This is my written gift of 3 short children's stories to YOU

I am a writer tho never published wrote a children’s trilogy of books or what might be considered to be short stories very loosely based on my life that I never even submitted to anyone. It’s a LONG story but my imagination exploded on paper. It’s about an adorable little yellow plush duck in a toy store named Peeper who had a very active thought life and ached to be taken home to be with a wonderful family. One day Vicki (who was me) went into a toy store, was drawn to the little duck’s bright eyes…purchased it then brought it home to live with her and her little boy David. During the night an angel spoke to Peeper like a soft gentle breeze as she sat on a big red chair and rewarded her with life. As the story went on there were moral lessons to be learned as she began a glorious relationship with Vicki, David and God. The trilogy is Peeper’s Miracle…Peepers Special Day and Peeper’s Heart.
Actually, in 1983 while in a very unhappy marriage I really did go into a toy store where I found and purchased that little yellow duck. In an attempt to lighten up the atmosphere named it Peeper, then as in play therapy began using it to interact with my husband Vic. THAT changed the entire dynamic of our lives.
I began writing these stories in 2013 and as I began, my fingers could hardly keep up as sentence after sentence simply poured out of my mind. I so wanted to express goodness for goodness sake that Christian adults yearned their children embrace. Every word came so easily, I’m convinced they were inspired by God…therefore I take no credit for the talent I was blessed with.

I pray that my writings will be so enjoyed that at least ONE reader will want to copy and give this gift to at least one child.
This is a photo of Peeper BEFORE she was given life!

Your grateful sister in Christ,

Now…what will follow are the three 4 chapter books.




She sat on a shelf quietly waiting for the sun to rise. She had many friends waiting too. Some of those friends looked almost exactly like her …but not quite.
“Will this be the day I have waited so long for,”Peeper thought, “the day when someone will see how different I am from the rest, the day when someone will see how special I am and want to take me home?” As the sun began sparkling through the window flooding the store with a glow, she knew that it wouldn’t be very long before the nice lady who unlocks the door and turns on the lights would be there. All of the sudden the door was opened, the lights were turned on and in came Mrs. Banks wearing a big red hat. As she took it off and placed it on a counter nearby, Mrs. Banks looked all around the store at each smiling face to say, “Good morning, good morning, it’s a beautiful day good morning.” Smiles filled their hearts…as they loved the way she greeted them every day. Although Peeper could think many thoughts and longed to share them with Mrs. Banks and all of the friends that surrounded her, no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t speak a word. No one did…no one but Mrs. Banks who seemed to be talking to herself all of the time…when in fact, she was really speaking to each smiling face in turn as she worked.

It was late in the afternoon, a few months before Easter when Vicki stopped to look in the window of Mrs. Banks toy store. There were so many new furry things to see. She wasn’t planning to buy anything but thought it might be fun to look at all of the stuffed animals. As she opened the front door a little bell that was attached to it rang just loud enough to let Mrs. Banks know that someone had entered her store. The shelves were full of bunnies, chicks and lambs…but when Vicki saw the little ducks, she couldn’t help smiling. They were all so cute…so fuzzy…so yellow and so many to choose from. All of the sudden she felt as though someone was staring at her. From a shelf too high to reach were two dark eyes waiting to be seen. “Please…oh please look up here…look in my direction,” thought Peeper, “you’ll be so glad you did…I was meant to be your very own…I can feel it.” Just then, their eyes met and Vicki knew that there was something very special about that little yellow duck high upon the shelf. Looking up at Peeper Vicki said, “Could I see that one please?” “There are so many right over there just like that one…right across the room.” replied Mrs. Banks. “Oh no,” insisted Vicki, “it must be that one.” Peeper could hardly believe it, but her dreams were just about to come true. It seemed to take forever for Mrs. Banks to find the ladder…climb to the top of it and bring her over to Vicki. But as soon as Peeper was placed in Vicki’s hands she knew that she was going home…going home with Vicki…and she did.

Peeper was so excited that she barely heard the little tinkling bell hanging on the door as it shut behind them. She had never seen the world outside of the store until that day and was amazed by everything in sight. Ever so gently held in Vicki’s hand they crossed a big street. So many things were happening all around them. Everyone seemed in such a hurry as they walked along…horns were honking as cars whizzed by…children laughed as they played…dogs were barking…and birds were chirping as they flew way up into a bright blue sky which was filled with fluffy white clouds. As Vicki got into her little green car she placed Peeper in a cup holder which was hanging from the window to give her a good view. Even though there were so many new things to see everywhere, she couldn’t stop staring at Vicki. She was thinking how pretty and kind Vicki looked with her long dark hair parted in the middle, light green eyes, flashing smile and wondered what her new home would be like. As Vicki drove, she noticed that Peeper looked as though she had questions to ask but couldn’t… so she said, “Well little one, I bet there are a lot of things you’d like to know about me and there are a lot of things I’d like to know about you…but since we can’t learn them all at once, we’ll just have to be patient with one another and let time take care of our questions. I live right over there in that brick building,” declared Vicki, “on the 3rd floor with my son David…and now you do too.” She parked the car, scooped Peeper up into her hands and off they went.

As they entered the building and took the elevator three flights up, Peeper thought, “I’m almost home…almost home for good.” Once Vicki opened the door to their pretty apartment she called aloud “David……we’re home!” Just then, an adorable little boy with dark brown eyes turned a corner saying, “Hi Mom, who did you bring home with you? I don’t see anyone else and you did say we, didn’t you?” “Yes I did say we, and here she is!” replied Vicki as she pointed to Peeper who was placed on a big chair in the corner. As David walked over to get a closer look, he bent down and said, “What’s this? It’s a duck. How cute…how come?” “Well,” said Vicki, “I just thought I’d make our little family a little bigger……and haven’t you always wanted a little sister?” “Yes Mom,” he said with a big smile, “but she’s so……so yellow! What shall we call her?” he asked. “Let’s sleep on it and give her a name tomorrow.” said Vicki. “OK Mom, we will.” With a wink to Mom, David gently picked Peeper up, brought her close to his face and said, “I promise to be the best big brother you could ever have, but only if you promise to be a good girl.” “Oh, I will…I promise,” she thought, “no one could be happier than I am”. As David carefully put Peeper back on the big chair in the corner he said, “I’ve got some reading to do before I go to bed, so I may as well say goodnight now.” He blew his mom a kiss and wished her pleasant dreams, then as he glanced back in Peeper’s direction he whispered, “Goodnight to you too.” With a wave Mom wished him sweet dreams and kisses too, then turning to Peeper she said, “Welcome to our home little one, I hope you’ll be happy here with us.” The lights were turned off and there sat Peeper all alone on the big chair in the corner. She was different somehow…she could feel it. She was home right where she belonged and nothing would ever be the same. A miracle was about to happen that would change all of their lives forever.


She sat on the big chair in the corner quietly waiting for the sun to rise… when something unusual happened. For the first time ever, Peeper had a dream. She dreamt of her last day at the store where her friends were. She saw a big red hat on one of the counters and watched Mrs. Banks as she worked. She saw herself sitting on the shelf that was too high to reach and wondered why she was there. “That isn’t where I belong,” thought Peeper, “I have a wonderful family now to love and be loved by. How will they ever know how I feel if I can’t tell them…I may as well stay right on that shelf with no one to talk to but myself.” “If only,” she thought, “if only…” Just then she awoke and heard a voice that sounded like a gentle breeze blowing by her. The voice said, “If only doesn’t count Peeper, not unless you truly believe in miracles.” All of the sudden, she felt as if something was being poured onto her then she became warm all over. “A miracle is happening,” she thought, “I can feel it.” Just as the sun began to shine through the window she realized that she could move her head…wings and her webbed feet too, so she shouted aloud, “It is a miracle, a miracle has happened for me.” As she heard herself speak for the very first time, she shouted again…. “I can talk too!” Once more the voice that sounded like a gentle breeze spoke to her. It said, “Do you know why you were given this miracle Peeper? It is because you are in a place where love lives. Pure love is the giver of life…love made you come alive. As long as love fills your heart all things are possible…fly Peeper fly……you can do it, fly.” Peeper carefully stood up onto her webbed feet and waddled to the edge of the big chair …started flapping her wings and then…………the light went on.

“Mom,” yelled David, “Come quick, I thought I heard someone’s voice.” Just as Vicki entered the room rubbing her sleepy eyes Peeper took off in flight. At first they thought a bird had somehow accidentally flown in through a window, until they heard Peeper shouting. “A miracle…a miracle has happened for me.” Vicki rubbed her eyes again thinking that she must be dreaming and needed to wake herself up. As Peeper flew past them both to see her new home, she flew in and out of each room yelling, “This place is so beautiful, I love it. Where’s MY room?” When David finally caught up to her, she quickly turned passing him in the other direction…flying past Vicki and landed right back onto the big red chair in the corner. As this was her very first flight she was all out of breath and almost lost her balance. “What’s happening David, am I losing my mind?” Vicki asked. “Well Mom, if you are, I am too.” They both stood still and didn’t say another word. When Peeper finally caught her breath she said, “It’s a miracle, a miracle has happened for me.”

“She was so excited that she started flapping her wings and nearly fell off of the chair. “During the night,” she explained “I had the first dream I’ve ever had. In that dream I saw myself at Mrs. Banks store sitting high up on the shelf where you found me. I remember thinking that I didn’t belong there because I had a wonderful new home and family to love and be loved by, but at the same time was so sad because I couldn’t tell you and then thought…if only. Just then I awoke to a voice that sounded like a gentle breeze blowing by me. It said, “If only doesn’t count Peeper, not unless you truly believe in miracles.” Then all at once I felt something warm being poured all over me. A miracle was happening, I could feel it, and I heard the voice again. It told me that I had been given a miracle because I was in a place where love lives …that love made me come alive. I was told that as long as loved filled my heart all things would be possible.” “Truer words have never been spoken… love does make you come alive and as I can see, it did.” said Vicki. “Since all things happen for a reason, I see too that you were meant to be our very own.” Does that mean that David really is my big brother now?” asked Peeper as she flew over to David and landed on his shoulder. “I guess it does.” replied Vicki with a laugh. So doesn’t that also make me your little girl?” questioned Peeper. “Yes it does.” replied Vicki with a big smile. “Then can I please call you Mom too?” “Absolutely! From now on I am your mom.” said Vicki. “Oh thank you, thank you…I promise to be everything you could ever want your little girl to be.” cried Peeper as she flew over to her new mom, lit on her shoulder and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Now how about giving you a name little one, what would you like us to call you?” “Well,” she said, “even though no one ever told me I always knew what it was…I could feel it. My name is Peeper.” “That’s a perfect name for you little sister.” “I agree,” added Mom “perfect!” “Well little one, now that you’re officially a member of the family let’s show you the rest of your new home.” You flew in and out of each room so quickly I bet you missed more than you saw.” said David, “Come on Peeper, follow me.”

