The hackers are everywhere these days - BUT GOD!

So I received a text message from my bank this morning to verify a 99 cent appledotcom purchase. It told me to respond with a Y or give them a call. I chose to give them a call.

#1 - I’m pretty sure I don’t have an apple account, and if I do. I NEVER use it.

#2 - I’m already having financial concerns, so I’m trying to avoid pointless spending at all costs.

But #3 - something doesn’t feel right. Before contacting the bank, I check my email. I received 2 new emails from my bank. Both stating that my account has now reached zero dollars. Oh great.

I’m not exactly sure what I expected to see, when logging into my bank account. But it certainly wasn’t this …

96 different charges! 96!

The transaction charges ranged from 99 cents all the way up to $99.99.

The grand total: $4,426.69


Somebody clearly was bored this morning to try 96 times!

And why my first reaction is to laugh is beyond me. But our God is so good and what else can I do? We all know who is REALLY behind these attacks.

The transactions were immediately reversed and removed. A new debit and pin are on their way. :raised_hands:

The bank teller, who i had the pleasure speaking with this morning was even abit taken back.

I told her I tried counting the transactions while waiting for support, but she came on just as I got to 35.

We had a good laugh at the absurdity. And everything got resolved.

But all humor aside, clearly the person behind doing this is troubled. We know who our direct enemy is. But we also know He uses people as pawns.

So please say a little prayer for those who are caught up in corruption. Our time here is so very short. I pray that their stubborn stony hearts crack wide open. I pray the Lord’s message of salvation sets them free. May the chains of bondage and deception that bounds them be officially broken. And may they live their lives in integrity and peace.

I pray this in sweet redeeming name of Yeshua. Our Precious Jesus Christ. Thank you, Lord.


Thank you and God Bless!


Wow! Thank you Lord!


Sorry to hear that happened and glad to hear the bank reversed the charges to fill your account back up again.

Two ways this could have happened, one is the bank was hacked and the info sold on the dark net and someone paid money for it to hack bank accounts. The other is somehow you used your bank card and someone recorded the number and then brute forced the PIIN to get access to your account. If it is the latter the way it most often happens is if say you eat out and give your card to the waiter or waitress and the disappear. While they are gone they could swipe it on a card reader recorder and save all the card numbers they got along with the security number on the back. Once they have that they can use it online, via the phone what ever. Never let the waiter or waitress out of your sight with your card. I always go up to the register where I can see what is going on and I swipe my card not them.


Our credit card has been hacked about 3 times in the last 4-6 months.
God has been good in that our credit card company flags questionable purchases and alerts us. My husband also checks our statements routinely.
I agree these people doing this with no conscience need prayer as difficult as it can be to pray for them.


I check my account daily. And I am on the phone right away if I see something I don’t recognize.

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