The Heavens Declare

I just came across this fascinating series and wanted to share it with my forum family. The first two episodes are linked below, but there are several more. These Christian scientists totally debunk evolution and the big bang theory in a very interesting way. Some of their explanations might help us in leading people to Christ by illustrating the utter nonsense of secular science as compared to the Word of God.


Thank you. I have the playlist on my to watch list now.

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You are very welcome. Hope you enjoy it.

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I have also bookmarked this.

As a creationist, this sounds like my kind of video. If they can get people to disbelieve that there is a God who created all things, they can also throw doubts into the occurrence of Christ being born of a virgin, performing miracles, resurrecting from the dead and saving us from hell.

Since I myself surrendered my life to Christ, I’ve always believed this:

One of the best ways to share The Gospel…The Truth….is by refuting the big bang theory and macro evolution. :wink:

Thanks for sharing @Janet7 !!!


I’ve been thinking about a book that I wanted to share ever since I read this post. It’s the very best Creation book that I’ve ever seen and it’s great for kids and adults and it wonderfully points to God the Creator which opens up the reality of Jesus as Savior throughout. I’ve bought dozens of them and gave them to different people throughout the years. It’s such a great “witness tool”…if you will. :wink:



Don’t forget Tony, this might disappear soon as well.


Hi Ken.

I’ll post it on Telegram as well.

My concern it that the book itself will disappear. That’s why I buy them often. You’d love the book!

Your brother in Christ,