That was the first time she had ever heard her name spoken by anyone. Her heart was so full of happiness that tears filled her eyes. As she lifted her wing to wipe them away, she said, “This has never happened to me before… when David called my name it sounded so wonderful that my eyes got all wet and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Is something wrong with me Mom?” “Not at all sweetheart, those are happy tears. They are just one of the many special miracles we are all given allowing us to express our feelings. There is nothing more precious than having your heart touched by someone. Remember Peeper, everything began for you today…this truly is the first day of the rest of your life. Your feelings are just as new for you as everything else is. Enjoy them…as they are yours alone and belong to only you. Now wipe those happy tears away and go have fun with David.” “Thanks Mom, you’re the best!” said Peeper as she tenderly touched Mom’s cheek with her wing. Then she flew over to David landing on his shoulder saying “Come on big brother, let’s go……I can’t wait to see everything in my new home. I’m going to like it here, I’m going to like it a lot a lot…I can feel it.”


“Let’s go little one, there’s a lot to see and you need to know where everything is. We’ll start with my room first.” said David, “Blue is my favorite color, so you’ll be seeing a lot of it in there.” As he walked down a long hallway Peeper waddled close to his neck to give him a hug. She felt so warm inside and realized that it was because of the rose colored walls, which glowed under a delicate light that looked like a flower hanging from the ceiling. She noticed a picture on the wall and asked David to stop for a moment so she could get a good look at it. “Who is that?” asked Peeper as she pointed to it with her wing. “That’s me when I was about 6 years old.” he replied. “Mom and I went to the mountains one summer and stayed in a log cabin in the woods. That was one of the best vacations we ever had. There were wild animals to see and a stream where Mom taught me how to fish. See that Peeper, it’s the first fish I ever caught…and Mom took that picture so I’d never forget what a special day it was.”

“Here we are.” said David as he opened a dark blue door which had a sign on it that said DAVID’S ROOM . “I have everything I need in here including my own television just in case Mom wants to watch something different. She gave it to me for my last birthday when I turned 10. I’ll be 11 in 3 months.” “What’s a birthday?” asked Peeper. “Well,” David explained, “every year when the date you were born on comes around the people that love you the most remember it and give you great presents.” “Oh,” sighed Peeper, “I guess that means I’ll NEVER have birthday presents given to me.” “Don’t worry Peeper, just because Mom didn’t bring you home from the hospital doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate your birthday. As a matter of fact, since Mom said that this is the first day of the rest of your life, why don’t we just make today your birthday.” he replied. “Oh could we David, could we really?” she asked. “Sure Peeper, why not……today’s date is January 30th. Wait here while I go find out what Mom thinks…and promise not to touch anything while I’m gone.” “I promise!” replied Peeper, “I won’t touch a thing.” “Keep your wings crossed and I’ll be right back.” whispered David, then he ran off to the kitchen to ask Mom’s opinion. As Peeper looked around the room almost everything in sight was in shades of blue. There was a blue sweatshirt hanging on a big blue hook, blue sneakers on a blue carpet, and a blue lamp on a blue desk. A pile of blue socks were sitting on a blue bed spread with blue drapes on the windows to match. On one of the blue walls hung a big picture of a strange looking light blue ball with darker blue stars inside of it. This was the bluest room Peeper ever could have imagined. There were lots and lots of books on blue shelves, but not all of them were blue. Even though she wanted to get a closer look at a big blue book that was sitting on his desk, she didn’t move. “I’d better wait until David comes back,” she thought, “so he can show me what that is…after all, I promised not to touch anything.” Just then David burst back into his blue room. “Mom agrees, today is your birthday.” “Does that mean I’ll be getting presents today?” asked Peeper. “No sweetheart, not until your very 1st birthday, one year from this day.” said Mom as she popped into David’s room. “Your present today was the best gift of all…the gift of life. Take care of your little sister while I go to the store for a few things.” said Mom while giving David a wink and blowing them both kisses. Then waving goodbye, she turned to leave.

“David, what’s that over there?” asked Peeper, as she pointed her wing in the direction of the big blue book on his desk. “Where?” he asked. Peeper flew over to the book and said, “Here!” as she landed on it. “What’s it about?” “Oh,” he answered “that’s a dictionary. It’s filled with every word you could possibly think of and explains what each one means.” “Sounds important.” she replied. “It is, everyone should have a dictionary. Would you like to look up a word now?” he asked. “What special word would you like the meaning of? Think about it…take your time.” And she did. She waddled back and forth silently for several minutes as David watched patiently. Then all at once she shouted, “I know, I know what I what to read about. It’s the most special word I can think of. The word is miracle.” “Well,” responded David, “I couldn’t have thought of a better word myself. After all if it weren’t for your miracle, this would have been a very different day for all of us.” As he opened the dictionary he said, “Now watch very carefully little one so you can see how this is done.” Turning to a page that began all of the words that start with the letter M he showed Peeper just how to find the word she had chosen. As his finger ran down the right page he thought, “Here I am showing someone how to look up a word when she can’t even read.” Just then, she started jumping up and down, flapping her wings and shouting. “There it is David, right there! Once again, he could harldy believe what was happening as she began to read aloud. “It says that a miracle is when something wonderful happens that can’t be explained.” “That is an act of GOD.” David added. All at once she was filled with the knowledge and understanding that only God could give…and love filled her heart for HIM and HIS gifts.


She quietly sat in David’s room looking at her new brother feeling very grateful for her new life. Then all of the sudden she remembered there was so much more to see. “Now can you show me where MY room is?” asked Peeper. “Actually, since we didn’t expect to have a room ready for you I’m really not sure where it will be…but I know that Mom will find a special place just for you. Meanwhile, how would you like to see the rest of your new home?” As David motioned for her to follow him he said, “Right down the hall is Mom’s room. It isn’t blue like mine because her favorite color is yellow… just like you…well, almost like you…but not so bright. No one is allowed to go into Mom’s room without permission, but I don’t think she’ll mind if we don’t go all the way inside.”

As he opened Mom’s bedroom door so Peeper could take a peek, it looked like morning had just arrived through the windows. She saw delicate white curtains covered with embroidered white flowers. The walls in her room were a very pale yellow which had a border all around of tiny red ladybugs with black spots on them. “As you can see, Mom loves lady bugs, they seem to be almost everywhere. See that clock over there hanging above her dresser, it’s a ladybug clock. Each hour on the hour its wings flap back and forth like a real one in flight. That was a birthday present last year to Mom from me. Her bedspread is pale yellow with lady bugs on it too, to match the border. Neat huh?” “Wow, everything is so pretty in here…what do you think the color of my room will be.” asked Peeper. “You’ll have to talk to Mom about that when she gets home. Until then, let me show you the kitchen…that’s my favorite place because it’s got so many yummy things to eat. Mom’s a real good cook. Maybe some day she’ll teach you how, so you can be her little helper.” David asked Peeper if she could guess what colors would be in the kitchen but she couldn’t. “OK then, sit on my shoulder and cover your eyes with your wings and when I count to 3 we’ll be in the middle of the room so you can see the whole thing for yourself.” As he walked to the kitchen with Peeper on his shoulder he glanced at her to make sure she wasn’t peeking, then he said, “One…two…” “THREE…” shouted Peeper and opened her eyes. As she did, Peeper thought they were outside in a field because the walls were covered with sunflowers which seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. “Are they real flowers?” asked Peeper as she flew over to them to take a sniff. “No silly, it’s wallpaper. Mom and I put it up last year all by ourselves. See that big sunflower on the counter over there?” David added, “It’s really a cookie jar which was another present from me. I knew how much she’d love it, so I mowed lawns for a whole week to earn enough money to buy it for her. If we’re lucky there will be some cookies in it for us to snack on.” As he lifted the lid, Peeper perched on the rim of the jar to take a look inside. David was disappointed to see only one oatmeal cookie left surrounded by lots of crumbs and suggested that they cut it right down the middle to share. But Peeper decided that she would be content with the crumbs because there were so many. So after taking his cookie out, he tipped the jar on its side so she could waddle into it and gobble them up. The crumbs were still moist with a few raisins as well. That was the first time Peeper had ever eaten anything and she could hardly believe how delicious they were.

“Wait till you see this…hop on to my shoulder and I’ll show you something else.” he said as he headed for the refrigerator. As he opened the door a blast of cold air hit Peeper and made her sneeze. David explained that most foods had to be kept in it to stay fresh and warned her NEVER to fly into it unless someone was with her, because if she got stuck inside she wouldn’t be able to breathe and might get hurt. “This is the best room in the whole apartment Peeper, but there are lots of things here that you need to be very careful of. The blender has blades at the bottom of it and they’re as sharp as these knives.” As he picked one up, he told Peeper to slowly touch the tip of it to show her what the word sharp meant. “That could cut you very badly and the toaster and coffee maker get real hot when they’re being used.” As he pointed to the oven he showed her how it made fire on top of the stove by turning the knobs and warned her NEVER to go near the flames or fly into the oven or she might get burned. He made Peeper understand that she was too small to do much of anything alone in the kitchen and asked her to promise always to ask him or Mom for help. “Promise me Peeper that you will.” “Oh I do promise David…I’ll always be very careful in this room and always ask for help.” “Do you remember the big chair you were sitting on when your miracle happened? That’s in the living room where we can sit to be with each other, play games or just watch television together. I‘ve got a great idea…how about going back to my room so we can watch cartoons on my TV until Mom gets home? I’ll even show you how use it all by yourself so you can watch it when you’re alone.” “Alone?” asked Peeper. “Sure, while I’m in school and Mom’s at work. Maybe you could even do some chores while we’re gone to help out…but only if you want to.” he replied. “Oh David, I’d love to help keep everything nice. Whatever I can do for you and Mom I will.” They went back to his room and she was totally amazed as he showed her how to turn the TV on, change the channels and turn it off again with the remote control. She loved the cartoons but mostly just loved being with David because he was such a wonderful brother who was so sweet and patient with her.

Meanwhile, Mom returned from the store and began preparing them lunch. “Anyone hungry?” Mom asked as she opened David’s door. “I’m starving, with all of the excitement this morning we forgot to eat our breakfast.” answered David. “What’s this?” asked Peeper as she waddled over to take a look. There was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a big white plate for David and a tiny sandwich just her size on small yellow saucer along with a glass of milk for each of them…one big and one little. As David picked up his sandwich he said, “Dig in Peeper, you’ll love this.” And she did. Mom whispered something into David’s ear then announced that she needed his help with something in her room. After they finished eating lunch he asked Peeper to wait there in his room, picked up the tray to take back to the kitchen then knocked on Mom’s bedroom door. As she opened it she put a finger up to her mouth and whispered “shhhhh.” On the bed were several packages all wrapped with birthday paper. “We’re going to have a party David…for Peeper. While shopping I decided to go back to Mrs. Banks store to see if she had any small things Peeper might like. The best surprise of all will be very special. In Mrs. Banks window was something that looked like a doll house only it had just one tiny big room. It had belonged to her daughter many years ago and she recently decided that if someone came along who really wanted it for their little girl she’d just give it away. It’s as though it was waiting for me to find, somehow knowing that I’d need it. And the bakery had a very small birthday cake already decorated for me to buy. Let’s bring everything into the kitchen…then we’ll call Peeper to join us there.”

