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I still have another 12 days before I can have access to the “Discussion Tent” again because of my hiatus that I took for a month. So, maybe youall could stop by and discuss some hot topics. It’s not healthy to just vaccine talk 24/7 now is it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So what’s up with thoughts on La Palma, FOT, noticeable blackouts etc?

If no one stops by this Little Tent, you know me, I will be talking to myself.

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Well with La Palma and according to info from Israeli News Live with Steve Denoon the US government is extremely worried that there is still a chance at a massive explosive eruption yet to come that would calve off the side of the mountain and send it sliding into the ocean generating a tsunami that would be between 50 and 100 high. What would reach the US according to them would be anywhere between 10 and 30 feet depending on what part of the coast you live on What is worse is that the US government is seemingly and purposely not warning the US east coast. I guess better to have a million or so perish from that than kill them out right so they don’t get blamed. All speculation at this point anyway since we can’t see deep enough inside the crust to really know what is going on. Still the chance is there as there are any where from 18 to 16 volcanoes erupting on the planet on any given day. Logic says that if that many are going off at the same time then what was mentioned a few months back about the core of the earth heating up makes sense. As it heats up and that is transferred through the liquid core and the magma there will be a lot of expansion of the magma and it has to vent someplace so the planet doesn’t explode.

If you want info on La Palma you have to go digging in YT as there are daily live feeds to it and some commentary about it.


The risk of a Blackout here in Europe especial in Germany (because we are the leading Country by shutting down coal + atom energy) is rising with each day. Some cities had Blackouts for a few hours in the last weeks. I am prepared as much as I can. Which means I have food, water, light, but not for years. I think I can survive with my mum three months. I know that the Blackout is coming. Not only in Europe, but in the whole world. Because then the whole economy is shutting down and they can finally implement a new internet with a digital ID and a new digital currency.

My curiosity is: If I am still here on earth when the Blackout occurs or if I am save and secure in heaven with the Lord. We will see.


There was at least one tsunami station on the east usa coast early this week that was in event mode off and on but they were saying it was a malfunction. Seems odd. Off and on in event mode. Either a test or causing the public to second guess if the tsunami does happen. I was following the YT livestreams for days and the mods immediately deleted anything that suggested possible tsunami (along with any eschatological references). Many saw the BBC 2005 documentary already. It wasn’t “disinformation “ until now. They seriously do want to kill off the masses it seems. Meanwhile, as you said, other volcanic activity revving up including not only the Yellowstone caldera but the caldera under LA. Simultaneously Netflix is running a series called LaBrea (tarpits catastrophe) and Leftovers (rapture).

It’s surreal. All tied to our departure brother!


Someone from Canada just reported cell phone outages. That’s all I got for now, chief. Lol
Oh, and I made a quiche for dinner with sharp cheddar and bacon.
I think I’ll try to make a batch of homemade hydrochloroquine with the grapefruit and lemon peels tomorrow.

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Oh that’s another thing I wanted to mention, the blackouts of social media. The Facebook etc blackouts have odd timing as well. Did they re-establish the network hub somewhere else during the blackout? Hypothetically If something like Revelation 18 with the mtn thrown into the sea, tsunami, usa on fire etc (you name it) happens, won’t they blackout media especially social media? Oddly enough the day after the Facebook blackouts all usa feeds of the La Palma went on the fritz. You can’t make this stuff up!


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I wasn’t following the FB black out. I did not even find out about till I got home checked FB and saw a bunch of people complaining about it. I had to look it up to figure out what was going on because FB came right up for me so it did not make sense. I have not checked La Palma in a few days because I have a dear friend in North Carolina watching it like a hawk because she have family right on the NC coast area. She knows if the side of the mtn slips she has to call them immediately to get them on the move. They will have just under 7 hours to get off the coast. If they get that much of an early warning by the time they are in a save zone everyone else will be just finding out they have to run. The roads will be a parking lot in a matter of minutes.

Yeah there is more weird stuff going on now like never before. I used to think of getting a retirement job as a writer for the National Enquirer because I can spin some wild yarns but I don’t think I can even come close to what is happening these days.


Yeah I caught some looks at previews for that Netflix show LaBrea. Thought that was interesting. Thinking wow, look at the timing on that show. Can anyone say predictive programming? Now my friend in Hawaii tells me she felt the 4.6 that hit near the top of Kilauea just a little while ago and it was very close to the lava lake that got stirred up by the small scale 10/1 eruption.

That got me to thinking and we know how dangerous that is but, you got La Palma taking aim at the east coast and now possibly Kilauea taking aim at the west coast, would it really be much of a shocker if they both calved the sides of there respective mountains into the sea and sent simultaneous tsunamis at the main land? That would be one of those very evident hand of God shows but numbskulls would still just call it a coincidence. Oh yeah about as coincidental as getting big by snake when you walk through one of their nest. Duh!


