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:thinking: :rofl: :joy:

Between Canadian vaccinations and floor cleaning? I’d opt for the floor cleaning. :grin:

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Hi @Maz, long time no see… good to hear from you again :slightly_smiling_face:

Ya, here’s a pic of one of my favs… our leopard gecko… his name is Fester :grin: (my cousin named him before he passed him off to me)


Dit is :heart:zoe :heart:
Ze houdt van haar speelgoed muisjes🐀 en vliegen 🪰vangen is haar hobby helaas eet ze ze ook op🙄
Ze houdt van knuffelen maar is ook graag op haar zelf.


Zoë is prachtig, Sandra! @Sandra

Ik gebruik Google translate… vergeef me voor eventuele verkeerde vertalingen! :grin:

Mijn katten lijken allebei erg op jouw Zoe… onafhankelijk en toch aanhankelijk. :heart: Mijn zwarte kat, Panther, houdt ook van vliegen en eet ze graag op. :nauseated_face: Ik ben blij dat zij degene is die op ze jaagt, niet ik! :grin:

Zoe is beautiful, Sandra!

I am using Google translate…please forgive any mis-translations! :grin:

My cats both sound a lot like your Zoe…independent and yet affectionate. :heart: My black cat, Panther, also likes to catch flies and greatly enjoys eating them. :nauseated_face: I’m glad she is the one hunting them, not me! :grin:


Sorry I don’t have a dog so I dressed up as one. Does it count


I have many pets including mini horses. This is one of my mares and my first stallion, Ellie & Major.

ellie and major


A shaded blue persian from years gone by that I bred and later sold.


Hi Kevin, I’m thrilled to see you have a gecko. In learning all about frog care I have also been watching a lot of reptile/gecko videos on youtube. What is his favourite food? I have just built a bioactive terrarium for Lemon. I have put springtails in but am waiting on delivery of my dwarf white isopods. Will not put Lemon in for bout another month or so yet to let plants and clean up crew get established. When we go to visit family in the Philippines there are geckos running around on the walls and ceiling. They are so cute! They make little clicking sounds.
You said Fester is your favourite. You have more?? How long have you had Fester? He has some cool spots. Hes adorable.
@Jon How are you Jon? Long time no see.


Yeah it’s been awhile since we last talked, hasn’t it? Good to see you around! I’m on a roller coaster anymore. One that probably should have been condemned lol. How are you doing?

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We have several furry pets, but sometimes the most fascinating are the ones you have to set free.


hahaha this is funny. :joy:

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I’m good Jon. Nice to see you still here. Things are constantly changing all around us, aren’t they. Come Lord Jesus Come.



Fester eats crickets like candy, and that sums up his whole diet… he won’t eat fruit or mealworms much, so I just give em what he loves :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had him since about 2014 I think, and he was at least a couple years old back then…

My favorite trait of his are his eyes… he looks like a tiny little dinosaur with those speckled slit eyes… also, unlike most geckos, leopards don’t have sticky toes, so they don’t climb too well, and can’t stick to glass… they actually have claws and their little toes are very fragile :slightly_smiling_face:

We have three cats as well, but no other reptiles… we also had two dogs up until a few months ago… but they are both gone now :frowning_face:

We lost Samson here to cancer recently…

…and poor little Sweet Pea got sick with a uterine infection, and required a surgery we just couldn’t afford… thank God there were some kind people who worked at the vet that offered to adopt her and pay for the surgery to save her life… very bittersweet…


My condolences brother. :heart:


I love the markings on Leopard Geckos. They are so pretty. Do you heat his enclosure during winter. I am still learning all the tech aspects of caring for my frogs and its a dizzying array of stuff. Luckily they dont need uvb so thats one less headache. Just need UVA mostly for the plants but im sure the frogs will benefit too.

My favorite trait of his are his eyes… he looks like a tiny little dinosaur with those speckled slit eyes…

I love the slit eyes too, and who doesn’t love a tiny dinosaur!!

Sorry to hear about Samson and Sweetpea. I used to have cockatiels that died on me when I still lived in California. Elvis and Angel were darlings. And could even talk.


Hi All,
I had to post pictures of my work partner, Sammie. She is always ready to play fetch.

It’s hard to work sometimes. :grin:


@Maz @JackN

Thank you both for the condolences :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, they require an extra source of heat all year round, as they are found in desert climates… and I tend to keep it chilly in the house :cold_face:

We use to have cockatiels when I was younger… and I love the bigger exotic birds as well… but man those fellas are messy :grin:


My “maybe” spoiled Samson.


one of the big lizards that lives on my eaves