Once all of the presents were in place and a single candle was lit on the cake the two of them called her name. They turned off the lights and waited until Peeper flew into the kitchen then shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She was so surprised that she almost stopped flapping her wings then glided onto the table. “Is all of this for me?” she asked with tears in her eyes. “Yes little one, it’s all for you…now make a wish then blow out the candle.” As Peeper waddled up to the cake she took the longest time to think of something very special then began to make her wish out loud until David told her to think it…not say it. So Peeper closed her eyes made her wish, then blew out the candle as they sang Happy Birthday. “Presents too?” cried Peeper, “I thought I’d have to wait a whole year for presents!” “Well,” said Mom, “since this is such a special day we must celebrate it.” “Can I open them now?” asked Peeper. “Of course sweetheart,” Mom said with a nod, “we hope you’ll like them.” The first gift she unwrapped couldn’t have been more perfect. It was a beautiful soft yellow hanky with pretty purple flowers embroidered on it. As Peeper’s tears continued to flow, Mom took it to dab them away saying, “This is for happy tears.” “I love it just as much as I love you!” proclaimed Peeper. “Next” said David as he handed her another small box to open. It was a lovely little silver mirror and a hair brush all her very own. Then she unwrapped a very tiny book with nothing written on the lines. “These pages are for you to write all of your thoughts into. We will never read it unless you want us to. It’s called a diary.” “And here is your very own tiny pencil to write with.” said David. The next present she opened was a small feather pillow just her size. She wrapped her wings around it and held it close saying, “I bet no one has ever had a softer pillow than mine.” Oh, what a wonderful birthday this is. Thank you so much for all of these beautiful presents. I couldn’t be happier to belong to you. I must be the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.” She reached toward the cake with the tip of her wing and scooped up a bit of the chocolate frosting for a taste. “Mmmm…this is yummy, can we all have some now?” “Not yet honey,” said Mom, “there’s one more gift you haven’t seen yet. Hop onto David’s shoulder…close your eyes and don’t open them until we say you can.” “Another present?” she asked, as she flew over to David. “Yep…just one more.” he said as they headed for Mom’s room. Once inside…they both said, “You can open your eyes now!” There on a table in the corner she saw her very own house. It was dark gold and had a window in the front to let the light in. As she flew over to it Mom opened its door so she could see a beautiful little bed right inside…just her size. David placed her feather pillow onto it and they all started laughing. “Mom, this is even better than having my own room. It’s perfect!” “ Would you like to leave it in here with me so you won’t feel alone?” asked Mom. “Oh yes…P L E A S E! That is if you don’t mind.” replied Peeper. As Mom bent down to give her a kiss on her yellow cheek she said, “I’d love to share my room with you… because you’re my very favorite little girl.” They went back into the kitchen to have some birthday cake then decided to get a good night’s sleep. After all, it had been a very long day filled with a lot of excitement. Wishing them both pleasant dreams and blowing kisses, David waved good night. Mom said, “Sweet dreams and blew him kisses in return. Then Peeper flew over to his shoulder giving him a hug around his neck with her wings along with a peck in his cheek and whispered, “Thank you for being such a good brother David.” He whispered, “Thank you too Peeper for being such a perfect little sister.” Then he gave her a kiss on her yellow cheek and said goodnight.

While following Mom into their shared room she asked if she thought her miracles were over. “Never Peeper, NEVER…remember what you were told this morning? You were given your miracle because you are in a place where love lives. Pure love is the giver of life…love made you come alive. As long as love fills your heart all things are possible. Goodnight my sweet girl.” After wishing Mom pleasant dreams Peeper took the little pencil and diary into her own little room and began to write in it for the first time. She wrote,
“I know I’m going to like it here, I’m going to like it a lot…I can feel it.” She laid there on her beautiful little bed with the soft feather pillow under her head…which was in her very own little place sitting on a table in the corner of the room that she now shared with her new mother and gave thanks for the life she had been given. As she fell asleep waiting for the sun to rise she began thinking of her many other friends still on shelves in the store then remembered her birthday wish…“if only” she thought, “if only.”




She laid there on her little bed with the soft feather pillow under her head which was in her very own little place that sat on a table in the corner of the room that she shared with her mother and was thankful for the life she had been given. It was so early in the morning that the sun hadn’t yet begun to shine. Mom and David were still asleep in the darkness that surrounded them while Peeper’s thoughts swirled noisily in her mind.

It had been almost three months since her miracle and she was home… home with the most wonderful family in the world. Once Mom awoke, everyone’s day would begin with smiles and laughter. Peeper had become her little helper and as always anxiously anticipated their first meal of the day, not just because it would be delicious…but because she’d get to make it with Mom. It was the weekend so everyone except Peeper always slept a little later in the morning. Finally getting up out of her little bed Peeper poked her head out of the golden door of her very own little house to get a look at her sleeping mom. She loved looking at Vicki even as she slept and knew she must be the most beautiful mother any girl could ever have. Looking up at the ladybug clock hanging over the dresser in the room they both shared she watched waiting for clock’s hands to land on right numbers. All of the sudden its black spotted red wings began to flap making it look like it was about to take off in flight. It was 8 AM and her little yellow tummy was beginning to growl for breakfast. She hoped everyone would be in the mood for pancakes because her orange bill began watering at the very thought of them. Mom finally stirred and with a yawn slowly opened her eyes to see Peeper’s big smile. Hopping onto Mom’s pillow Peeper waddled over to her ear then whispered, “Good morning, good morning, it’s a beautiful day… good morning. I love you SOOOOO MUCH!” “How much?” Mom asked. With her yellow wings stretched way out as far as they could reach she said, “THIS MUCH!” “Me too little one.” replied Mom, “THIS MUCH!” as she also stretched her arms out as far as they could reach. “Now what do you think WE should make for breakfast Peeper? Are you hungry for hot cereal, French toast, waffles, eggs with bacon, or…” But before she could say another word Peeper began jumping up and down saying, “PANCAKES…PLEASE…PANCAKES!” “I should have guessed, knowing that they’re your very favorite. Pancakes it is!” Why don’t you go see if your brother is up yet while
I wash my face. Go on now…scoot little one and I’ll meet you in the kitchen.” “Okeedokee Mom.” she answered as she took off in flight toward David’s room.

Since his door was always closed at night until morning, she had no way of knowing for sure if he was awake. Knocking was useless because she couldn’t bang hard enough with her delicate wing for him to hear, he had hung a little bell outside of it for her to ring so he’d know she wanted to come in. Once he heard it tinkling he said, “Give me a minute Peeper, I’ll be right with you.” “Okeedokee! Shall I wait here or meet you in the kitchen?” she asked. Just then the door opened and out he came…her big handsome brother who pointed to his shoulder and asked, “Wanna ride and where’s my morning kiss?” As she lit on his shoulder he got a peck on his cheek along with a very loving hug around his neck. She was squeezing him so tightly he pretended to choke then laughed and said, “You’re my very favorite sister…did you know that?” “David…I’m your ONLY sister!” “Yeah, but even if you weren’t, you’d still be my favorite!” he said with a wink. She giggled and asked, “I bet you can’t guess what Mom and I are making us for breakfast this morning…can you?” “Are you kidding…it’s Saturday isn’t it? Must be pancakes…I’d bet anything on it.” “Hmmmmm,” thought Peeper, “either he’s pretty smart or knows how much I love helping Mom make them… well, maybe it’s a little of both.” As they headed off down the rose colored hall David slowed his steps hoping Peeper would noticed a new photo that had been hung right across from the one of him holding the first fish he’d ever caught…and she did. “WOW, look at that!” she said pointing her wing toward it. “That’s me blowing out my first birthday candle. I didn’t know Mom even took that picture.” “But she did Peeper,” said David, “you were so excited that day you must not have noticed the camera in her hand.” “The best photos are always of first times and since you’re life had just begun there will be many more first times to come. Now, let’s have a race to see who can get to the kitchen first…… when I say go, I’ll run and you can fly. Okay little one…ready, get set and…” “GO!” shouted Peeper as she took a leap off his shoulder and flew faster than she ever thought she could. Since she beat him by only seconds she looked back saying, “BEAT YA!” Actually, in truth David hadn’t run as fast as he could have and let her win the race. After all, he knew in his heart that her little wings couldn’t possibly be faster than his long legs…so being a good big brother he let her reach the kitchen first.

“Morning Mom, can I help with anything?” he asked. “Well, how about setting the table while my little helper and I begin making our delicious breakfast.” “Sure Mom…will do!” he replied. Peeper was still out of breath from the race but managed to fly over to Mom’s shoulder. As she opened the refrigerator door revealing everything that was kept cold Peeper proceeded to name all of the things they’d need from it. “Let’s see Mom, how about taking out the butter, milk, eggs and blueberries so we can get started. Now all we’ll need is some oil and the mix that’s in the cupboard to begin.” Once all of those things were placed on the counter Mom said, “If you’re ready to cook…let’s get going so we can eat, clean up, then do something special with the rest of our day.” “Something special with the rest of OUR day? What Mom, what?” questioned Peeper. “Anything you choose little one…you’ve got until after breakfast to decide.” replied Mom. “Wow,” thought Peeper, “this is almost like making a wish and blowing out a candle so I’ll have to think carefully about it before deciding.” Mom let Peeper hold the measuring cup still while she poured some ingredients into it then she was allowed to carefully take an egg out of the carton held gently in between her wings so it wouldn’t break and bring it over to a huge mixing bowl. She watched as mom cracked the egg into the bowl mixing it well…then a little oil was added along with the pancake mix and some milk. Mom let Peeper sit on her wrist as she blended it all into a smooth batter so she would feel like she was doing it too. A big skillet was placed on the stove then a fire was lit under it. With a tablespoon Peeper dug into the softened butter handing it to mom to coat the pan. Once it melted completely Mom used a ladle to drop just enough in it for perfect pancakes…big ones for them and quarter sized ones for Peeper. As they began cooking, the whole kitchen smelled delicious making them even hungrier and Peeper was given a bowl of blueberries to sort through with a tiny spoon. She had to be very careful not to touch them with her wings because blueberry juice can leave blue stains on everything. By the time she’d finished collecting enough perfectly plump berries to place on top, their pancakes they were ready to serve. David poured each of them a glass of milk…two big and one small. Before eating, they held hands and wings…and in prayer gave thanks for the food that was placed before them. As they ate they couldn’t help making yummy sounds and had a wonderful breakfast together. David volunteered to clean up the kitchen so Peeper and Mom could go get ready for their special time together. And so their day began as Peeper thought, “This is going to be a wonderful day, I can feel it!”


She sat on the big chair in the corner to think about what she and Mom might do to make their day together special. There were lots of things that came to mind…perhaps they could go to the zoo so she could get a close look at all of the wild animals and feed them some of their favorite treats…or maybe they could pack a picnic lunch and go on a hike in the woods…or take a very long drive then stop for ice cream…or go shopping for David’s upcoming 11th birthday…OR…better yet, go back to Mrs. Banks toy store so she could visit all of the friends she’d left behind when Vicki found her. “YES, YES…YES!” thought Peeper, “Mrs. Banks has no idea that I’ve been given the gift of life and I’m sure she’ll be very happy to see me again.” She flew off toward the room she and Mom shared hoping it would sound like a good idea to her too. David had just finished cleaning up in the kitchen and stopped Peeper mid flight asking if she’d finally decided on a plan for the day. “Not sure yet,” whispered Peeper pointing to Mom’s room with her wing,
“only if she approves. “Well, no matter what you choose to do, I’m sure you’ll have a day full of fun. See ya later little one.” said David as he turned with a wink. As she headed into their pale yellow room she could see that Mom was getting ready for almost anything but didn’t know for sure if she’d agree to what was going to be suggested. Peeper was a little nervous about asking only because this choice would involve someone else and seeing her alive might be a shock for Mrs. Banks. She landed on the yellow ladybug covered bedspread and without saying a word began pacing back and forth with her wings behind her back. Mom could see that Peeper had something definite in mind but was almost afraid to ask. So she said, “Come on little one…what are you thinking? Before you say a word I want you to know that we’ll do whatever you’d like today……I promise! Don’t you remember…it’s your choice?” With a big smile, Peeper stopped pacing…took a hop up in the air and landed on her yellow bottom in a seated position and said, “I’d really like to visit Mrs. Banks store to see all of my friends there. Could we Mom…could we please?” Mom nodded yes and pointed to Peeper’s dark gold house in the corner saying, “Now go get ready because we’ve got a very special day ahead of us.” After waddling into her little big room Peeper picked up her little brush…then looking at her reflection in the little silver mirror she’d been given on her birthday, brushed the white tuft of hair on her head trying to look as pretty as her mother. Then she poked her head out of her little house saying, “All ready Mom…let’s get going.” After they both said goodbye to David who was in his room reading, they set off to the toy store. As they drove, Peeper kept thinking, “This is going to be so much fun…I can feel it!”

