The gift of God’s “weeds”

  Anyone who might stop by unannounced on a summer morning might think it strange to find me with scissors and and old colander in hand, bent over searching for something where the wild lawn grows.  Not that my husband is neglectful, mind you, he just accepts that I like it that way. 
 “Why?” might you say.
 I’m glad you asked!!  I’m harvesting God’s gift of the weeds!! Every morning I gather a smorgasbord for my chickens!  Clover and dandelion, pig weed and plantain . . . And they give me lovely eggs for breakfast in exchange!  
 After I feed the chickens, I might harvest a few for myself!  Today I made a batch of, what my grandson’s call “Aiya’s Magic Cream!”  A little yarrow, a little plantain, some calendula flowers, and St John’s Wort.  Steeped together in olive oil, stiffened up with beeswax, with a bit of rosemary oil added at the end . . . Voila!  Just what I need to quick dry tears and patch up all those scraped knees and skinned elbows! 
 Soon I’m going out again to gather red clover flowers to dry and grind into flour.  And next dig some roots of dandelion and queen anne’s lace. . . I hope to try cooking up some milk weed pods before they turn to fluff and bust open to float on the breeze! Bet you never thought one could find so much value in the weeds! 
Maybe there’s a parable here, reading for the writing!  When you are ever feeling small; insignificant; unnoticed; under appreciated . . . Remember the gift of God’s weeds!  Blessings in disguise for anyone who might take the time to get to know them, and created with value and purpose by our awesome Creator . . . Like me. . . Like YOU! 🌻

Aiya’s Magic Cream from weeds to wonderful!


:1st_place_medal: for transforming a curse (which you call God’s gift) into a blessing.
All that digging up of weeds must keep you fit, too, Brenda. :smiley: