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  • 1 Corinthians 10:31. 31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

Hi dearest members of our wonderful forum and fellow online members.

It has been suggested by a few of us…ladies AND gentleman…sisters AND brothers…that we start up a “Share your recipes thread”…

Some of us have been sending recipes to each other.

Some wonderful yum stuff has ensued…

As many of us are from all over the World…we can occupy the time spending a lovely bit of time discovering our culinary talents.

I am from S Africa…I was going to start up with a recipe of Mopani worms…but decided to put this one on hold for a while…the reason a bit obvious… NO ONE would join this thread!! :grin::rofl::joy:.

So I start up with what I made for lunch today.

Would LOVE to see what we all come up with.
Let’s have some FUN!!!

Called. Kina’s Brinjal Bake …on next post.

See y’all just now!!!

Our thanks only to our only Jesus soon coming.
Our scripture verse:

  • 1 Corinthians 10:31. 31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. …

Kina’s Brinjal bake…

I got home from ballet…slashed some bringals…added a bit of oil…then fresh tomatoes which I first soaked…after chopping, into some vinaigrette…then sprinkled some salt…black pepper and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar…then sommer (Just) some herbs a la Italiano…then some grated cheese…zapped into oven…about 1/2 an hour…then…Yum num!



Also…what is that chicken dish pastor JD likes…Chicken something…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Any one …maybe send the recipe if you have? :hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick:

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Chicken Vegetable Soup

You’ll need :
Chicken (either cooked yourself or rotisserie) cut or shredded.
5 -cups Chicken broth
2 -15 oz Cans of diced tomatoes
1-medium Onion (chopped into small pieces)
4- medium Carrots ( cut into bite sized pieces)
3- Celery stalks (cut into small pieces)
Your choice of size-Canned or fresh vegetables (beans, corn, peas, Lima beans, etc.)
3- medium Potatoes if desired (cut into small cubes)
1- Teaspoon Salt
1- teaspoon Pepper
1.5 teaspoons Italian seasoning.

Sauté onion, carrots and celery in 2 tab of oil until onion is translucent.
Add to stock pot with the broth and tomatoes and the seasonings. Let cook until carrots are tender.
Add in chicken, canned veggies and potatoes (if using)
Simmer until potatoes are done.

Recipe from the South :wink:

“Southern born and southern bred,
Will be southern even when I’m dead!”



It seems at this still tender…clears throat…young beginning of this Yum num thread the only cooks/chefs replying are Southeners :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I hope this thread doesn’t go South!!


Yikes…maybe we have professional chefs here!!!. I may have to delete my humble bake!!


From Manitoba Canada
(Once you have made this a few times you can have it totally made from start to finish in about 20 mins.)

10 C water
6 medium to large potatoes cut into cubes
1 medium to large onion diced
approx. 10 pepper corns or 1/4 tsp ground pepper
3 tsp. salt or to taste
1 small sprig parsley (I use about 1/2 tsp. flakes)
1 Large Bay Leaf
As the soup boils, make the homemade noodles.

1 egg
Pinch of salt
approx. 4 tbsp. flour
About an egg’s worth of water or milk

Roll out dough into thin long strips. Snip noodle sized pieces with scissors over soup pot just before ready to serve. Noodles will cook fairly quickly. Add a large tbsp. of butter or to taste. (Some people will also add cream)
Optional: Sausage, hamburger or bacon pieces may be added to the soup while cooking.
(Sorry no picture)


Southern Fried Green Beans

1-2 lbs Fresh green beans (must be fresh!)
Oil for frying
2- Eggs beaten with a little milk, add a touch of hot sauce if you like
2- cups flour seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder and or seasoning salt.

Wash and Trim ends of beans but leave whole. Pat dry.
Dip a few beans in egg and then in flour then back in egg mixture (add more eggs if needed)
1 inch or so of oil in a heavy frying pan, heated but not smoking!
Add beans one at a time until you get about 8-10, let fry till coating is brown (beans will still be a little crisp)
Repeat till done.

We use Ranch Dressing to dip them in. Yummy :yum:


Sigh of relief …We have the amazing Canadian Cook from a place up NORTH in Manitoba Canada!!

