This side of the Red Sea - 30 Days of Praise and Gratitude

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This is the first time I’ve tried to start a new topic and . . . Didn’t post quite as intended :woozy_face: I just finished listening to Pastor’s Prophecy update for 8/1. I felt prompted to start a thread where, for thirty days, we could give thanks and praise to the Lord for what Red Seas we are trusting Him to part for us!


So . . . I DO lift prayers of thanksgiving for Pastor JD . . . AND I am putting of the garments of praise and thanks to God for the salvation of the ones I love, and for protection/provision as the possibility of vaccine mandates and new lockdowns loom before us.


Carrying on and Singing praise forever! :two_hearts:


So thankful for Pastor JD and team. God Bless and guide you all in Jesus name.

This Psalm of encouragement reminds me of how they held up the arms of Moses, and God delivered the Israelites in battle. Believing and trusting and thanking God in advance that he shall be with us all in the body of Christ, fulfil His Word and bring us safely home. Whatever red sea we may face.

Psalm 20

The Lord hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee;

Send thee help from the sanctuary and strengthen thee out of Zion;

Remember all thy offerings, and accept thy burnt sacrifice Selah.

Grant thee according to thine own heart, and fulfill all they counsel.

We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners; the Lord fulfill all thy petitions.

Now know I that the Lord saveth his anointed; he will hear him from his holy heaven with the saving strength of his right hand. (Jesus)

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.

They are brought down and fallen; but we are risen, and stand upright.

Save, Lord; let the king hear us when we call.



What a beautiful prayer and encouragement @Bubula
Thank you for this image you’ve painted on my mind and heart! May we, this ragtag group of remnant believers hold up the arms of our courageous pastor and give thanks for him and the people of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe who have so graciously opened their doors to the whole world.

Father in Heaven, we praise you and thank you for your great love for us all. Thank you for leading us to this online church and this amazing pastor who loves you so, and loves your word. Thank you for protecting and strengthening him by your Spirit as he leads us all home. We praise you and thank you, Father, that as we keep our eyes on you and trust you; the brothers and sisters of this little church in Kaneohe, and Pastor JD and his family and the whole team, and all of the members who meet online, will be protected and provided for in these last days. Our eyes are on you, Lord; our hands lifted high. Praise be to you, oh Lord. This battle is yours, oh Lord! We will stand amazed and “watch you now!”


What a beautiful song. God Bless you Song Sparrow. Love that name!


Loving, Heavenly Father. . . On the third day I raise my hands and my heart to sing praises to you! I thank you . . . For EVERYTHING! The sun on my face, the blue of the sky, the birds and butterflies over field and garden flower. . . Thank you for the smooth and shady paths, and the rocky places where you’ve carried me. . . Thank you for loving me enough that you would send your precious first born son to die a painful and humiliating death to make a way for me and those I love to find our way to our forever home with you! Thank you for bread and life and The Bread of Life! Today I stand at the shores of my very own Red Sea, just praising you for the rescue to come! Praising you, Lord, that NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR YOU! I WILL see the ones I love so dearly brought into the Kingdom of your dear Son! I WILL find us hidden safely under your wing until this evil day has past! I believe though I don’t yet see! Oh help me to cast any remnant of unbelief far away from me! For you are my Hope, and the anchor of my soul! Amen


I’m so glad you’ve found a blessing in it @Bubula ! God bless you in ways big and small today and in your tomorrows! :pray:t3:

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Day 4 on the shore. . . I praise you, Lord and thank you, Lord for safe passage through these waters, for miraculous answers to every Red Sea prayer we pray. . . I sing a song of praise as a new day dawns, and know that I’ll still be singing when the evening comes! Confident that we WILL see the victory, for the battle belongs to you. Trusting that all that we have trusted to you will be accomplished for the honor of your Holy name! We Will see your goodness in the land of the living, here, or there in Heaven where the living is forever and ever! Amen


Day 5 this side. . .