They decided that Mom would go into the store with Peeper hiding behind her back until she was given a signal to finally come out and say hello to Mrs. Banks. That’s because Mom wanted the chance to explain the miracle that changed all of their lives forever first. Peeper was to stay hidden until she heard Mom say the words…and she was given the gift of life. Now that their plan was in motion…with Peeper hidden behind Mom, they entered the store together. Mrs. Banks must have been somewhere in the back because she was nowhere in sight, but once the little bell on the door began tinkling out she came greeting her visitor with a big smile. She remembered the day that one of her little yellow ducks left the store with Vicki. She also recalled her coming back later that afternoon for the gold doll house she’d had in the front window. “So glad to see you again my dear,” said Mrs. Banks, “what can I do for you today?” “Well,” replied Mom as she began to explain, “something wonderful happened on the day I first visited your store. The little yellow duck I brought home with me became a member of our family because that very same night an incredible miracle…” “Yes, interrupted Mrs. Banks, “I know how attached children can become to a cute little toy as if it’s come to life!” Peeper was so intent on looking around to see if any of her friends were still there that she’d stopped paying attention. So when she heard the word life at the end of Mrs. Banks sentence she popped out from behind Mom’s back…lit on the counter and with a smile she happily said, “Good morning, good morning, it’s a beautiful day good morning! Remember me?” With a loud scream, Mrs. Banks fainted and fell right on the floor! “OH NO! Peeper, what have you done?” yelled Mom as she ran behind the counter to revive the startled woman. “Mrs. Banks…Mrs. Banks…please, please, PLEASE be alright…what can I do to help you?” She noticed that there was a glass of water sitting on a nearby counter…picked it up and threw it into the woman’s face. Thank goodness it worked! The wet woman finally opened her eyes and asked, “What happened?” As Mom sat there on the floor with Mrs. Banks doing her best to explain the whole story, Peeper was nowhere to be found. Not only had the scream frightened her…but the fainting and Mom’s reaction to it scared her something awful. She flew into a pile of stuffed toys that had been placed on a table across the room, and then hiding among them cried her heart out. How could she ever face her mother again after making her so angry? Peeper was so upset that she almost wished she’d never come to life at all. It seemed to take forever before Mom finished talking to Mrs. Banks and helped her to her feet. Suddenly she heard her name being called. “Peeper…sweetheart…please don’t be afraid…you can come out…I’m not mad at you…I promise. I’ve told Mrs. Banks everything and she honestly understands that you didn’t mean to startle her. She wants to see you…just as you are…so PLEASE come out to say hello again.” It took a few minutes before Peeper was brave enough to face them both…but she did. Once more she flew over to the counter…lit on it and began repeating her greeting. Only this time with tears in her eyes…while sniffling she started again saying, “Good morning, good morning, it’s a beautiful day, good morning.” Mrs. Banks reached out to wipe her tears and said, “Yes it is dear…it is a beautiful morning and you’re a beautiful little girl. Thank you so much for coming back to share your miracle with me. Now promise you’ll come again to see all of your friends.” With hugs all around Mom and Peeper left the store promising to return soon for another visit. They got back into the car and just sat there for a while without saying a word to each other. Then Peeper said, “I’m very sorry Mom, I was so busy looking for my friends I guess I wasn’t paying attention and…” “There’s no need to explain or even apologize little one,” interrupted Mom ever so gently touching Peeper’s yellow cheek, “because I understand and love you very much for bravely facing Mrs. Banks again. You’re my favorite little girl… and always will be. Now, let’s go get some ice cream!” Once more Peeper began to cry but was told to wipe away those happy tears away so they could enjoy the rest of their time together.

Even though the day hadn’t been exactly what Peeper thought it would be it actually turned out to be more than special. Once again she was very grateful for the life she’d been given…but most of all she was grateful for the most wonderful family in the whole wide world…a family to love and be loved by. When they got home Peeper went right into David’s room and shared everything that had happened that day with him. Then she went into her little big room…in her very own house that sat on a table in the corner of the room she shared with her wonderful mother. She decided to write in her little diary with her little pencil so she wouldn’t ever forget what a special day it turned out to be. As she sat on her bed she wrote, I really liked visiting Mrs. Banks toy store today…I liked it a lot!




It was late in the afternoon and she was still thinking about her visit to the toy store remembering the look on Mrs. Banks face just before she fainted. It was the worst moment she’d ever experienced in her short life and something she’d never forget. Peeper was very thankful that the woman hadn’t been hurt when she fell and was ever so grateful for her forgiveness. She realized that there are sad tears as well as happy ones and hoped she’d never ever feel that bad again. “Oh well,” she thought, “I guess everything happens for a reason so we can learn our lessons…and I sure learned some today…to always pay attention and be brave even if I’m afraid.”

She could hear David laughing in the kitchen and wondered what he was up to. Until Peeper came along he had been Mom’s helper and missed making meals with her so tonight it was his turn. They had decided to prepare something quick so there would be plenty of time after dinner to play a game together. Peeper flew into the kitchen to join in the fun and laughter and arriving just as the tomato soup finished heating on the stove and grilled cheese sandwiches were placed on the table. “Mmmm,” she thought, “this looks great and smells delicious.” “It’s a perfect combination that’s always been one of my favorites.” said David,
“Who wants to say the prayer tonight?” “I will…I will,” cried Peeper, “that is if you don’t mind.” Mom spoke up saying, “Of course not sweetheart, go right ahead.” They held wings and hands then bowed their heads as Peeper began to speak. “Oh Father, before I give thanks for this yummy food I want to thank you for this most wonderful day…for keeping Mrs. Banks from hurting herself when she fainted…for teaching me the difference between sad and happy tears…for the family you have given me and…and, oh well, I guess that’s it for now except for this food that smells so good.” As she continued praying aloud Mom and David looked up at each other with smiles then closed their eyes again until Peeper finished. She said, “Thank you for the gift of eating because I love to eat! And thank you for this food…AMEN!” They all said AMEN again and began having their dinner. “Guess what little one, as soon as we finish eating David and I thought you might like to play a game with us.” said Mom. “Yeah Peeper, whaddya think…are you up to it?” asked David. “Sure am big brother, as long as you don’t mind losing to a little girl!” she replied. As he tickled her yellow tummy he said, “We’ll see who wins or loses and let’s not forget about Mom who’s playing too.

They all pitched in to clean up, then decided to play a new game called hide the stone using a small heart shaped rock that Mom once found in a stream on one of her fishing trips. This game was to be just like hide and seek but instead of hiding themselves they would take turns placing the stone somewhere in the living room for the other two to find. They were each to take three turns and David went first. Mom and Peeper left the room to give him a chance to pick his spot and it was placed right out in the open on the window sill. The two seekers were so busy looking under things that they never even saw it. After fifteen minutes had passed they gave up and were very surprised to see where it was. David was ready for his next turn and this time he placed it right on top of his head then stood as still as he could in the doorway so it wouldn’t fall off. By now the seekers knew they’d better pay more attention to what might be visible and within their sight…but once more with no luck they both gave up. As he reached for it on top of his head Peeper shouted, “NO FAIR!” But Mom laughed and said, “Yes it is honey…you’re a sly one David.” So far he had 2 points in his favor with one more chance to hide the stone. This time he reached up and placed it right on top of the ledge of the door where he was pretty sure no one would see it. But this time Peeper decided to fly up high so she could get a bird’s eye view of the whole living room…and within only a few minutes spotted it. “Whew!” she exclaimed, “That was close…if I hadn’t flown way up there I NEVER would have seen it.” Now it was Mom’s turn…so this time David and Peeper left the room giving her time to pick a good spot to hide the stone. She bent down and placed it under the big chair in the corner… right up against one of the back legs. When she stood up she couldn’t even see it herself so the hunt began again. Since it was so totally out of sight the seekers gave up. Once it was pointed out and they could see where was lying Peeper flew down to retrieve it for Mom to go again. She then placed it by a different leg under the same chair thinking that they wouldn’t go anywhere near it because of where it had just been hidden. But she was wrong as David found it right away. Mom had one more chance to tie the score with him but only if no one would be able to find it. So with one turn left, she hid the stone in her pocket. The seekers looked and looked but just as they were ready to give up…David noticed a little bulge by her side and said, “I think I know where it is, come on Mom, empty your pocket!” She did, and there was the stone. Now that it was Peeper’s turn she knew she had better be as clever as they had been or she’d never win this game. So once Mom and David left the room she placed it right back on the window sill in plain sight where her brother put it the first time around. After fifteen whole minutes passed they gave up. As Peeper pointed to it they both sighed, “Oh no…not again!” She next decided to hide it under her wing holding it close and just watch as they searched. Once more they gave up and couldn’t believe their eyes when she lifted her wing and dropped it. Now the score was tied…2 for David 2 for Mom and 2 for Peeper so with one last chance to win, she sat in the middle of the floor with it under her yellow bottom and watched again as they searched. All of the sudden, David stopped in his tracks…walked over to her…bent down and said…“Lift those wings!” Of course since the stone was now under her…she lifted them with a big smile and asked if they were ready to give up. So after looking everywhere in the living room they finally did. Mom said, “OK Peeper… where is it?” Then David chimed in asking, “Yeah, where did you put it?” Just then Peeper hopped up to her webbed feet and there it was…right on the floor where she had been sitting on it. Jumping up and down she flapped her wings shouting, “I won…I won!” She was congratulated for being the slyest one of all and it was agreed that she deserved winning the game. By now they were all exhausted from searching and decided it was time for bed.

As usual there were hugs and kisses and sweet dream wishes followed with good night waves to each other. Mom put on her pajamas then hopped into bed falling asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. But Peeper was still so excited from the whole day and winning the game she wasn’t quite ready for sleep. Flying over to the window sill in the room she shared Mom, she waddled toward the middle of it and sat there in the moonlight. The sky was filled with too many glittering stars to count and Peeper couldn’t help thinking how beautiful it all was. A slight breeze was coming through the window and gently blew through the white tuft of hair on her head. She decided that it was a good time to have a conversation with God then began telling Him how happy she was for all that He had given her and thanking Him for everything she was now able to experience. Just then in the stillness of her beating heart she heard the sweet loving voice of God saying…“YOUR WELCOME PEEPER……YOU ARE MOST BELOVED AND MY VERY OWN!” As her happy tears began to fall she thought, “AND YOU ARE MINE!” She sat there for a while with her eyes closed in silence feeling very loved…then waddled into the little big room which was in her very own house that sat on a table in the corner of the room she shared with her mother. Once in bed she rested her head on the soft feather pillow and thought, “I like being alive…I like it a lot!”


When Peeper awoke the next morning she had the feeling that she’d had
a dream during the night but couldn’t quite remember what it was about. “That’s so annoying,” she thought, “but maybe something will happen later on today that might help me remember.” With a big yawn and a long stretch she hopped out of bed to begin her day. It was almost 8 AM which meant that she’d slept later than usual. Most days she was awake before anyone else and sometimes even so early that she had to wait for the sun to rise before getting up so she wouldn’t disturb her family. Since there was plenty of morning light she decided to write all about yesterday’s events in her diary, then it was time for breakfast. For a very little girl she had a very big appetite…probably because eating was one her favorite things to do.

It was unusually quiet. Wondering why, she flew in and out of each room looking for someone to say good morning to but no one was there. A note had been left on the kitchen table saying that mom and her brother had gone to the bakery to buy some fresh donuts. Bakery donuts were her second favorite breakfast, so she was anxious for them to get home because her tummy was growling. Since she had no idea how long they’d be gone, Peeper decided to go into David’s room while she waited. He had given her permission to go in there whenever she wanted just as long as she didn’t move any of his stuff around. He always knew where all of his things were because everything had its place, so if anything had been moved he’d know it. Once in his room she found that a book she’d never seen before had been left on his desk. She flew over to it and noticed the word diary was printed on the front, only this one had a lock on the outside of it. “Why would David need to keep it locked?” she wondered, “Doesn’t he trust us not to read what’s inside?” After all, there wasn’t a lock on her diary and she knew no one would ever read what she’d written because she was told so. Now this made her all the more curious. “What was he hiding” she wondered, “Maybe Mom needs to know about this!” “Maybe she needed to find the key to investigate…it would be for his own good.” she reasoned. Just then the front door was opened…her family was home and so were the donuts!

“Peeper…oh Peeper…we’re home honey…want some…” Before Mom could say the word breakfast, she’d flown to the front door to greet them and began flying around the bakery box trying to get a whiff of the tasty treats within it. “Looks like you’re a hungry little girl…ready to eat?” her mom asked. Peeper’s tummy was now grumbling so loudly everyone heard it. So as Mom walked to the kitchen she teased her by saying, “I guess that’s my answer!” David followed behind asking his little sister if she was too hungry to say hello, so she lit on his shoulder and apologized for being more interested in the donuts than him. He gave her a kiss on her little yellow cheek and said, “You’re forgiven…just don’t let it happen again!” Then the box was opened revealing an ever so yummy collection of flavors. There were custard filled donuts, raspberry filled donuts and chocolate frosted donuts… 3 of each and just one plain old fashioned donut so they could choose their favorite flavor then freeze the rest to keep for another day. David grabbed one of the custard filled ones, poured himself a glass of milk then headed off to his room. Peeper asked Mom to give her a little piece of each kind because she couldn’t decide which to eat…then with a small glass of milk gobbled them down so fast she was finished before her mother even sat down. Mom put on a pot of coffee then turned to see a very messy little duck. There was a mixture of custard, raspberry filling and dark chocolate frosting smeared all over her yellow face and wings. She was so sticky that the napkin she tried using to wipe herself off with just stuck to her. “Now that’s a pretty sight!” snickered Mom, “How about washing up…unless you’re planning to save what’s on your face and wings to snack on later.” Ok Mom…I guess I do need a good washing but so do you! There’s a little raspberry jam dripping down your chin too!” Well, replied Mom, “I guess it can’t be helped when eating gooey things, but it’s not covering me the way it is you!” she laughed. Peeper flew off to clean up then went back to David’s room to hang out with her big brother.

Before entering she peaked around the doorway to see if he was busy writing in his diary, thinking if he was and it was opened she might get a look inside of it. But David had already put it away…probably in one of his drawers so that was that…for now anyway. She asked he’d if he’d mind letting her in to keep him company. “Of course not Peeper,” he said, “come on in.” He suggested turning on the TV to see if they could find something fun to watch but there wasn’t anything they were interested in, so off it went. “How about if we just talk for a while?” she suggested. “Sounds good to me, anything special on your mind?” he asked. “Well,” said Peeper, “your 11th birthday is coming up soon…any idea what you’d like?” “I do but it’ll cost a lot of money and I’m not sure if Mom can afford it right now. It’s so expensive I don’t think I should even mention what I want.” “What is David…what do you want the most?” she asked. “I won’t tell you unless you promise not to tell Mom. Can you promise Peeper?” While promising not to tell she put her wings behind her back and crossed them, thinking as long as her wings were crossed, the promise wouldn’t count. David then confessed that all he really wanted for his birthday was his very own computer. Not only would it be fun to have but it would also be very helpful with his homework. She couldn’t wait to have a talk with Mom…after all, there was so much she needed to tell about David and she felt it was up to her to share what she knew.

Peeper decided that she’d better be very careful not to let David overhear their conversation, so she waited until later in the evening when it was time for bed so they would be alone in the room they shared. She asked Mom if they could have a mother-daughter talk. That sounded so cute that Mom had to do her best not to laugh otherwise it might hurt her little girl’s feelings. “Well sweetheart, I’m always here for you to talk to….what’s going on?” “It’s about David…he’s keeping secrets from you Mom and I think it’s up to me to let you know about them.” she said looking very proud of herself. “Oh really…secrets? This sounds serious, what kind of secrets?” “Well Mom, after I got up this morning then found your note, I realized I was alone and decided to wait for you to come home in David’s room. He’d left a book on his desk that I’d never seen before…it was his diary and it was LOCKED. When I was given my diary you promised that no one would ever read it unless I wanted them to. So I couldn’t help wondering why he didn’t trust us not to look into his and couldn’t help thinking that maybe there were things in it that were so awful he had to hide what he’d written. I’m very ashamed to tell you that if I’d seen the key I might have unlocked it and read his secrets. Have I been a bad girl by telling on David?” “Yes and no Peeper! First things first…the only reason your diary doesn’t have a lock on it is because it’s so tiny. If I could have found one with a lock I would have gotten it for you but since I couldn’t, the next best thing was to promise that no one would ever read it without your permission. You see, diaries are meant to hold your most private thoughts that no one else needs to know UNLESS you decide to tell them yourself. So David has every right to keep his thoughts to himself and that’s why there is a lock on his diary. It’s just the same as when you think Peeper…your thoughts are in your mind, and you are the only one who hears them. It’s kind of like having a lock on what you’re thinking, so unless you decide to share with someone you trust to understand…your thoughts are always yours and yours alone. But there IS someone who always knows your every thought…and that’s God! HE knows everything about each of us…what we’re doing all of the time and even why we’re doing it. HE knows our every thought and even our heart’s desires. Because HE knows ALL THINGS…nothing can be hidden from HIM. So, in answer to your question…since you meant to do the right thing by coming to me and your heart was in the right place you weren’t a bad girl. And I’m very proud of you for admitting that if you had found the key you might have looked in David’s diary. You’re a very good girl Peeper and I know that God is well pleased. Now go to bed sweetheart and have sweet dreams.” “Thank you Mom, for loving me enough to help me understand all of the many things that I need to learn. I love you very much…almost as much as I love God for giving us to each other.” “That’s a good thing little one…a very good thing!”

After they hugged each other Peeper went into the little big room which was in her very own place that sat on a table in the corner of the room she shared with her mother to think about everything she learned today. She had decided not to tell Mom about David’s birthday wish because she realized it was up to him to share those thoughts with her himself, and felt very badly about crossing her wings when making the promise. Then she suddenly remembered last night’s dream that she’d forgotten this morning. It was about what God had told her and what she heard in her heart while sitting on the window sill in the moonlight. Now she understood why He had said… ”YOU ARE MOST BELOVED AND MY VERY OWN!” It was because HE knows absolutely everything, and like Mom said…is well pleased. But most of all because she really loves HIM too. As she fell asleep on her little bed holding the soft feather pillow very tightly in her wings she told God that this hug was meant for Him.





The sun hadn’t yet begun shining through the window and Peeper was wide awake…she hadn’t slept a wink because she had a lot on her mind. She was feeling very restless, so rather than just lie there hugging her feather pillow she decided to fly into the living room and sit on the big chair in the corner to think. Ever since her life giving miracle, that had become her favorite spot to spend time alone with her thoughts. She couldn’t stop picturing her visit with Mrs. Banks…after all, she hadn’t really gotten a chance to look for the friends she’d left behind and longed to return to the toy store. But most of all she was very ashamed of herself for being suspicious of David’s locked diary and making a promise to him that she didn’t intend to keep. Even though she decided not to tell her mother about his birthday wish, she still felt very badly about trying to fool him by crossing her wings behind her back. Peeper knew the only way to make things right would be to tell him what she had done. After deciding to have a sister brother talk with him she felt so much better that she finally fell asleep right there on the chair and slept until she felt Mom’s hand touch her wing. “Are you all right little one?” asked Mom. “I’m much better now that I’ve made an important decision…but that’s just between me and David.” replied Peeper, “Don’t worry about me Mom…I’ll be just fine!”

Peeper wanted to speak with David before he set off for school…just the two of them…and hoped she’d be forgiven for going behind his back to Mom. She flew over to David’s closed door and waddled back and forth for almost an hour before she was sure he was awake…then just as she was about to ring the small bell he’d hung by his door it opened and out he came. He seemed in a hurry and not even noticing her ran right passed his little sister, so she flew inside David’s room then sat on his bed to wait for his return. He had run into the kitchen to grab something quick to eat on the school bus when Mom stopped him to talk about his upcoming birthday. Meanwhile, Peeper noticed David’s blue book bag resting on the floor, so she flew over to investigate. As usual her curiosity got the best of her and she waddled into it to take a look inside. All of the sudden it was zipped closed and was then being lifted to his shoulder with her still inside. “OH NO!” she thought, “Now I’ve really gone and done it…he’ll NEVER believe I wasn’t spying on him and I’ll have something else to be forgiven for!” Peeper was trapped in the darkness of the bag and was being thrown around within it. She was afraid to cry out and afraid of what would happen once David found her. She could hear everything that was happening on the bus as kids laughed, argued and talked about all kinds of things. Peeper had no idea how long the trip would take or what would happen once they got to school and wondered if she could hide all day in his book bag without David finding her. She was hungry…VERY HUNGRY. All of the sudden her tummy began to growl so loudly that David heard it. Of course he had no idea where the grumbling was coming from and thought it must have come from the boy sitting next to him, so he offered his friend Joey half of his bagel saying, “Sounds like you need this more than I do…go ahead take it.” “Thanks dude, how did you know I skipped breakfast?” asked Joey. “Are you kidding? Just a good guess.” replied David with a laugh. They soon arrived at school and by now Peeper was quietly crying at the thought of being discovered. Once inside he went right to his locker to get the books he needed out of the bag for his first class intending to leave it there until lunch, but as soon as it was unzipped Peeper popped out with tummy growls. He could hardly believe his eyes…“PEEPER? WHAT…WHY…HOW…?” “Please David…PLEASE don’t be mad, I didn’t mean for this to happen… honest I didn’t! When you ran out of your room so fast this morning you didn’t notice that I was there by your door to say good morning, so I went in to wait for you to come back. Your opened book bag was just sitting there on the floor so I flew over to take a peek inside and just when I did, you came back in the room…zipped it up and trapped me inside of it.” David was so upset he barely even heard what she was saying. He was in a hurry to get to his first class and didn’t have the time to discuss it then, but knew he’d better do something fast. By now she was crying so loudly that someone would be sure to notice……plus, if anyone should look in his direction it would seem like he was talking to himself. How could he ever explain that his sister was a little yellow duck! He couldn’t, no one would ever believe it. Even though Peeper was small and this was her fault, she couldn’t be expected to hide in his locker all day. This wasn’t just a problem for him because by now Mom was at work and she’d have to drop everything there to come to school for her little trouble maker. David told Peeper she’d have to wait in his locker until Mom got there…that she’d have to calm down and be quiet or it would get him in trouble…so she did. David made a call to Mom who got there just before his second class was about to begin. He went back to the locker and forced his sister to get back into the book bag so he could meet Mom at the school’s front door with her in it. Peeper was finally on her way home but once in the car and the bag was unzipped she continued to hide. Knowing how much trouble she’d caused everyone she was just too embarrassed to face her mother. Even though she couldn’t see Peeper
Mom said, “I can only imagine how awful you’re feeling but you needn’t be afraid. You’ve gotten yourself in a bit of a mess that you’ll need to explain but for now, I’ll drop you off at home and give you some time to think about what you’ve done then we’ll all discuss it later.” By now Peeper had a tummy ache and felt sick at the thought of what would happen later. Once they got home Mom placed the book bag next to the big chair in the corner and Peeper waddled out saying, “My tummy hurts and I don’t feel good.” As she turned to leave Mom said, “I’m going back to work now…so go have the breakfast that was left on the counter for you this morning and please keep out of trouble until we get home.” As the door closed behind her Mom felt bad for what she’d just said but knew it had given her little girl something to think about. That made Peeper feel even worse, as though she couldn’t be trusted to be alone so she flew up onto the big chair to have a good cry and talk to her best friend…God. And she did. “Oh Father,” Peeper began, “I never meant to cause all this trouble…all I wanted to do this morning was have a talk with David to make things right. Why didn’t you stop me before I went into his book bag? If you had, none of this would have happened. In the stillness of her heart she heard HIS gentle voice say, “Peeper, all of my breathing creations have free will……which means that they and you have choices in everything you do. You have been given the gift of reason and the ability to think about what you’re about to do and what might happen if you choose to do it. You’ve also been given the gift of knowing ME…the gift of being able to come to ME in prayer before you do something…then wait for my answer to help you decide. The mistakes that you make by choosing to do the wrong things help to teach the lessons you need to learn. So you see…it’s not that I can’t choose for you…I won’t. If I did, you wouldn’t need to think for yourself…and I can only help you decide if you ask ME to. Remember Peeper, I AM THAT I AM…that means I will always be here to help you and will always be only a thought away.” “Oh Father,” Peeper cried, “thank you for helping me understand. From now on I’ll try to remember what you’ve told me and come to you before I make another mistake.” God said, “One more thing Peeper, when mistakes are made the most important thing you can do is to face what you’ve done……be truly sorry and learn from it. Now go along my sweet girl…do as your mother said…have your breakfast and think about what you need to say to your mother and brother to make things right. Always remember how very much you are loved by ME and your family……then let that love guide your words.” Her heart was now at rest and she was no longer afraid.


Peeper sat on the chair in the corner waiting for time to pass. It seemed like she’d been there forever…probably because that’s exactly where her day had begun this morning. After she had spoken with God her tummy stopped hurting and wasn’t even growling any more. She felt as if she was somehow full and was no longer hungry. Peeper decided to fly into the room Mom shared with her then plopped herself right in the middle of her mother’s bed to keep an eye on the ladybug clock as time passed. Not knowing exactly what would happen when her mother and brother got home was a little scary because she knew how much trouble she’d caused and how unhappy they were with her.

David got home first and didn’t even look for his little sister to say hello the way he usually did…instead he went straight into his room and shut the door behind him. Peeper had heard him come home and wondered why he hadn’t looked for her. She thought he might have gone right to the kitchen for a snack but he was nowhere in sight so she flew to his room and found the door closed. He’d drawn an unhappy face on a piece of paper and hung it right next to the little bell next to his door that said, DO NOT DISTURB. Peeper wanted so badly to talk to him…to try to explain what had happened that morning and still needed to tell him about her conversation with Mom. Since she had no choice but to wait until they were all together, she took her time waddling all the way to the living room then flew up onto the big chair in the corner to think. Mom left work early because she knew how upset both of her children were and needed to get home to help sort things out between the two of them. When she walked through the door Peeper asked, “Are you too upset to let me say hello?” “What a silly thing to ask me…of course not, you’re my little girl and I love you very much so what could ever make you think such a thing?” Mom asked. With tears in her eyes she answered, “David! When he got home went right to his room, closed his door and left an unhappy sign outside of it telling me to leave him alone.” “Well little one, sometimes it’s better to say nothing for a while instead of saying something you’d rather not have said. So give me a minute to speak to him first before we discuss this as a family.” As Mom turned toward David’s room she looked back and blew Peeper a kiss to let her know that she needn’t be afraid of what was to come. David was in his room doing his homework when he heard a knock on the door so he said, “Come on in as long as you’re not yellow!” Mom had to hide her laughter as she opened the door saying, “Now David, that wasn’t nice and neither is that sign by the bell. You must know that Peeper would never have sneaked into your bag to be taken to school with you on purpose. After all, she’s so little and even though she doesn’t always think things through she would never mean to cause you any embarrassment or trouble. Can’t you put yourself in her place and try to imagine how very frightened and uncomfortable she must have been in a dark crowded book bag? Keep in mind too that she’s so young and just learning…have a heart David and at least hear her out. Now let’s go sit down together the way a loving family should and talk to each other.” “Okay Mom, I know you’re right…so let’s get this over with.” As they left his room together he removed the DO NOT DISTURB sign from his door then they went to find Peeper.

She was sitting on the big chair in the corner wiping tears away with her wing waiting to see what would happen next. Mom entered the room first with David following right behind her and began by saying, “Now Peeper, I’m going to assume that what happened this morning was an unfortunate accident…that you didn’t mean to be swept up the book bag and never meant to cause your brother any trouble. So as far as I’m concerned you needn’t explain a thing to me…but your brother is another story. I’ll leave the two of you alone to work things out for yourselves. Looking in David’s direction she said, “Just try to remember…everyone makes mistakes and we all need forgiveness now and then. I’m going to make a delicious dinner for the three of us to enjoy as a happy family. When you’re finished talking to each other come join me in the kitchen.”

Peeper looked up and said, “Hi David.” Without even looking at her he said, “Hi Peeper.” They sat there in silence for a few moments before he spoke again saying, “Well, I’m waiting……what happened this morning?” She explained that she’d had something really important to talk to him about …that she’d flown to his room then waddled back and forth for almost an hour waiting for him to wake up, but just as she was about to ring the bell he ran out of his room right past her not noticing that she was there. She said, “I really needed to speak with you…just the two of us so I went into your room to wait for you to come back. Your book bag was lying open on the floor and since I’d never taken a close look inside of it before I flew over to it to take a peek. I guess I went in a little too far because when you came back to your room you couldn’t see me…quickly zipped it up, threw it over your shoulder and ran off to catch your bus. Everything happened so fast and although I was being crushed in the book bag was too afraid to yell out. I never meant for it to happen…honest I didn’t. Can you ever forgive me David?” “Of course I can,” he said, “but what else did you need to tell me?” “Well,” she said, “do you remember the day we talked about your birthday wish? I’m so very ashamed of myself… because when I promised not to tell Mom what you wanted, I crossed my wings behind my back thinking the promise wouldn’t count. I thought if I told her, you’d be sure to get your birthday wish.” “PEEPER…DID YOU TELL?” “No David…I didn’t, but I did do something else that I’m even more ashamed of.” “What else? You’d better tell me NOW!” “Right before we had that talk I was in your room alone and noticed that your diary was on the desk and it was locked. I thought you must be hiding something awful or you wouldn’t have needed to keep what you’d written from us. So I went to Mom and told her what I was thinking. But she explained that you have every right to keep your thoughts to yourself…that they are yours and yours alone. I was so ashamed of not trusting you when to be honest…if your key to the lock had been there I might have looked inside of your diary. I understand so much now that I didn’t before and want more than anything in the world for you to believe that you can trust me. I’m so sorry for going to Mom behind your back and I promise never to do anything like that again!” She turned away covering her yellow face with her wings and began to cry even harder saying, “Please forgive me David…I love you so much…PLEASE, PLEASE forgive me!” With a heavy sigh he scooped her up in his hands and holding her close said, “Of course I forgive you and always will. I love you too little one…after all, you’re my favorite sister remember? After she stopped crying she looked into his eyes and said, “I’m your ONLY sister!” He then said, “The most important thing was that she was brave enough to come to him with the truth and was very sorry too for the DO NOT DISTURB sign he’d placed by the bell in front of his door. He also promised that he would never keep her out of his room again and even offered to let her read his diary any time she’d wanted to. But now since Peeper really understood that some things are not meant to be shared she said, “No David, those are your secrets. If you ever want to tell me your thoughts I’ll just wait to hear them.” He pointed to his shoulder with a smile then tickled her tummy while asking, “Wanna ride?” As they set off toward the kitchen for dinner he kissed her yellow cheek and she hugged her brother tightly around his neck. Then closing her eyes Peeper quietly thanked God for her wonderful family.

As they got nearer to the kitchen Peeper could hardly believe what she smelled and shouted, “PANCAKES…Mom made us pancakes!” I didn’t know we could have breakfast for dinner.” “We can have whatever we want whenever we want it, especially since this is a special night.” said Mom. “What’s so special about it?” David asked. “Well,” Mom replied, “what began as a very difficult day for the three of us actually turned out just fine! As far as I can tell, we learned some important things about each other today and now we’re closer than we were this morning. We also learned that bravery must be honored…that trust must be earned…that truth is all that matters and that love endures all things. David, why don’t you pray before we eat tonight?” As they all held hands and wings they bowed their heads then David began. “Thank you Father for giving us the patience we need to have with each other…for hearts that forgive…for the love that we share…for all of your blessings and the gift of eating because Peeper loves to eat! AMEN!” With laughter once again in their home happiness filled the air and God was well pleased.




After dinner David invited Peeper to keep him company in his room. He said even though he had some reading to do she might like watch his TV for a while. However, Mom had already suggested they get together to discuss his upcoming birthday so she thanked him and said she couldn’t because there was something very important that needed to be taken care of. She joined her mother in the kitchen to help her clean up while they talked. Mom wanted to tell Peeper about the present she bought David and made her promise not to let him know what he was getting. As she promised, she lifted her wings straight out up the air to prove they weren’t being crossed behind her. With a laugh Mom pushed her wings down saying, “No need for that little one, I think you’ve learned your lesson!” Peeper was asked if she could guess what the present was but knowing better then to mention a computer she refused to even take a guess. Mom bent down close to her and whispered, “It’s a computer!” She thought, “Oh no…how will David ever believe
I didn’t tell her his wish? Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it now except hope he continues to trust me.” Mom asked, “Have you decided what you want your present to be? Would you like me to take you shopping or buy something for you to give him?” Peeper knew there wasn’t much time left because his birthday was only a week away but really wanted to do something without any help. The only thing she was sure of is that her present must be blue. Her idea was to make him a gift all by herself……her very own creation and something he could keep forever to always remind him of his little sister…but what she wondered. She told Mom that she wanted to sleep on it and let her know what she’d decided in the morning. And she did.

During the night Peeper had a very strange dream. She saw herself moving a huge pile of rocks from one place to another then moving it back and forth over and over until she fell down. While she was on the ground she noticed a special rock that didn’t look like the rest. It was in the shape of a heart. Just then she awoke thinking that a heart shaped rock would be the perfect gift…now all she’d have to do was find one. Peeper got out of her little bed then got down on her knees to pray. With her eyes closed she put her wings together then called out to God saying, “Oh Father, you said you were always with me and only a thought away…that I’d always be able to come to you whenever I needed to and ask for anything. Well this time
I need a big favor…I need to find a heart shaped rock…not for myself…it’s for my brother David’s birthday.
It would be as if I was giving him MY heart to keep forever. So Father, could you please help me find one? PLEASE…PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE? If you do, I promise to tell him that you helped me find it.
Thank you……AMEN.

Peeper couldn’t wait to tell Mom what she wanted to give her brother for his 11th birthday so she poked her head out of the little big room to find that her mother was still fast asleep. Hopping up onto the bed she just sat there counting the minutes….but not being able to wait any longer waddled over to Mom’s pillow…touched her face gently with her wing and whispered, “Good morning, good morning, it’s a beautiful day …good morning.” With a big yawn and a smile she reached for Peeper…pulled her close and whispered, “Yes it is and you my sweet girl must have something on your mind! I bet I can guess what it is……you’ve decided what your present will be and can’t wait to tell me. Am I right?” “Yes Mom, but I’ll need your help and a special favor! I have to find a place where I can search through some rocks. I want to look for something like the little heart shaped stone you found in the stream where you used to go fishing……only MUCH bigger. Any idea where you could take me to find one?” “HMMM”, said Mom, “Maybe …just maybe we could take a ride to that very same stream this afternoon. Would you like that little one? We could pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it. Whaddya think?” “Your’re the best mother in the whole wide world Mom…I love you soooooo much!” shouted Peeper. “Can I help with the lunch?” “No honey…it’ll be a surprise! Now go see if your brother is up yet and give him hug from me.” As she flew off toward David’s room she said, “Okeedokee Mom…see you later!” When she got there she noticed that he had placed a new sign with a happy face drawn on it by the little bell that said, PLEASE DISTURB. So she rang the bell and heard him say, “I bet I know who that is…and I bet she’s yellow! Give me a second Peeper…I’ll be right with you.” He hid behind the door and opened it slowly. She waddled in noticing that he’d also placed a little sign on his unzipped book bag which was lying on the floor that said, “GO AHEAD…TAKE A PEEK…IT’S SAFE” He suddenly grabbed Peeper from behind tickling her all over until she cried, “STOP…STOP…
I can’t take any more!” She gave him a hug saying, “This one’s from Mom.” Then she gave him a bigger hug saying, “This one’s from ME, then asked what his plans were for the day. He was soon meeting Joey so they could ride their bikes together and asked what she’d be doing. “Mom and I are going on a picnic lunch today.” “HMMMM, sounds good little one…have a good time!” Peeper said, “You too David.” Then as she fluttered out of his room with a wave reminded him to be careful.

Meanwhile Mom had packed a special basket lunch for the two of them. There were 2 cream cheese & strawberry jam sandwiches…one big and one small…a bag of chips…an oatmeal cookie…one banana for them to share and some orange juice to drink. But the surprise was a bottle of bubbles for them to have fun with. When it was time to be on their way and got into Mom’s little car Peeper hopped into the cup holder hanging by the window so she could comfortably see the sights then off they went…on a rock hunt and picnic. As they drove, they sang songs and played a find it game called…SPOT THE NEST. It was always fun to see who could look way up high in between the tree branches to spots nests. Time passed quickly because they were having so much fun together and before they knew it they’d reached the stream.

“Wow Mom, it’s beautiful here…I love it. There are so many trees and wild flowers growing all around us. Where shall we sit to have our lunch?” As Mom pointed ahead of them she said there was a really nice spot just a little further up stream. So she carried the basket while Peeper followed flying close by looking at everything in sight. Once they turned a bend by the running water, a blanket was laid on the ground for them to rest on. Instead of eating right away they laid back to look up at a bright blue sky and watch the fluffy white clouds as they rolled by. It was a lovely warm day with just enough of a breeze to keep them cool. Mom said that she’d brought along something that would be lot’s of fun to do together…then reaching into the basket pulled out the bottle of bubbles. Peeper had no idea what they were and before she had the chance to ask, her mother dipped the small wand into it…took it out and blew a bubble into the air. It was the most beautiful thing Peeper had ever seen as it floated to the sky. She could see all of the colors of the rainbow in each bubble and asked if she could try it. As she was handed the small wand Mom explained that she’d only need to dunk it once…carefully remove it from the bottle and blow. Then Mom suggested that instead of blowing she could hold the wand with her wing and just wave it from side to side. Peeper was so excited she could hardly contain her joy so she flew way up high and twirled round and round making a stream of bubbles. After a while Peeper’s tummy let her know it was time to eat so she hopped onto the basket asking what was inside of it. “Let’s see,” answered Mom as she opened it and brought out their lunch, “here’s some orange juice to drink…a cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwich for each of us…chips…a banana and a big oatmeal cookie for us to share.” “This looks yummy…thanks Mom!” After they enjoyed their meal it was time for Peeper to wipe the strawberry jam from her face and wings, so she was handed a wet wipe and was clean as a whistle in no time at all. “Okay little one it’s time to go rock hunting…would you like some help?” asked Mom. “No thanks…this is something I must find by myself so it will be from me and only me.” she answered. After about 3 hours of searching Peeper was near tears and kept thinking how hopeless it was. There were thousands of rocks of all sizes and shapes but nothing that looked like a heart. It was getting late in the day and the sun would soon be setting so it was time to get going. Mom packed up the basket and called to her little girl to start walking back to the car but Peeper asked her mother to wait and give her a minute alone. She flew behind a bush and once again called out to God. “Please Father, I tried so hard to find the perfect rock but couldn’t and now it’s time to go home. This might be my only chance and I can’t leave without a heart to give my brother. There must be one special rock among the rest that was meant just for me find…so won’t you please help and lead me to it?” She waited to hear God’s voice but heard nothing. As she got up and turned to catch up to Mom she tripped over something that was lying on the ground. She looked down and there it was…the most beautiful perfect heart shaped rock she could have ever hoped for. Without speaking, HE had answered her prayers in a mighty way. Peeper closed her eyes and thanked HIM for being such a loving Father. Then scooping up the rock in her wings she waddled to her mother as fast as she could shouting, “Another miracle has happened…has happened for me!” With tears of joy she continued to shout. “Look Mom look…see what God helped me find? Now I can go home happy.”


By the time Peeper caught up with her mother she was all out of breath. Flying had always been the quickest way for her to get from one place to another, but carrying this rock in her wings made it impossible for her to get off the ground. Once she showed Mom what she’d found and explained how God led her to it they gratefully praised Him together. Peeper asked, “Please… could you carry this rock the rest of the way? It’s a kind of big for me and has gotten very heavy.” “Of course I will, I’d be happy to help you with your little miracle.” She reached down to take it the rock from Peeper and only then realized how hard it must have been for her little girl to carry. Now that her wings were free, and she could fly again they reached the car in no time at all and their ride home began. “Mom,” asked Peeper, “I’ve got one more favor to ask…could we please stop somewhere on our way back? I need to get something to paint the rock blue with…after all, that’s David’s favorite color and I want this gift to one of the best things he’s ever been given.” With a nod Mom agreed and suggested buying some blue nail polish and asked if she’d prefer something sparkly or just shiny. “Well,” said Peeper, “I think a sparkly rock might be too fancy for a boy, so let’s stick to a shiny blue…and maybe I’ll need something to write on it with” “That’s a very good idea honey…we have different colored markers at home so once it’s painted blue you can decide which one you want to use. How does that sound?” asked Mom. “Perfect!” replied Peeper, “Now let’s talk about David’s special day. Are we going to have a party?” “I don’t know if it could really be called a party…but you can be sure that we’ll all enjoy our time together.” said Mom. “I’m planning to make a very special birthday dinner with all of his favorite things. Would you like to help me with it sweetheart? “Oh could I please?” asked Peeper. “I wouldn’t think of doing it without you…now let’s stop somewhere to buy the nail polish then we can get a pizza to bring back with us. How does that sound?” “Sounds great Mom. You know how much I love pizza!” That really made her mother laugh because there isn’t anything Peeper doesn’t love to eat. They agreed on extra cheese…mushrooms for David…pineapple for Peeper and pepperoni for Mom. Even though it seemed like a strange combination they knew it would be delicious. And it was! David had just gotten home and they all sat around the table making yummy sounds until the whole pizza was gone. Peeper joined him to watch TV in his room and Mom went off to read. It had been a wonderful day for them all.

The week was quickly passing by and Peeper hadn’t yet begun to paint the rock. Even though Mom offered her help, she insisted that since it was her present and her idea she had to do it all by herself. She knew it would take some time to do because it was to be painted on both sides and each would have to dry before she could turn it over to finish. Mom gave her permission to prepare a place to work on the dresser in the room they shared. Before beginning, she put a big piece of aluminum foil down in case there might be any drips or a spill. The rock was set in the middle of the foil then Peeper unscrewed the little brush from the bottle…dipped in into the polish and carefully began. But she soon realized that it wasn’t going as planned because the polish was drying faster than she could paint. So as hard as it was, she lifted the whole bottle and poured some of it onto the rock then spread it evenly with the brush. In order to help it dry more quickly she hovered above it while flapping her wings to create a breeze. She couldn’t continue for more than 15 minutes at a time and finally took a rest going to the kitchen for a cool drink. By the time she returned the first side was dry…so she flopped it over to start again. All in all, it took about 2 hours to paint…spread then dry on both sides. It was a beautiful shade of blue and would make a perfect paperweight for his desk. Peeper had a hard time deciding what to draw and write on her gift so she used a piece of paper to practice on before starting. On one side she drew a heart right in the middle of the rock using black marker. Inside that heart she drew the letter U. Above it she wrote the word I and below the heart she wrote THIS MUCH. Then she drew what looked like her wings…one on the right and left side of the heart So when David looked at the rock he would able to read I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH with her wings spread out as far as they could go on either side. Then she turned it over and wrote the number 11 so he’d always remember how old he was when it was given to him. Peeper was very proud of how beautiful it looked and asked Mom to put it away in one of her drawers until his birthday.

It was Friday morning and tomorrow David would finally be 11 years old. Peeper was so excited about her present that she wanted to give it to him early but Mom convinced her not to, because if she did she’d have empty wings with nothing to give him on his special day. So she decided the next best thing would be to start his birthday early by constantly giving him early birthday hugs. David was already up and getting ready for school when she popped her head in his room and immediately began singing…“happy UNbirthday to you…happy UNbirthday to you…happy UNbirthday dear brother…Happy UNbirthday to you” She flew up onto his shoulder…then squeezing him as tightly as she could around his neck kept repeating over and over, “Tomorrow’s your birthday…you’re gonna be eleven.” “I know …I know, try to save it for tomorrow little one!” responded David. If you don’t stop hugging me I’ll miss the bus and be late for school. How about if we spend some time together later on when I get home then we’ll play a game or something…Okay?” “Okeedokee,” she said, have a great day while you’re still 10.” He had to laugh because he realized that this was the first time she ever celebrated someone else’s birthday and just didn’t understand that the excitement is always saved for the actual date someone is born. He blew her a kiss …said goodbye to Mom and ran off to catch his school bus that was waiting for him on the corner. Mom had taken the day off from work so she and Peeper could bake and decorate David’s birthday cake. Then she’d need to shop for tomorrow’s special dinner. She planned to cook all of his favorite things which included hamburgers topped with tomato slices and bacon… macaroni & cheese…French fries and carrot salad with raisins in it. Peeper was in charge of making a list of everything they’d need so Mom wouldn’t forget anything. After she’d written down all of the ingredients they’d need she said, “How about some ice cream to go with the cake?” “Good thinking little one, I almost forgot about the ice cream. I think butter pecan would be delicious with the cake, so add it to the list.” “Okeedokee Mom! Now that we know what we’ll need for dinner, can we get started on the cake?” “Absolutely! said Mom, “Let’s bake the best birthday cake ever.” And so they did. It was a dark chocolate with fudge frosting and Peeper helped decorate it with flowers made of butter and powdered sugar mixed together. It took them 4 hours to finish and it looked delicious. Mom placed it in the refrigerator to keep it out of sight then off she went to the grocery store. David wouldn’t be home for a few more hours so Peeper went in his room to watch his TV for a while. As she entered his room she thought, “This time I’m not touching anything but the remote control to prove to David that I can be trusted to be alone in his room.” And there she stayed until he got home. She greeted him with another unbirthday hug then they played rock, paper, scissors together until Mom made them some chicken salad sandwiches for dinner. After eating, they all turned in early. David went back to his room to read before going to bed and Mom was so tired from her long day that she went right to sleep. But Peeper stayed up to sit on the window sill for a little while. Watching the sparkling stars that hovered in the darkness of night she thought about her days at the toy store before her miracle and decided to have another talk with God. She began by telling HIM again how happy she was to be alive…to have eyes to see with…to be able to hear and speak but most of all for having such a wonderful family to love and be loved by. She thanked HIM for helping her find the heart shaped rock and as she looking up toward the heavens blew God a kiss and said good night. She waddled into her little big room, hugged her feather pillow and fell fast asleep.

As soon as the sun began shining through the window she was very excited because it was David’s birthday and his special day could begin. The night before Mom had taken the blue rock out of her drawer and placed it on the floor so Peeper could give her big brother his present when ever she wanted to. Not being able to wait, Peeper picked it up and waddled to his closed door. She knew he was still asleep because it was much too early…so she sat down and waited for the longest time until she heard him yawn. After a few minutes she flew up to the little bell and rang it hoping he’s soon be up and let her in. Once she heard him say, “I’ll be right there little one.” she went back down to the floor and sat on the rock so he wouldn’t see it. When he finally opened his door, she called his name so he’d look down in her direction, then she hopped to her feet…pointed to it with her wing and began singing Happy Birthday. He bent down scooping Peeper up in one hand and his gift in the other. “What’s this?” he asked. “It’s your birthday present…God helped me find it and I painted it all by myself. I’m giving you my heart for you to keep forever! I hope you’ll like it a lot”. “LIKE IT? I LOVE IT!” he replied. As he turned it over Peeper asked, “Can you tell what it says?” It says, “I LOVE U THIS MUCH! You’ve even drawn your wings spread as far apart as they can go to show me exactly HOW MUCH… plus it’s my very favorite color, blue. This is the best present ever…thank you Peeper, I couldn’t have a better sister! For the very first time, she saw tears in David’s eyes as he picked her up…cuddled her close, kissed both of her yellow cheeks then said, “I love you THAT MUCH too.”

Just then, Mom poked her head into his room, gave him a kiss and wished him a Happy Birthday. She asked if he was ready for her present too…then said, close your eyes David until I count to three. As she reached for her gift Mom counted, “one…two” “THREE!” shouted Peeper. He opened his eyes and was handed his very own computer…it was a blue laptop. “Oh Mom, how did you know that this was what I wanted more than anything else?” As he thanked her with a big hug, Mom replied, “Just a good guess honey.” Peeper quickly flew onto his shoulder and just as her tummy began to growl whispered, “I didn’t tell…I promise I didn’t.” They all burst into laughter and agreed that it was time for breakfast. “Mom, remember what you said the other night when we had pancakes for dinner? You said we could eat whatever we want whenever we wanted it because it was a special occasion. Since I’m 11 today, can I have my birthday dinner for breakfast? “What good idea.” she answered. Anyone want to help make it?
As Peeper lifted her wing in the air to volunteer, David lifted his hand to do the same and off they went to the kitchen.

They were each in charge of preparing different things. While Mom made the macaroni & cheese and fried up the bacon, David formed the hamburger patties, put them under the broiler then sliced the tomatoes. Peeper was in charge of taking the buns out of the package…breaking them in half and placing them on their plates. She then folded the napkins and reminded them not to forget the carrot raisin salad. Once everything was ready, they all sat down for a meal of David’s favorite things. Holding hands and wings Mom began to pray…”Oh Father, you’ve given me so much to be grateful for. I have the most wonderful children anyone could hope for and on this very special day we gather together to give thanks for our happy home. Thank you for blessing us with each other, thank you for your love and for this delicious meal that you’ve given us to enjoy. AMEN!” Before they even opened their eyes Peeper quickly added…“And thank you for the gift of eating, because I love to eat. AMEN! After finishing their dinner breakfast Mom scooted David out of the kitchen so he wouldn’t see the cake being taken out of the refrigerator. After Peeper was allowed to carefully place 11 candles on top of it and the lights were turned off, Mom lit them and he was called back in. With smiles the singing began… “happy birthday to you… happy birthday to you…happy birthday dear David…happy birthday to you” Peeper reminded him not say his wish out loud…but just think it! So he closed his eyes, thought for a moment and after blowing the candles out said, “it’s almost too beautiful to eat…but let’s eat it anyway!” The three of them spent the rest of the day enjoying each others company with laughter filling their home. When it was time for bed, David said it had been the best birthday he’d ever had.

As Peeper sat on the window sill in the darkness of night, she couldn’t have been happier because she had everything a little girl could ever want. Looking toward the heavens she said “Father, today I gave David my heart and now I’m giving it to YOU!”



Wow , long read , saving it to read later … thank you so much :relaxed: :pray:


Hi dear sister ,
thank you for sharing your
short stories . God is amazing !
This beginning was beautiful
and made me smile . I will
continue to read chapter one
tomorrow as it is very late .
Did the stories heal your marriage ?
Did it heal you ? I can’t help
asking all these questions because
you got me thinking about peeper
and looking forward to reading
the next chapter . I feel like a
kid being read a story before
bed . God is amazing and how
he blessed me tonight with your
testimony . May God bless you



No Becky, unfortunately tho those day were sweetened and softened by the addition of Peeper, Vic’s passive aggressive hostilities toward David remained so I eventually had no choice but to end our marriage. However, as the years passed, he remarried a lovely woman who helped him grow as a man and human being. Vic is now a believer totally regretting his behavior and has begged our forgiveness. Oddly enough…Vic, his wife and I are wonderful friends now. God surely works in mysterious ways.

I pray with each chapter, you’ll experience a myriad of emotions which will warm your heart.


Hi ,
I wondered at night , thank you
for letting us read your story .
God is so wonderful and the
holy spirit was there comforting
you through it all . I am glad
you were taken out of that
marriage and given a new life .
I will read a chapter a day
it is a beautiful story and a testimony
to on how God took care of you
and gave you a talent to share .
I really felt the comfort reading
the introduction . You mentioned
it was ok to copy and keep
for someone . I have two
people I want this story for . Thank
you for freely giving this gift
to others.



Oh Becky,
I’m so grateful for your kind words and more than pleased that you’d want to copy the trilogy in its entirety to give 2 families.
Some might think my goal should have been to be published and make money from sales but that’s not wise for it wouldn’t glorify God. For the longest time these writings have been in a drawer waiting to be shared. Just like it says in Matthew 25:14-30 in the The Parable of the Talents, I’ve often thought I’d disappointed my Heavenly Father who gave me the ability and talent of expression by digging a hole and burying it. Once I stand before HIM my one desire is to hear…Well done, good and faithful servant.


What a beautiful and generous gift you have placed here Vicki. It is so kind of you. I can hardly wait to read this story of Peeper. It will require a pot of tea and many hours as i want to savor every word and am a bit of a slow reader. I was sick yesterday and last night with some kind of tummy issue, but reading this will be such a welcomed relief and a joy. Thank you so much for sharing this, your gifting of creativity from the Lord, with us Vicki. God Bless you, and looking forward to talking again soon. :sparkling_heart:


Thanks so much Wren. I pray that your tummy is touched, soothed and totally healed in Jesus’ precious name. Amen and Amen


Thank you so much Vicki for the prayers, and for this delightful children’s book. I’m only part way through the story, but its just wonderful! I can just picture it all in my mind’s eye. What shines through so brightly is the love with which it was written. p.s. the Lord heard your prayers, and this stomach bug is going away. PTL! I haven’t had that in years, so I’d forgotten what it was like. eek. Well, Off to sleepy land for now. Thank you again for sharing this lovely story and creation you wrote! Sooooo Looking forward to reading again tomorrow!, Lord willing. :hugs: :yellow_heart: :raising_hand_woman: :hatched_chick:


Thank you for posting these! I just read the first story, and it’s delightful! I am so sorry you went through such a difficult time, and I’m glad things are better now. It’s comforting when you see the amazing ways God works on the human heart.



I so appreciate your kind words. In reality, if it weren’t for those difficulties, the concept of Peeper never would have been born and after all’s been said and done…God worked it out for good as only HE can.
I truly believe that what is so touching about Peeper is her openhearted innocence expressed in the child like nature God requires of us. Trust is a difficult thing to surrender to because more often than not we’re betrayed by everyone sooner or later. However, we can and must trust HIM who will never fail us.


I was just wondering if anyone has finished all 3 of the books. I sure hope at least one of you thoroughly enjoyed reading about Peeper’s adventures as much as I enjoyed writing them.


still reading and enjoying
each segment . It reminds
me of how simple the ABC’s
of salvation and how Jesus
meets us where we are . We
fo not have to be good enough
to be loved by God . He seeks
us out and pours his holy
spirit on us . He gives us free
will to choose him . He is
a fair and just God . We need
to keep our child like faith in
these last days and not get
discouraged .



Hi vickie ,
this is a lovely story , I took
my time reading it so i could
imagine every detail in the
story . Thank you for blessing
me with the simplicity of a
view of the child like faith .
We have so much happening
in the world it nice to read
about the adventures of peeper .
May God bless you .