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I’m not sure which place to post this. So many are arguing in the first couple topics I read. I thought we were here to support each other in Christ but I really don’t see it. I may as well stick to my birth family instead of my spiritual one. I just want God’s comfort and peace. I pray for it daily. I find if I read my bible, listen to gospel music and podcasts and talk with God, I am at peace. I come here to read some threads and my heart, mind and soul feels so heavy and burdened with worry. I thought this may be my church. I’m not coming here as often and when I do, I feel deflated and hopeless. It does not feel like a church famly to me. I’ll pray on this and see where God leads me.


I skim. And I let a lot just go on by. And I realize that there are some varying opinions here that I honestly don’t wanna argue with. People do see some stuff differently. It’s OK. But I’m trying to learn not to poke at it, and if I do, try not to keep poking.


There are some good people here, really there are. No matter the forum, though, there WILL be that someone or someones who stirs the pot.

Whatever you decide, be blessed. Jesus is coming soon!


Heavenly Father,

Please help my dear sister in Christ. These are perilous days that are trying so many of us. I ask that your Holy Spirit show itself to her in this forum family. We love and support one another even through our differences. The one common thread we all share is our love and devotion to a just and loving Heavenly Father. I think we all need to calm ourselves by focusing on you Jesus! We’re so distracted by the craziness of this world and the mass confusion being weaponized against your faithful people.
Dear sister I send you my prayers and love. Don’t give up on our family here! The enemy would take any opening to separate you from the love of others. But God… will ALWAYS have the final word. I pray for your patient endurance through these last days. Keep on keepin on as they say!
May the lord bless you and keep you. May his face shine upon you. May his everlasting peace follow you all of your days.

  • In the peace and love of Jesus Christ
    -your sister in bondage- Rebecca

P.S. We’re currently accepting passengers for a one-way trip to the tree of life! Only an ABC away! :wink: Can’t wait to meet you at the tree!


I’m sorry you feel this way. A church family is still a family, there is going to be arguments, disagreements, and differing opinions, but none of it is meant in hate. Just like with a birth family, you will find a lot of that with a spiritual one, but we still unite around the common bond, the unbreakable bond that is Jesus. I pray you find peace and understanding, but always as God leads; let his will be done.


I agree with the current replies. I too pick and choose what or who I want to read. I have been so blessed to find likeminded brothers and sisters here that have prayed for me and I them. Take what you want or can handle and leave the rest. It’s WAY too much info for me anyway.
And remember the discussion tent may have a bit more variety.
How about just praying for people and being a blessing to them?
I hope you consider staying.

Lord, we all need the fruit of the Spirit on our tree ripened a bit more (as @Stephmerm says. ) Please bless us so that we may be a blessing.


Janet, a prayer request for knowing which direction to turn in a situation like this, to me, seems pretty appropriate. And you’ve also made a great point. There’s a problem with this forum regarding Satan’s infiltration of it. And it pretty much hits like clockwork. Even I’ve been hit with his attacks. Often times we will get inundated here with people who join to cause trouble, to test God’s children with their knowledge of the Bible, of the gospel. We have people who come to share what they believe “helping the lost find the truth” through false doctrine, teachers and gospels they share. People who come to cause strife just because they have nothing to do and who better than to mess with the “Bible thumpers”.

One of the things I noticed when I first joined is that not everyone who comes here IS part of the body of Christ. Not a part of the Church and that’s not really a bad thing. There are those who are trying to find guidance and direction to Christ which really is why this forum exists from my understanding. The BONUS however, is that an online Church group who worship with brethren from Hawaii and join and share and help expand our knowledge, increase our love and educate on certain issues and topics that otherwise we find difficult to gather information and help with.

Something I have said and it’s annoying to some to read for the millionth time regarding what we witness here; One of the most difficult things in the world is to argue without passion and to meet arguments without wounding.

