The Vaccine is Coming Closer

I live outside Metro Manila, Philippines. Today, the national government with the assistance of the local government and the Home Owner’s Association collected data of all the residents living in our neighborhood. They want to give the vaccine to all residents. They said it’s free. I told them my family will not take it.

I have to be honest with you, I am rattled. I am nervous. Same thing happened to my husband a few days ago. He works in a hospital in Metro Manila and he was pressured by his boss to get the vaccine. He is the only one remaining in his department who has not gotten the vaccine yet. All his “Christian” officemates already took it.

I feel like I want to cry. Please pray for our family. May we stand strong till the end.



I live in Sydney. We are getting closer too. Do not cry. Sometimes storms of life come to teach us that God is in control, that we must lean on Him.


Yes, let us lean on HIM always. Thank you. I have also been following the events in Israel, the events in Asia (Hong Kong protesters are being imprisoned as we speak, Communist China getting closer to the territories of the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Bhutan and India)…

But there is good news, more and more people are turning to Jesus Christ in Asia and in the Muslim countries.

The word “CONVERGENCE” is just popping in my head right now.



I keep thinking about the Christians of old, how brave they were, the evil that was done against them, I’m trying to remain calm and totally trust and have faith, that whatever happens, God knew before they even thought of their plans, He as always is in charge, Gods got this, have faith, stay strong. I will join in the prayers for you. X :pray::heart::pray::latin_cross:


Dear Jesus I am praying now for this precious family. Bring peace to their hearts. Comfort them in this time of great trouble. Steady them , give them your wisdom and strength. Hear their every cry and fear may you be glorified in everything they do and say. In fact give them the very words to say. Jesus fight for your people. If we must suffer in these last days I pray help us to stand and not be move of our faith in you. Teach us to be those who are not moved or afraid of the looks on their faces or by the words they say. You are our shield and our refuge. In you, do we put our trust. In Jesus name I pray.


Keep the faith sister, we are fighting the same battle. My family has not taken the vaccine, and we all still have our jobs. My daughter is fighting her college too. GOD is with us so give your burden to him. Stay strong as a family and lean on each other. I believe this storm will pass and we will come out stronger and wiser than ever before. :pray::pray::pray::pray:


That is true. When I think of the early Christians, how they were burned, turned away from their homes, their countries, how they were imprisoned and tortured (although it is still happening today especially in the Muslim and communist countries like China and the Middle East). They were so brave. Will I be as brave as them? Will I be able to stand against the wiles of the devil? GOOD LORD, HELP ME! IF I DIE FOR JESUS, THEN LET ME DIE.

My family and I are waiting for our Lord’s return! Maranatha!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayer.


Thank you for your prayers. Just knowing I can get support here, prayers and love, I feel so much better now.

Now, I am praying for Israel and for all my brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us all hold on to our faith. JESUS IS COMING!


My sister [ a born again Christian Pastor] took her first shot the other day. She has to return to her mission country, to live, as she’s been locked out for over a year because of Covid. God has given her a visa, but to go, and get back sometime, she has to have the immunisation.
We talked it over, and prayed. And she went ahead with it.
She had few side effects that lasted 24 hrs.
Over 65, and stuck in a foreign country with covid rampant…what else can she do. God hasn’t said “Don’t take it”.
I think it will become an individual thing.
If you can avoid it do so, if you can’t - then go ahead.
It is not the Mark of the beast, does not change your DNA, and will most likely not kill you.
Please do not let fear, but faith guide you.
And TRUST in Him.


Tell them that the long term side effects are unknown, and if they are very bad side effects, that someone will need to be able to take care of all those sick people. Tell them you will volunteer to serve in that role and that is one reason you are not taking the untested vaccine. When a safe and true vaccine is verified, then you will reconsider.


Slightly tangential but related to the point about media coverage negligence, this past Saturday (15th May 2021) thousands of people gathered to protest Covid-19 lockdowns and converged at the BBC HQ in London, England.

Similar scenes were replicated in Manchester where a simultaneous march assembled on BBC’s Quay House in MediaCity.

The BBC ‘News’ website offers no coverage of either event. Even a search for ‘lockdown protest’ yields no results - the latest articles are from March 2021:

Whilst the BBC have long since abandoned any attempt at ethical or objective journalism, they will not escape the word of God:

17 For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.
> Luke 8

The same applies to the medical profession.

In Christ


I know how you feel:( The federal and provincial governments here in Canada are certifiably insane. The coercion and scare tactics to get your jab are being magnified daily. Common sense doesn’t exist here any more. Satan is definitely on the war path trying to make us lose hope in Christ’s imminent return. But I believe that’s because Jesus return is much much closer than we could possibly comprehend. God Bless you and your family with peace.:heartpulse::pray:t2:


Just this week while at work I have heard of six recent unexpected deaths. One I was able to talk with the sister in law of a young woman my husband and I knew, we met four years ago. She helped us buy our property then gave us a loan to build our house. She had gotten both shots was having trouble with her leg for a few days, then died suddenly this week. Yesterday while at work a friend said her sisters fiancé died the day before yesterday. He was maybe in his forties. Our small town is having a turn for the worse. It has only been about two months since everyone at work and in town have gotten both shots. My husband came home yesterday and said one of the pregnant women at work was in the hospital for complications, she is believed to have gotten the shots. We must continue to pray for our communities the families that are grieving over lost loved ones. Those who thought the cure was in the shots. I for one am heart broken that the lies are hurting so many people.
Jesus come quickly.


Yes, we are going home!!! I’m happier now. I used to be so, so sad…but now it’s different.

True! Same here. If somebody dies after getting the Covid shots, you are not supposed to report it to the media. I’m talking about my husband’s hospital. He told me last night that HR called him again to pressure him to get the vaccine. His boss did that to him a few weeks ago too.

Hi! @george_fojc

I just finished watching Amir and Jack’s video tonight, it’s 8:52 PM now in the Philippines.

Their message has given me hope. Well not just them. It’s too long to discuss but this I want to tell you, LOOK UP FOR OUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NIGH!


Oh my goodness!! Praying for you sister! I believe soon the pressure will be all over the world for us Christians that see the truth of it all and holding our ground!


Praying for you

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Stay full of faith and trust in Jesus. You will be protected and provided for it’s His promise. He is with you and so are we who stand our ground and suffer for His sake.


I believe that the holy spirit puts it on our hearts to do what is right. What you did is not wrong at all and asking questions is your right. Maybe you opened the door for others to speak up about the same thing. Maybe they will defend you or join you. We sometimes think we are the only ones who feel this way trust me thats how we felt. I bet there are others who feel the same and, you may have gotten them to rethink their choice. I believe we are lead to these moments because we are chosen when we least expect it. We live by faith and we are led to do what is right in his sight. We never see the big picture, but we always win. My daughter may not go to college, but she has grown so much and falls and gets back up. You might get let go but you might be surprised. You are there for a reason! Know that whatever happens with this job, God will be with you every step of the way. He will never leave you. It’s hard sometimes I know but believe you will come out victorious in this job or another. God bless and don’t give up. God bless!!! I will pray for you!!!


We will thank you and God bless!!!

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