🦊 The all around food post

In honor of JD Frog (if you saw the last prophecy update, you know what I am referring to). :slight_smile:

froggy fruit platter made with kiwi,mango, homegrown strawberries and 200 tons of hyper compressed love in concentrate.


Instead of reimagining the police, I think we should start with something a little closer to home…like reimagining the pancake.

  • Blueberries have been proven to protect against heart disease.
  • Rhubarb is often used as medicine.

May His morning star shine from within our hearts toward one another, and his stripes bring healing to His body so as others may taste of Him, and know that He is good.


Sometimes my box of cats are toast worthy, the cream of the crop, the big cheese in connoisseur-ing the taste buds. :slight_smile:


Heaven on a cone :blush:


That is adorable! I wonder if JD reads our posts? Lol…Also wonder what fruit used for the eye?..it kinda looks like a poisonous frog!

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There are probably as many forms of beans and rice as there are countries in the world. All of them are different. In Japan they mash a certain type of rice into a gelatin paste called Omochi and then serve it with sweet small red beans called Azuki. The desert is called Zenzai

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Canolo Siciliano


Gelato Cassata Siciliana

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Seada from Sardinia

Ricotta in fried pastry with honey.


This is one of my go-to quick dinners, family eats it without complaint and that’s a big deal, so, figured I’d share.

Creamy Tuscan(??) Chicken Pasta …thing.

(Italians and pro-chefs, please skip past this, I know it is wrong-cook)

Done in an Instant-pot because it’s easy, but could be baked as a casserole, or done in a pan (with at least much less broth if any) and pasta cooked on the side… probably could be adapted to a campfire foil-pack… anyway!

Satay chicken (and onion/garlic, I don’t/can’t :frowning:) until brown in olive oil

Add about 1L of chicken broth (and a bit of salt if it’s unsalted)
Italian spices (I used oregano, basil, thyme because that’s what I usually have fresh on hand, dry works too)
chunk of frozen spinach
chopped fresh tomato and/or sweet peppers/zucchini
sundried tomato
then add dry pasta until just covered by broth


Pressure cook for 8 mins

Then add ~1/2 cup of cream cheese (in small bits so it melts easier)
some asiago or parm cheese
fresh cracked pepper

Mix, but don’t over mix (I usually over mix), and serve.

If you want to be supa-fancy add a dollop of pesto and a herb leaf to each bowl. I am not supa-fancy.

Not many measurements because I just eyeball everything.

I have a Mexi-Can(ada) recipe with a ridiculously similar method and simplicity and result that I may post later. Need to take a bad photo of it first. :smiley:



:joy: I love cereal, even for dinner sometimes

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Sweet :yum:

Crispy fried scorpions. Better dead than alive, right?

Yes. There is such a thing as fine popcorn art. :slight_smile:

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Wow, came across this one. Thought of you @JackN. :slight_smile:


Dude…that picture made me gain all my weight back. Oh I feel a diabetic coma coming on…I…can’t….click…like….passsing…out…


That’s cool!


The great thing about Heaven and the Millennial is we can eat whatever we want and never get fat.
So I will take everything listed here in this topic (except any diet food) with a side of coffee. Coffee is my fave.


Ohhh…yes. :relaxed: