The Situation in Germany is bad - get mental prepared!

Hey there! This week we are now official living in a dictatorship country. Next week, the change in the law that was passed this week will come into force. Even if most hospitals are not overburdened, most states will impose tough measures in the coming week. Everything depends on the PCR value, which cannot detect a virus infection (they know it - we know it - its a trojan horse for the new world order!). I know this category is reserved for prayers and I also ask that we pray for the brothers and sisters who do not see evil and who believe that we are living in a pandemic.

The Holy Spirit makes us know the truth and I am grateful to God that he opened my eyes. But for me it is also important to prepare mentally for what is to come. That is why I advise everyone to stay under the radar and not file a complain against these measures. A mother recently sued against the mask requirement and the court dismissed the lawsuit. But not only that. The mother has to pay a heavy fine and the court now wants to sue the mother and, in the worst case, the children will be taken away from her because of alleged health risks. You have to imagine this. A mother who says her children are suffering with the mask is accused of endangering her children.

Perhaps some of my brothers and sisters in christ want to emigrate, but you cannot escape from what is to come. I think this is where perseverance and our trust in the Lord are required. I would like to use this post for updates from Germany and hope to meet other siblings from Germany here as well.

I left my church in April 2020 (Corona had nothing to do with the reasons) and I know now that the Lord has led me out of this church. Because unfortunately this church has completely bowed to these measures and I am sure that at some point they will only allow access to vaccinated or tested people. I also fell on deaf ears when I woke up in August 2020 when I tried to warn some of the church. The Lord gave me peace about it and I often pray for them. But my path is different now. I am a realist and would rather prepare for the worst than think that God will keep me from persecution. I believe in the pre-rapture and that the Lord will save us from the worst of times in the world. But many brothers and sisters suffered and suffer for the Lord in different countries. That’s why I prefer to prepare myself mentally for the coming time. As good as possible.

We can’t save everyone. Most people will accept the coming mark. But we can talk to those who see the evil here and preach the gospel to them. I am having an own webseite ( and upload also videos on Youtube and Odysee.

May the Lord guide and strengthen you for what lies ahead of us all! :pray: :heart: :pray:

btw, I forgot to mention, I am living in Kiel near the baltic sea. I can hear the seagulls every day :ocean:


thank you for the update on Germany . keep us posted .

Dear Lord ,
we pray for the people in Germany that they
open their eyes to the evil that is upon them .
we pray for the lost souls , we pray they will accept abc’s of salvation and repent and follow
Jesus Christ . Lord we pray for the mother
who is losing her children we ask you make a miracle and give her children back to her . We pray for the believers in christ that you give them strength and endurance to stay on the race . for to live is christ and to die is gain . We are waiting to be taken home please take us home soon . we pray in Your Holy name
Jesus Christ amen


Sister. You are NOT alone! I wholeheartedly agree and feel the same way. My situation is almost identical to yours. Church didn’t listen—so I left.

I’m from the Netherlands and we all know they are following like blind sheep the false shepherd Babylon in Brussels and Strasbourg.

I have a colleague from Germany and she is not allowed to visit her family. However, she believes the lie so there’s no point for me to warn people (especially colleagues). They look at me in disbelief when I tell them the hospitals aren’t overburdened. It’s a LIE!

With the mother being sued—perfect textbook example of the state suppression its subjects like they did in medieval times. Good is bad and bad is good.

In which Länder / region do you live? Before this plandemic I was often in Maastricht and Limburg.

Thank you for sharing though. The filthy mainstream media is silent on these matters. Lie after lie!!! Hold on sister… we must indeed mentally prepare, there’s no use to flee or fight against it. Our Kingdom is not of this world.



@becky Thank you very much for your prayer. Although I dont believe that many will open their eyes to the evil. But I do also pray that God saves as many as he can/will. Because we have accept that everyone has in this cast their own will to say “no” to God.

Moin! Ich wohne an der Küste! Freut mich sehr, noch andere deutschsprachige Geschwister hier zu lesen!

I agree that sooner or later they will come for us. Baerbock will be next president and their agenda is against christians. You wont find religious freedom in their manifest (only for muslim they say, they have their freedom). And this CO2 lie is against humanity. The trees need CO2 but the satanists have managed that most of the people think that CO2 is harmful. I am hoping, that the Lord will come and take us soon.


Thank you for your words! I am living in Kiel, near the baltic sea. The restrictions will get tougher forward the rapture of the church. We are so close to fly home. Its like you said: Good is evil and evil is good. Its crazy to see this and so many christians are sleeping and thinking if they get vaccinated, they can get back to normal. This normal is gone forever. But I want to focus of what I can do in this short period of time to spread the gospel. I am very thankful to know, that the Lord will always by my side. He will never forsake me. Soon we will fly home!


We are not far behind you, here in the States. The current administration, as well as many of the governors, are taking power that has never been theirs to take, through unilateral orders. It seems there are few fighting these changes, but then the media is complicit and we only know what can make it past the “guardians of the truth.

Everything is happening so rapidly…our Lord must be near. “For God did not appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, that whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with Him. Therefore, comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing.” 1 Thes 5:9-11.
Come Lord Jesus, come! Maranatha!


:heart_eyes: eine schwester aus deutschland :heart_eyes:
ich wohne im allgäu :mountain_snow:


I am out of Germany for about 14 years now (oh my math) - first to Israel a couple of years and now in Cyprus…
How do we use to say in German? “Vom Regen in die Traufe”
Worse here. Since months a lockdown light and a strict lockdown again from tomorrow.
Also since a while, people who go to work have to be tested weekly and soon they have to be tested every 3 days. Which means false positive will bloat the numbers (Casedemic). The police, no, I name them Gestapo lurks around on every corner.
I already had my expensive experience with them - they were even thinking to take me to their station in hand-cuffs.
25% alreay jabbed, by mid June they will be (their plan) by 65% of all population.
Most places without a negative test or a vax-approval you cannot go anymore. Many shops require that as well - may soonn supermarkets/ grocery stores. No more shopping then… so, we’re almost there.

I had a word a few months ago saying: decline: economy 80%, Tourism 95%
Very dark times ahead. But I am not wondering with all the idol worship and corruption here - not sure how intense child trafficking is here but possibly very high.

It was such a beautiful safe island but in zero time it became a tyrannical communist regime.
By the way: My dad experienced WWI and WWII with German Nazis and Sovjet Communists - stole 20 of his best years.
Today I say: many, if not the most leaders are worse than both combined.
Okay, it’s a tough statement but we are just at the beginning - Hitler did not run that fast as the governments doing today. Also Göbbels Propaganda was Kindergarden literature compared to the propaganda of the Tech Giants and MSM today.
Waiting for Yeshua to flip the tables and the house of cards to tumble down veeeers soon - or take us “home”.


I was just thinking. Jesus comes when no one expects it (as a thief in the night, unannounced) but that raises some questions for me.

Yes, we all know it won’t take long, but the day / night may still be a surprise. The moment when things seem a bit “normal”? I’m wondering, because shops are reopening here next week and terrasses as well. Of course they’ll use it against the population when autumn hits. I think we will lose many around us. There’ll be a huge death wave. Smirky gates told us so. What about Psalms 91? Thousands will fall at your sides but you’ll be unharmed. Will this become the reality indeed? They’ll blame us. Gestappo 2.0. Göbbels 2.0. Just a matter of time…

They’ll start forcing it. Who knows, the MoB might be up and running then… we simply don’t know, but I keep wondering from time to time. What are your perspectives?

Is Germany loosening some restrictions for the summer? How are you today? My brother is working nearby Hamburg on a platform. He has to get tested whenever he moves basically. That’s not (yet) the case here in NL.

Merkel, Rutte und Macron sind freunden, gutte freunden. It is visible in their way of politics. You notice a change though, in their eyes? They’re all part of the WEF.


Hey Tina!
I don’t watch the news, but when I do see the prime minister’s face, he has this dead look in his eyes. They do those press conferences, right, and to me it almost looks like he is totally aware of the situation. Overall, I notice that all those “famous” persons have an attitude shift. It’s like they’re becoming more sinister, yes. I mean, look at those abnormal videos or hear those lyrics. It’s pure evil, although I just feel it has become even more dark than ever.

Perhaps this is me just being better able to identify and recognise dark forces (all Glory to our Lord!).


Prayers for you. A friend lives in Bockhorn and is on “house arrest” too. I am glad you can hear the sea gulls. Romans 5: 1-5 tells us about trials and tribulations, check it out.


@andrea Liebe Grüße aus Kiel zurück an dich!


Yes, sadly Israel is leading with its actions and the green pass. Europa will start in Summer with the apartheid. And I lost all trust in my police as well. I have seen too many evil things in the last year from them. I know that not all of them agree with these measures, but most of them are silent. And some of them who are speaking out, they will loose their job.
We have to accept, that our Leaders are now are trying to kill us, in one way or another. I did also many hours of research to understand how Hitler became such powerful and why most of the people did nothing against the Nazis. Its the same psychologic warfare we are experience it right now. And - because I am christian - I know that sooner or later I become a target. I accept that, because I will never stop preaching the gospel!

@JamNL Drosten, our puppet like Dr. Fauci said that we germans have to expect a summer with hard restrictions. I assume its because most of the people doesnt want to get vaccinated. So they cant loosen the restrictions. Its all psychological torture that we are facing right now. And for me (wo is not working actually) I am feeling better, because I understand why the politic is acting like it does. I know now that the police wont help me anymore and also our system of “justice”. I am hardly going outside of my flat. I do expect, that with the pass they are implementing in the summer, we will have the same apartheid that is happening in Israel right now.


Yeah… I guess it’ll be the same here. Just imagine. They’ll create the same apartheid rules for going to grocery stores. Perhaps at some particular timeslots the non-vaccinated can shop. Those seeing that on the street will harass them and mock them.

History is repeating itself, but… this time with a very important fulfillment of prophecy! Israel as a nation and people is a reality. It can’t take long now…


Bless you
Stay strong keep doing what you feel is right
I to am surrounded by people that haven’t got a clue what is going on including church leaders and pastors Not a clue


Hello Kris, thinking and praying for you. My ancestors are from Germany and the Netherlands. I feel close to you yet I know we are far away from each other. I love to hear your faith speaking out for your country and loved ones. It is encouraging to me as we are like minded believers. You are strong and bold which will be helpful to you through the harder times. Keep sharing your concerns with this forum. I see wonderful and mighty things happening in this group of believers and I can’t wait to see God work in and through all of us. Blessings from California


@JamNL i sometimes have to pinch myself to realise its really true. This is really happening! It would make an oscar winning movie.
I am very greatful my eyes and those of my husband and 2 girls are open, but boy…sometimes i would like to close them and wake up…on the way up…
I can only pray that the Lord will give us grace, wisdom and strength to hold on.
I’m really not that brave. I think myself some kind of hero/freedomfighter when i walk into a store without a mask😂.
Bless you, dutchie!


Sorry you are going through all this Kris. Thanks for sharing. I agree with your analysis regarding psychological torture and your comparison to the time of the Nazis. I encourage you get outside, breathe some fresh air and get some exercise while you still can. It’s good for your body and your soul. Take care.


@Flamingogirl49563 I am feeling close to you all, even most of you are living in the USA. Its great to have this communication here, although I expect in the future a blackout. That allows the elite to implement a new currency and on the other hand, get rid of our meat production (because the animals will all die because of this). The funny thing is, I dont see myself as strong and bold. I do have to pray every day and trust the Lord again and again. Its a decision, I made in September last year when the Lord showed me the truth behind all this and that I knew, we will never get back to normal. I didnt had a vision - it was just “knowing” it. And I sat down, shed tears and prayed that if the Lord wants me to use in the way he wants it, I am ready but I need his help. And at that time I started to create videos and telling the people about the truth behind all this and of course always the gospel. And I am very thankful, that the Lord has opened my eyes.

@catfaire You are right, but its my habit - I am a couch potatoe I have to confess. And I am often very tired. Next month I will get some Vitamin D because I think I am having low minerals. I am enjoying being in my flat, with my cats. Sorry I think it was unclear what I have written earlier.

Have a blessed Day everyone :heart:


Thanks for sharing
I am very similar to you my wife and two daughters are as one with this whole experience I sit here with tears in my eyes because I am so humbled that god as kept our eyes open
I believe that we have a lot more to face but I hope and pray that God’s grace and god’s guidance will keep not only my family strong but all our brothers and sisters around the world we may feel alone at times but together we can do this


GOD Bless you Kris. Yes it is THE time for faith and Trust in our MIGHTY LORD JESUS. satan and his minions are in full swing trying to bring CHRISTians and many non ones down to the depressions of hell. Pray for that PEACE that passes all understanding. Remember MIGHTY GOD is our RAFT. Resting, Abiding, Faith and Trust in HIM.


Cyprus, where I currently stay seem to do a lot of effort to bypass Israel.
Don’t know if apartheid is the right term. Communist China is doing at the moment better than EU (at least in the region where I have friends). However, it’s not difficult to figure out how Hitler was able to take over so easily. Nothing new under the sun.

Instead of being pleasant, summer might become very dark in the Evil Union.
If the Elite will cut the food distributions, here, with the island situation it will not take long to cause riots or even civil war.
The guy in the north might be happy to see that and might come over. But unlike 1974 there will be no strenght to fight back. He likes to get to the oil and gas resources and also establish the revived Otoman empire. Joke Joe will not help. Israel has their own neighbor troubles. The only solution (for a while) might be a red flag with a sikle and a star hanging out of the window to let them believe this building is already theirs.
Regardless of all scenarios I am very sure that the EU will crumble and the €uro will be history.
In my opinion is all depends of what is going on in America. If Trump returns (where many people don’t believe yet I do), then the gouvernments in the EU will push possibly harder as Hitler because they will know their times is up soon as Trump will definitely take them apart.
Germany and Italy will be the first as they have been big in the election fraud.
Okay, a lot of speculations, time will tell.
One thing is clear, if YHWH will not interfere, we won’t make it another 2 years.
But I just trust in Adonai that He will surprise all mankind by His power, turn the tables and grant us some time for the final harvest.
Repentance is the keyword. Ninive repented and the destruction was delayed.