Lord, We Want to LIVE! Lord, We want to finish this fight! Lord, We want to make it, altogether, to the other side! All honor and glory are yours, oh Lord! You have heard our cries, you have seen our tears, and you will heal us, strengthen us for whatever battle is still before us, and see us safely to the other side of this raging sea! :pray:t3:


Day 6 on the shore of the Red Sea. . . I can hear the enemy army thundering toward us . . . Which way do I turn? In which direction do I run?? In front of me the sea, vast and deep; behind me the enemy shakes the ground beneath my feet . . . I’m frozen in place. . . What do I do?? What do WE do?? Where do we hide from plague and persecution; from loss of the work our hands do to provide a home and the necessities of life? How do we hold our divided houses together in love? Oh, Lord, I lift my hands in praise, my eyes on you . . . And cry “Lord have mercy!” . . . Thank you, Father who loves us so. . . That you WILL intervene. . . Our rescue WILL come. . . The way out and through WILL open before us, whatever we are facing . . . You are merciful, Father. . . Have mercy on us we pray! Our times and seasons are in YOUR hands! Our enemy is a defeated foe! He roars and roams looking for his lunch, but he is no match for the Lion of Judah!! Praise God our rescue comes! Praise our God who hears the cries of his children and delivers them from evil! Our eyes are on you, Lord! THANK YOU, Lord, that YOU reign! We exalt You and praise you as we wait here on the shore for your perfect answers to our prayers to manifest in our lives! Amen


Day 7 this side of the Red Sea

Last night I lay my head down praying God might, once again, calm the fear which stalked me by day as images of what might lie ahead played out like scenes from old movies in my mind. Oh how I longed to dream some sweet dream of rapture . . . Escape. . . Deliverance. . . I slept, but remembered no dreams at all . . .

This morning my husband shared a story he had seen about a little Yorkie, “The Angel of the Foxhole” . . . And I found peace again . . . God’s presence even in the hell the human race suffers on earth. . . Praising and thanking my merciful Father for reminding me today that there is His mercy and kindness and GOOD even when what is looks to be TRUE is not. . .

May it bless someone else today :pray:t3::blue_heart:

Pray he will make me brave . . .


I had a tiny Yorkie once not long ago. Her name was Izzy! She was FIERCE!! for one so very small . . . I loved her dearly . . . And she loved me


-As we learn to walk with you, O Lord, letting your spirit guide our ways, the worries of this world dissolve. Our anxieties melt away.

-The peace we feel tucked under your wings cannot be described with words. We hear you saying “know and believe” that our every prayer is heard.

  • The sound of Egyptian chariot wheels get louder every day. This just shows how close we are! Our God will not forsake!

  • Having the mind of Christ, filled with love, with mercy and with grace; we have no fear in these dark days for soon we’ll see His face.

  • Our perfect God made promises. He is faithful. He is true. We must remember, Bride Of Christ, He’ll do what he said He’ll do!

  • Armor up now, saints of God! This is not where we back down! The clouds and sky are about to part revealing our King adorned in His crown!

  • In these final seconds where lawlessness abounds, stay focused and obedient, until that mighty trumpet sounds!

  • So don’t be weary! Do not be afraid! Remember when times got tough for Christ, He withdrew from the crowds and prayed!

  • Our heavenly father adores you! He knows you by your name! You are written in His book of life because of Jesus’ scorn and shame.

  • He asked if he’ll find faith on earth when He comes again. I’m telling you, without a doubt, He’ll find it in us my friends!

-So let’s dig deep! Let’s cling to Him! Let’s desire His every word! Always staying armored up and fighting with the Sword!

-There is nothing we may face that compares to what He did. He endured the crown of thorns so that you and I may live.

  • Take peace in knowing you’re in the army of God and the battle has already been won. Stand firm, steadfast, and occupy until the day He comes!

-Blessings to those always looking up. Being his hands and his feet while here. He wants us to know that He sees us and loves us and that glorious Day is VERY near.

God Bless! Maranatha!!!

written by Kristi


Oh this was beautiful! Thank you so much for this uplifting post!! :two_hearts::pray:t3: Praying it with you for all!


Day 9 on the shore. . . A prayer in a song with thanks and praise to our Lord!
Be still . . . The Lord is on our side! He will comfort! He will provide!!


I’m glad it blessed you, Brenda :blush:

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