Hip hip Hooray for our precious @DallasT !!!

PS…not my cake…I took a pic off Google…this IS allowed BTW…

lol from the Head Chef!! :grin::grin::grin:


:joy: now we have a Northerner! We are good :raised_hands:t3: thanks Dallas for posting and recommending :heart:


But you don’t have the recipe! :speak_no_evil::joy:


Wow!! You make your OWN noodles!!

You get a gold star !! :star:

Also a gold star for our wonderful @Redeemed777:star:

I will announce the 5 Michelin Star winner once we reach 500 recipes!
But we pray we will not be here that long…
But only in His time!

I’ll take 3 Gold Stars as I started the thread!! :grin::grin::grin: ta ta ta taaaa…:star::star::star:

PS… Should actually go to @DallasT …it was her incredible idea to start this Tantalizing your Tastebuds thread!!!

I’ll give you 10 sommer (Just) because!!!
Ta ta ta taaa… :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:


Dallas! Truly, this is so very very similar to North Dakotan Knoefle Soup, which comes from the Russian Germans in the land. Excellent soup!


Love that word!!! Another :star:



I’ll make it up!!
I’m allowed certain privileges because:

I am the Head chef!!!


Well just for a while…
You guys are beating me!!!


My relative consider themselves ‘Low German’. The languages are very different from what I understand.


@DallasT and @Redeemed777

We may have to rename this thread…The Three Chefs Only…


No one else yet…

Remember: A watched kettle never boils…

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Oops…this last one IS boiling…see what happens when we wait patiently!!!


@JaimieOxford …I issue you with a very special invitation as you have been my cooking buddy now for almost a year!!!

Sorry…I got the name and date wrong…but any way…

lol K

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“Spicy Meaty Mac and Cheese”

(Note: I don’t have a formal recipes for this, I just throw it together and it always tastes good. Although some times I do get it too spicy)

1 box of elbow macaroni or shell noodles

1 pound (your choice) ground turkey or ground beef

2 cans of diced tomatoes with green chilies

1 can of dark red kidney beans (optional)

2 Jars Ragu Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Add salt to taste

Add crushed red pepper to desired level of spicy.

Cook noodles and meat, when they are done throw in a casserole dish. Add tomatoes with green chilies, kidney beans (optional), add salt and crushed red pepper, and cheese sauce. Mix it all together and throw in a pre-heated oven at 375 and bake for about 30 minutes give or take, or till cheese is bubbly. (Based on elevation and type of oven, time and temp might vary)



Thanks so much.
You CAN cook!!
What is Ragu Cheddar Cheese sauce?

Can you make your own?

Like a Bechamel Sauce.

I make a really nice cheese sauce:

Boil Milk…in a pot…say 1 litre.

Separately in another bowl put about 3 slightly heaped table spoons of flour and put about 1/2 a cup of cold milk in.

Add salt …not too much if you are going to use quite a strong mature cheddar cheese.

Add a t spoon of mustard…some pepper to the cold milk and 2 t spoons of sugar or 3…
Take a whisk and whisk the cold milk mixture till very smooth.

Very gently pour while whisking some of the boiled milk into the cold milk mixture.

Keeping the milk on the stove simmering add the mixture to the boiling milk.
Keep whisking all the time that lumps do not form.
Cook for about 5 minutes on a very low heat…stir continuously. You can use a wooden spoon at this point…when it has started to boil.

Take about a cup of grated cheddar cheese and pour into the simmering sauce. Once boiling take it off the heat immediately so the cheese does not get yucky.

Really delicious and not too calorific as you don’t put butter in…but you can put butter in to make it really rich and creamy…

Yum with any pasta or use in a baked moussaka or over cauliflower or broccoli and the like.

Thanks Mathew for sharing!

First man in!
You’re the Man…

A son of the Son of Man.
Blessings and a :star:
lol K


Ragu is the brand name, I have never tried to make my own cheese sauce before. That’s a little too advanced for me. Last time I made something with milk in it, I accidentally scorched the sauce and the whole house stunk.