The vaccines

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

This is really late to say but when all this started I was listening to pastor and others about the”jab”. I didn’t take it at first but did later(and have regretted it).BUT GOD……I was working at Walmart in the front as a customer host(right in the middle of it all)this whole time and I was told by the Lord don’t be afraid well I wasn’t and NEVER GOT COVID!!NEVER!but after I took”the jab”I did have a light case.My mindset was well, one of three things will happen1 I’ll get through this and never get it, 2 I’ll get it and God will heal me, 3 or,( and I prefer this one)I’ll get it and the Lord will heal me and I get to go home.


I also got the jab. I wasn’t going to get it but I had pressure from my husband and mother in law . Both have very strong personalities and are loved and are both very important people in my life. So , I researched and thought from my research that it was only a vaccine . This was back in 2020.

Since then , I have regrets. Not that I can ever lose my salvation. ( I am forever saved through the power of the Holy Spirit. No one or nothing can ever snatch me out of the Father’s hand).!

My main regret is that at the time, I was trusting the world instead of God to protect me. This was my sin. I do not believe I sinned just by taking this jab.

I Love the Lord Jesus with All my heart. I know that He always forgives. I trust in the blood of Jesus. I am not my own, but I belong to Him forever and looking forward to my blessed hope ( the rapture) Titus 2:13


Yes you are always His!Nobody or anything can take you out of His hands take comfort from that. I thought the same as you, I saw others take it and thought it would be ok. I was always trusting the Lord through it all and never got sick. I worked for Walmart and my position is at the door,right in the middle of it all,AND I NEVER GOT COVID! I only got it after the booster.