They're bringing it to my building

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Okay, I need prayer to stand firm.

I just got the notice that Wednesday June 30th we are having a vaccination day at my apartment building.

I’m pretty sure the LORD wants me to just “sit still & wait” on HIM. The trouble is my “fight or flight response” is exceedingly high. I know all I need to in order to “bug out” as it were. I don’t know if I can do this city living much longer.

Man, just writing this sounds like I’m filled with a spirit of fear. Is it more a case of self-preservation or am I just trying to avoid this satanic agenda?

All I know for sure is that I will die before I take this shot. I would rather die then reject my Jesus & for me, that is exactly what it means to be. I have gone completely off ALL pharmaceuticals I mean I don’t even take vitamins anymore because I have lost ALL FAITH AND TRUST in the governing powers, medical and technological sciences. I reject it ALL. If I die, it’s because my time was up not because of some satanic plot to wipe Christ off the face of the map.

Yes, I have some very hardline beliefs about all of this, but let me tell you this, when God gets ahold of you when your down on your knees broken because of COVID & the loss of your mother…ain’t nothing can make you turn away from Christ! Jesus sent 2 angels one night to help me back onto my bed after being on my face for hours. And yet the flesh sits here writing a prayer request for protection. How weird is that?

Please pray for me.

I refuse to take this jab!


Jesus holds you in His hands and is praying for you! Trust Him

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You mean like Jesus prayed for John? That’s so amazing. <3 Thank you

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Standing firm with you in prayer, Marianne. While they are at your apartment complex giving “jabs”, you can choose to read the Word, pray, watch sermons online, sing praise songs, or grab a coloring book and pencils and color! Stay strong, sister. He’s right there with His righteous right hand on your shoulder. :two_hearts::pray:t2::raised_hands:t2::notes:


Is there a chance to just make a walk, go outside and dont be there, when they are there? Maybe go out in the nature, enjoy the creation God made for us? Its good that you want to get mental prepared. We have to prepare. Because God shows us and prepares us for what is coming for us.

Be strong in HIM - HE will guide you :heart:


There is the possibility that I could see my husband that day. I’ve asked him to come into the city. It’s still optional here but things are getting dicey. I was reminded about half hour ago about God’s protection. Isaiah 43.



There were notices that the vaccines have been made available in my building as well…I simply ignored them. No need to panic, just continue living your life in Chist.


Thank you so much. I keep reminding myself that so far they are still voluntary. God Bless you.


The day before they come, maybe you could do a prayer walk around your building. You could walk around the building and pray the Lord’s protection over yourself, your apartment complex, your neighbors. Pray that the Lord will protect your neighbors and open their eyes so that they will not receive this poison. Sometimes it is good to even just get in the car and do a prayer drive all around the borders of your neighborhood or town. You could pray for a hedge of protection. When Wednesday comes, you could put on some worship music and pray some more.

I agree with you about getting out of the cities. You don’t have to do it in fear, but as a calm and rational decision based on the circumstances going on in the world right now and trusting in God’s Word. I am reminded of Genesis when God commanded Adam and Eve to “fill the earth” . . . ie. for humanity to “spread out.” That same command was given to Noah and his sons after the Flood. God wanted humanity to reproduce and spread out. In other words, He wanted humanity to scatter. One of the sins of Babylon was that humans conglomerated together in one place to build a huge city after the Lord had specifically just told them to spread out. God had to confuse their language to force them to spread out. Of course, their underlying sin for building the tower and city was pride. I suspect that God, knowing the wickedness of the human heart, didn’t want that many people concentrated together to compound wickedness, pooling their evil thoughts together.

I think we are in the end times and the cities are about to get crazy. In many places, they already are crazy. Of course, don’t do anything in fear. But also don’t ignore it if you feel God prompting you to leave the city.


What helped me alot was to reduce reading or watching anything endtime news
related stuff - its such a bad and fear creating hyper speculation going on…
The focus has to much shifted (in my opinion) on vaccines and evil plans.
Whats the point to know such things (in detail and so focused) ?
Reminds me of the evil tree of knowledge in the garden…and it brought death.
Anyway Im praying for you :slight_smile: Maybe you can look and figure out
what things you can reduce to lower your stress level.

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For me to reduce the information coming in looks like Tom Sawyer. Nothing but a walking stick and a backpack :school_satchel:. Those are both ready at the door.

I spend more time reading and writing then I do watching videos and reading the headlines.

I have known since March of 2020 everything we are now living through. When I tried to tell people what I saw coming I was told in no uncertain terms to “shut up Marianne, I don’t want to hear it.” The sad thing is that now I’m hearing it from believers too. Burying my head in the dirt won’t save any souls. “Be in the World but not of the World.” Remember? :wink:

Honestly I can’t shut down any further without hitting the bricks, as it were. I’m actually writing everything I know about personal survival into a book that I’m publishing as soon as it’s finished. I’m not bothering with book reviews before publishing or even promoting it. I’m writing this book for my sister and other people who don’t know the first thing about wilderness survival.

I’ve been told all my life that I talk too much so I just started writing when this all hit. I think, in all honesty and transparency, that my largest contributing factor is that my family and I are going through this without Mama. She was the glue that held this family together somewhat functionally. Mama was a mighty woman of God. When her and my Dad prayed together stuff always shifted in our family and for the good. Now, …. Let’s just say she is missed.

I miss being able to attend church and fellowship with other like minded believers.


It hadn’t even dawned on me to do the prayer walk, that’s a perfect idea.

As for the “fight or flight” response, it’s pretty typical for me when I don’t really understand why people won’t listen to common sense. I don’t know what they teach kids in school because I was only blessed with Angel Babies, but I don’t like where im seeing things go. When parents are no longer permitted to teach children about heritage and faith they rob those children of the truth and then sin truly abounds.

On the bug-out end of things, basically I’ve packed up to shut up my fears. Let me try to explain that. For me personally, when I am prepared to take to flight, I typically am able to keep everything in check. My world around me calms down and it’s easier to manage the attacks from a spirit of fear and replace it with soundness of mind. “Be ready knowing you may never need it.” Mama

Okay I need to share this next piece with you. When my sister and I were little and learning our chores, Mama made us a checklist-even then I couldn’t remember everything lol- after it was all done she looked it over and read it to Dad. Turned out she forgot 2 things so she added them to the bottom of the list. What were they?

In case of an emergency-don’t panicDefrost the fridge

Okay go read it just like it is without punctuation. See, that’s how I learned it. Mama’s rule was, in my mind; “In the unlikely event of an emergency don’t panic, defrost the fridge.”

I hope you’re laughing as hard as we did when we showed it to Mama. But it taught me to be prepared for any emergency. Don’t panic because you’re ready and prepared and if it does happen stay calm and follow the plan in place to it’s completion.

This whole thing has had me think back to 1912 and I even asked my Dad if he thought maybe it was history repeating itself and what did our forefathers do during the Black Death. Then I remembered something that I have to this day, when I was little Mama had cards for us kids she had to take with her when she took us for our shots. At first I was nearly deceived into that line of thinking. When I talked to Dad (he was born in 1944 as was Mama.) he said that it could be but he really felt we are in the “time of the end” and we had a real good chat.

Anyway I’m going to stop here before I just fill in the last 16 months of stuff :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I think you get the idea anyway.

Thanks for your beautiful ideas. Have a blessed day and keep your focus on Jesus. :hugs::heart::hugs:

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Lots of things going through my mind. I have family who have been vaxxed with no reactions that they want to talk about. It’s not being given in my right hand or forehead…
I don’t want the Vax at all, but I’m getting real tired of being obsessed with worrying how to avoid it. It’s in the news 24/7 and if the vaccine doesn’t kill me, the worry will.
Father, please deliver us from this evil and give us your wisdom on our next steps.


You are absolutely right. If they force us God knows we are innocent. I will pray for you Sister.


Thank you very much