted. He hates hearing anything about Jesus and recently I have just determined it best to leave him be. We were always so close and it hurts. It’s God’s will that none should perish, but all come to repentance. Like you, I pray, “whatever it takes to heal their souls, Lord.” This younger generation just doesn’t seem to recognize the signs of the times. My grandson’s mother is absolutely clueless. Unfortunately she has never made the time to sit and drink a cup of coffee with me, let alone discuss salvation.


I prayed that out loud today. I so needed that.
Thank you!


I printed on photopaper a cross as background, and printed Psalm 91 over that and hung it right on the inside of the front door and the side door.
When i pass by the door, i put my hand on it and pray “Lord., keep us safe and let this house be passed by”
(when they start to go door to door for the jab or dragging us out to go to camps if we got to that point and are still here)
We also have “anointed” our home , every door post and window post against evil. (we do that every so many weeks)
I made the oil with organic olive oil and some drops of Frankincense oil then prayed over the oil and when i smear it around my husband holds the Bible and pray Blessings and also for safety over us.
That no evil can enter into the house and come near us etc.
and in Jesus name!


Wow, there is a lot here.

“Genetic” Interesting word choice. He does cast a very striking resemblance to the cuban general himself. The US is not the only country with its scandals. Sigh!

To be grateful in the least of things… that is something. There is a nugget there for us.
Abba is extremely resourceful and creative! We are seeing that now play out in our lives and to be sure more to experience on the journey ahead. I pray for no lice as I did have it once and it is terrible but if that is God’s will to protect me then I must concede or better yet; God give me the strength to see your hand in it and Rejoice!
@Joyful : With a resounding Amen - May the Angel of Death pass over our homes! Indeed!
We have had the privilege to celebrate Passover now for about 20 years. Each passover gathering with friends and family have deeply enriched my walk with Jesus. Symbolically we put a red ribbon on our door frame visible for all to see if they have eyes to see. It is an important element for me and you can typically hear me say “Honey did you remember to put the blood on the door, yet?” The ritual of doing it year after year, shutting the door, coming to the table, going on the journey with our great patriarchs - seeing Yah move mightily - parting the sea and Oh, His protection when all seemed lost.
But GOD! And so He is more then Able to hide us, protect us, provide for us and above all - Abide with us!


I have too keen an eye for details in facial features not to have notices his. At one time I even told a new father - not deliberately, just kinda fell outta my mouth - that the child was not his child. How could I tell that from the photograph he held in his hand? Eyes & their spacing, cheekbone structure, nose shape, hands, feet, hair, all kinds of details.

It’s weird. Not sure if it’s a curse or a blessing, but I got it. LOL

Also the thing about the lice, yeah I don’t like them either, had them once when I was little. No thanks I’ll pass this time. ROFL
But yes, the principle is to be thankful for whatever situation we find ourselves so that the Lord can refine us or use us, whichever He desires. :wink:

Look, I know it looks very scary out there these days, but we gotta remember one very important thing that we have that the world doesn’t have right now, JESUS. We need to all, myself included, start stepping out in faith to tell others about Jesus. I know it’s a scary thought, “What if they beat me up?” So what. What did they do to Jesus? They beat Him with a cat-n-9-tails. You know what those things were made of? Sure ain’t the imitation leather they use now that’s a fact. Just check out the Roman war weapons sometime or their scourging implements.
“What if they rebuke me?” Well again, Jesus was rebuked, spat on, heck He even had a crown of thorns beaten into His skull & we’re worried about a broken bone or 2? (I’m preaching at myself here too. lol)
“What if I get arrested?” Well, let’s look at some other people who got arrested. Paul & John are the first to come to mind. What about all the unnamed believers who Nero lit up like torches? What about the gladiator fights and the areas with the lions? We got it pretty easy nowadays. They did away with the rack, although they decided to keep the guillotine for some reason. Hmmm
So the way I see it we either get bold for Jesus and run the risk or we stay home and pray that God sends out HIS workman into the field because the harvest is very ripe.
Those of us who can’t get out there for health reasons, non-covid related, can at least be intercessors.
Now don’t give me that, you know how to pray. If I can pray & thank God during this time so can anyone else. Be warned though, you MUST go out with your spiritual armor on and in good condition & be prayed up. Make sure you tell your circle of friends you need a prayer covering.
“Marianne, what’s a prayer covering?” A prayer covering is when people support you in prayer while you are out doing the work of God. That’s why Pastor JD keeps needing prayer. We need to keep him and all our ‘front liners’ covered, dare I say bathed in prayer.
This type of prayer I’m talking about is in keeping with the movie that came out a while back “War Room” I’m not sure where you can view it, but Netfix is where I watched for the first time. When I talk about us praying for people I’m referring to that deep intercessor, meditative communion with God that happens in your “secret place”. “Marianne, I don’t have room in my home for a prayer closet or anything like that.” That’s what I thought too.
Here’s what I did; 1 tension curtain rod, 1 dark heavy curtain 1 hallway with 2 walls reasonably close together. Line up the tension bar, with the curtain pre-hung on it. once this puppy is up you don’t want to have to move it again. I spaced mine so there would be ambient light from the top and the bottom with the bottom about 4-6 inches off the ground. Whella one perfect secret place that only you & God know exists. :wink:

People who are opting for the more in-person approach, please let us know so we can pray for you to cover you in prayer.

Sorry I got so long in the tooth there. Oops lol
God Bless ya real good.
Be encouraged “God is with us” :smiley:


You have a gift for stream of consciousness writing, Marianne. It’s beautiful.



Just beautiful Joyful - awesome!
Love how Yah showed you exactly what to do.
We have a mezuzah on the door frame of our front door. On the inside we wrote out the following (as found in Jewish homes to this very day):
Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one! 5 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. 6 These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. 7 You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. 8 You shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as [b]frontals [c]on your forehead. 9 You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

I really like what you did with Psalm 91! I have used that Psalm whilst praying for others. I insert their names standing in Faith / the gap for them. But NOW, I will join you in blasting my house w/ Ps. 91.
:innocent: :heavy_heart_exclamation:
@Marianne_Cnd : Love your idea of a special getway with you and Jesus . It sounds like a lovely sacred place. :gift_heart:


Sister, it is a blessing! Abba made us that way. You have allowed Him to hone and sharpen those senses. You know, the forum is full of misfit hounds like us. If I offended anyone… sorry. Not everyone wants to be akin to a pooch. :grin:


Thanks Lavender. <3 I love the handle btw. My favorite rose :wink:


Today my prayer is:
OH Dear father in heaven, how we love you so so much! We thank you for being such a awesome God, such a loving Father who loves His children so so much!
We dont fear ANYTHING Lord, because of you! Because we are in the palm of your hand.
Your protection is over us, we are 100% covered by the blood of your son!
Thank you Father for never giving up on us, thank you dear Father for walking with us each day, step by step. Thank you Holy Father for your Holy Spirit who dwells inside of us each second of the day and night, never leaving us.
Father God we thank thee for ALREADY taken care of us for what’s to come.
You WILL provide, you WILL take care of us, you will NEVER leave us, you WILL protect us.
Fear is from the enemy and we will NOT abide by it! We will pray against it!
Thank you Father for soon to stand in front of you.
To be able to look in the most loving eyes we ever seen, from you son Yeshua Hamashiach.
OH how we want to come home! Please strengthen us and give us patience, but we know it’s soon Lord! Thank you that we have that Blessed Hope to look forward too!
Thank you for a eternal life with you! We are SO excited Lord, to stand in those clouds with our loved once! And to see the place you have made for us!
Lord come soon!
Hear our prayers or Lord, we pray in your Holy name, in Yeshua Hamashiach’s name AMEN


Hmmm… a lavender rose?
How lovely!:grin:
Amen! Thank you!
Love these prayers on the forum.