Things are going badly in the Netherlands

This world is in a mess to put it mildly!
Keep our eyes on Jesus. I know this sounds trite…but this IS our Blessed Hope.
Please watch this by Andy Woods…you can look at all his sermons…God bless you and let the peace and grace and mercy and love of Jesus reign in our hearts despite all these things happening. Maranatha dear friend. Jesus come quickly. With love, your sister in Christ, Kariena


That kind of censorship is happening in America as well. We have had some very violent attacks on conservatives, but they have come from BLM/ANTIFA.

As others have said, we will soon face attacks and persecution from police. A police officer lives just 3 houses down from me and I pray he is not one of “them.”

I pray that the Lord puts a hedge of protection around those who stand their ground on their Godly convictions. Bring swift healing to those innocent people who were hurt.

Stand strong there in the Netherlands. You have family here.


:pray::hugs::sparkling_heart: praying for the people.


The dog is reacting correctly, he identified who the bad guy is.


tank you jon


dankjewel jam

ons kruis op ons nemen…die is best zwaar als je ziet de velen het leugen geloven.

jij ook broeder gods zegen in jezus naam


thank you too much strength there

dankjewel kina

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I think it’s a shame that you can deal with animals like that. That dog is just forced

thank jou janet


Sorry you don’t have a second amendment. Keep your head up and stay close to God, he will keep you safe


@JamNL @gerard i’ll keep posting in english so that other brothers & sisters know what we are saying. It’s really good to meet you here.
Does one of you live near Nijmegen? I would love to meet more people who know the truth. Or maybe us “dutchies” from this forum can get together. Maybe talks easier in our own language.
Many Blessings, and thanks to everyone for all your prayers!!!


I live in Leeuwarden

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Hmmm…that’s a whole other neighbourhood😁


gerard… this is terrible. i will certainly pray for the netherlands and keep this on my prayer list for the near future. we are in difficult times, only THE LORD can keep us and get us through. love from europe, gabrielle

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here is a guy who is a christian, very prayerful (he prays wonderful prayers at the end of each video) - he decodes sinister things worldwide. when i watched this video recently, i was appalled at the darkness over the netherlands and the video explains the origin. very much worth watching, really explains a lot. pass it on to as many as you can. more decodes from this christian guy called GENE DECODE are also found on the same channel.

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They were protesters

=> Don’t give them the opportunity to beat you, they “love” protesters :wink:

It’s exactly the same in France with yellow vests.


thank you I add it to the favorite right away

thank you gabrielle. I’ve been praying for justice for years.
it seems we are in a different kind of tribulation