This forum does exceptionally well at forgetting that and often times people are very passionate about their stance on a topic, or they don’t accept an open mindset to a statement and take it personally. Instead of making a point to share a different angle, often times people make a point to be right, sparing no expense on the stance.

While I could go on and on (I’m good at that, what can I say), I will end my sharing with you on this note (Perhaps an E flat) A great number of posts are dependent on those who wish to argue a point while others do not need the arguing but rather levity with calm and peace to read through. There are a great number of posts I refuse to engage on and your sentiment is the reason why. I can’t stand confrontation. As some brethren have indicated, while we are a family-in-Christ, family is the secondary descriptor here. We will see disagreements and bickering. We’ll see people talk behind one’s back and people trying to look cute and witty with a comment directed towards someone yet be passive aggressive with it. We’ll witness people trying to talk down to one another with their vocabulary and their beliefs while others get out in left field with their idea of acceptability in a Church family.

Where some see cartoons as the Devil’s cauldron, others see it as mindless entertainment. Where one appreciates music, the other sees it as celebration of evil. Where one sees recipes for good eating, others see eating of sacrificial food. My favorite though: Expanding on a child-like thought blowing up to a philosophical vs scriptural battle that ought not be.

We’re sinners after all, Janet and, we learn the hard way. The Church in and of itself is a Church I would welcome with open arms. It’s easier to discover who wants to be there for worship and who doesn’t in a physical sense. On here, it’s a little more difficult and being an open forum…it’s even more difficult to weed out those who are just here to cause trouble.

This is the last - last thing though, I promise; God’s comfort and peace is in you always outside of any environment. Your statement that when you’re here you feel deflated and hopeless - we feel it too. I’m not trying to sway you to stay if you wish to leave but rather, if you need to talk, talk. Many of us will listen. Don’t know how well we’ll respond, but we’ll listen. And around here…prayer requests are always received and often responded to…like NOW!

Merciful and Loving Heavenly Father

The darkness of this world infiltrates our area of the internet often and causes chaos and strife where none should be. We still walk in the flesh at times around here and sometimes, often times we screw up and we have our fights and carnality seeps in. We even go so far as to inject our own emotions into what is shared and allow pride to stumble us at times.

Lord, we pray that You will not only forgive us but have mercy on us for our misgivings in this, a digital display of discipleship and being a child of God. We ask that through the furtherance of our walk with You, that our pace increases and our paths straightened in Your hands as we are meant to be ambassadors of Christ on this world, including the digital. Please guide us out of the prisons we’ve made for ourselves in this life and direct us to the open arms of Christ.

Please galvanize us with protection from those not of You, Abba, and bring us to understanding on the same level towards how we are approached and how we approach those who seek guidance in the Lord. Please bless @JanetW with calm and peace in her heart and mind and deliver her to the answers and solutions she needs, especially within her decision on should she stay or should she go. Sometimes, we need that notification of someone’s observations of our actions as a whole to see how far we’re drifting and to bring it back on track. I pray this will help bring us back on track.

Bless Janet with an overabundance of joy in her heart as we ask You to revitalize the Holy Spirit within her to overflowing so all those she encounters are touched by Him and we pray You continually are heard even in that small quiet voice to Janet in all her actions, thoughts, and words both in the world we walk in, and the digital we sit in.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Years ago, when I used to preach, one of my closing lines was, “May God bless you and make you a blessing!” I don’t remember where I heard it but I liked it. :slight_smile:


Amen thank you.


I honestly just focus on the prayer section of this forum as I made a goal for myself to pray for one new person a day. I think you have to just pick and choose what you read and like a lot others have said, yes, the devil has infiltrated everywhere and this forum is not immune from that. I pray that God guides you through this and that you get direction on what you should do.


I’m wondering if the people who are infiltrating this forum to lead others astray, are employers or employees here due to the exemption letters (trying to undermine us) :face_with_monocle: In any case, I pray that those that have been deceived, or are trying to deceive, be met by the power of our Lord Jesus and humbled into recognizing they need to get right with Him.

We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.
Romans 8:28 AMPC


I have wondered the same thing too Jessie. I have stayed mostly to the prayer requests but sometimes read the debates back and forth on several threads and must say it is a very tough read. I told my husband last night that lately the forum, which I have loved and gained so much wisdom and encouragement from, has become a battle ground of sorts. I was weary at heart last night after reading for about an hour. I agree with many others here in this thread that we must go on to other more soul worthy threads/topics and pray, pray, pray about those in need. Keep looking to Him @JanetW for your strength and wisdom to know what to read and where to pray. I am right beside you in your concern!
Shalom and blessings!



There’s such a wide variety of personality types here; yet a unique group as a whole in that pretty much everyone is on the same page regarding the specifics on the rapture, the plandemic, the injections and everything in that genre. Exceptions are MOB, OSAS and a few other things that people clash on. When an “outsider” comes in; meaning of outsider is ambiguous but I’m thinking of someone who drops in and starts baiting with the issues without really establishing an identity with the regular members, there’s an urgency to analyze their purpose, define their motives and protect the forum from the infiltration of the “delusion” that exists all around us. I believe in those circumstances, everyone has the best of intentions.

On the other hand, there are regular members who are hyper sensitive to other regular members’ views should they differ from theirs, even on matters which are at the whim of anyone and everyone’s speculation. This is, to me, a grievance of The Spirit, as it often causes “sides,” unwarranted vilification and judgemental attitudes, alienation… all with little regard to the person as a whole, with a display of self righteous justification to boot…so just in case you’re not already wincing. In other words, love isn’t a consideration. Peacemaking isn’t really a thought. Peacekeeping may be, but that doesn’t involve true reconciliation. It’s all about who is right on issues that are usually not related to salvation.

This is not a church. People don’t really know each other. However, you can still have a positive effect on other believers by being a light and an encouragement in the midst of very dark times and praying diligently for one another. I find your posts, sharing and prayers to be an encouragement :slightly_smiling_face:


@JanetW , you’ve been a blessing to a lot of us on this forum. I understand where you’re at, cause I’ve grown weary at various times too. If you need a break, I fully support walking away for awhile. However, I really hope you’ll stay in the long run. You’ve built people up on this forum, and we need more people like that.


@JanetW i’ve been where you’re at right now… i didn’t leave other social media… i just took a break from it. once in awhile i feel the Lord wants me to share something encouraging for others and they’re always happy to see me and are encouraged by what i share. :two_hearts:



I too have encountered the worst of those who have come here to intentionally cause strife and harm to the body of Christ. I’ve also participated in a war of words with those of differing opinions then found myself on the other side apologizing for feelings I’ve inadvertently hurt. We’re all capable of being wounded and wounding…BUT GOD knows our hearts individually.
I too have thought of ending my participation and even leaving this forum…BUT GOD helped me see that THAT might prevent me from helping a lost or confused soul back to HIM. In these times we need to encourage one another to hold tight to the Living Word in Truth despite any temporary discomforting thoughts.

As I read Jon’s words to you took them for myself for they represent the very essence of who Jesus is and wants for us individually and as HIS body.
I too am praying for your peace here and in the world we live in until our rescue.
Maranatha Lord, please come quickly.


that’s a sweet idea Michelle!! very thoughtful


praying for you. ups and downs to each choice. will be happy for you to stay but understand if you leave. <3


Oops my fingers shake. I don’t even know how I liked that post. Lol. I’m still learning how to use this site.


If this forum hinders your relationship with God I think you should leave. What’s most important for you is to have peace and trust in our Lord.

“Expectations create upset”

This is a free market of idea’s with freedom of speech a vital, fundamental part of our religion and culture

A saying in the 12 steps (created by A.A.) is ‘Take what you like and leave the rest’

May God help you find what you’re looking for


Himself, not itself. Not nit picking but the Holt Spirit IS a person.

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