….and simultaneously the caldera explodes. You have “as in the days of Noah” (flood) and “the days of lot” (fire) happening….just after we are snatched away. America would be over with sudden destruction.


That sounds just about right. People still have no idea how bad it is really going to get. I can’t remember all off the top of my head but we have a flaming mountain falling into the sea, hail of fire, not world wide but local floods on a more massive scale the likes we have never seen, a nation called mystery Babylon burning, basically what will look like natural destruction but has God’s hand all over it either by choice to make it happen or by allowing it to happen.

Those death merchants wanting the planet down to a population of 500 million will get what they want but not necessarily the way they want it. I have to guess that if the US is the mystery Babylon and a lot is pointing to that fact it houses the most wide assortment of natural resource of any place in the world. Sure there are other places that have more this or that but they are limited by the wide range found in the US. Hence the captains of ships crying at the loss of their source of income.


I believe your interpretation is in the right direction. Amazing how scripture is revealed in God’s timing. It truly is! What was once loose speculation becomes more solid. But the revelation of the details is coming JUST before the events. Takes my breath away. So very thankful for what transpired at the cross and resurrection of Our Savior. Otherwise we would be either clueless or self deluded. It’s the acceptance of Christ as Lord and the receiving of the Holy Spirit that enables us to see with spiritual eyes.


Amen. Even though we can see it because of God’s mercy it still is troubling to see what we know will be coming for those who chose to ignore or reject God while they had the chance. Evidently some will not make that same mistake twice as there are tribulation saints but, that does not mean they will not face many of the consequences of their delayed choice when they come. For them I feel really sorry. I sometimes wish I knew who they were so I could go beat some sense into them so they don’t have live on the other side of the Raputre in what will soon be a cesspool world for those that are not a part of the globalist elites. But alas all I can do is give my testimony and pray. I am not the master just the servant.


Between the elites evil plans and these disasters it’s ALL so frightening YET we know it’s inevitable! What is survival anyway? Is it barely being alive to face the horrors of the tribulation followed by an eternity in hell? NO!

If we stop focusing on Jesus we’ll lose our only hope.Thank God no matter what the earth will experience WE have our eternal home in heaven waiting to receive us.


In the ‘Large Tent’ there is a thread about God shaking the earth. @StaceyLee regularly posts a Guy that is on the scene and posts videos about what is taking place at La Palma.
As you can’t access the Large Tent yet, Here is the link to the guy’s channel if you want to check him out.
Bushcraft Bear - YouTube
Hope that helps you a little.


No blackouts here in Saskatoon, Saskatcheewan. Yes, that’s a mouthful to say. Lol It’s a cool sunny autumn day, leaves are fallin but my strawberries and shrubs are stiil blooming, kind of weird. Last night I found out my cat has been sneaking into the neighbors house. Nothing went missing so she is not a cat burglar! Gas went up 10 cents a litre yesterday. Im glad I filled the tank on Monday. Price increase is due to carbon taxes. By the end of the month we will be paying $1.50. Not much new, just keeping to myself these days and I’m ok with it. Hugs and prayers to all.


Because we have such awesome mods I was able to go to “The Big Tent” and saw @StaceyLee ‘s posts. It’s terribly terrible and exciting at the same time IF (emphasis on “if” because I do not delight in wanton destruction that causes hardship) this is a big page turner for the escalation of events leading to the rapture!

When I left the forum a month ago, I tried to delete my account but it wouldn’t work due to a technical issue. Still, I really needed to get away and I knew if I didn’t delete I would still be lurking about like a proverbial ghost. So @Twi asked me if I would be willing to keep all of my existing content as an anonymous and they would just lock me out. I went with that because I really didn’t want to take away something that I may have previously posted in case it was meant for someone.

When I came back and was outside the Discussion Tent again, @Twi kindly offered to use me as a guinea pig and see if they could merge my new account with my old and it worked! So there you have it :blush:

We do have amazing mods here. They have been more than kind and patient with me even when I’m a pain in the neck. Thanks @Twi and @jasonacts177


Yes, we do have great mods. I am so glad you are back. I apologize - well sort of, for the way I welcomed you back the other day. I didn’t realize it was you. :joy:
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Cool emoji thing!

Don’t even worry about not knowing for sure it was me. I expected a certain amount of confusion. I just had this inclination that I was supposed to be here again. I missed everyone! You included! :wink:


Sounds almost blissful. It’s actually pretty quiet here too at the moment. Here in Oklahoma it’s either very still hot and dry or the winds begin to pitch, the house to twitch etc…… :tornado:
Actually we are supposed to have twister weather this upcoming Sunday and Tuesday. It’s called the “Second Season” for severe weather.

Haven’t tuned in to La palma news since this morning. I am ready to be snatched away.:grin: